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  1. Zeropoint

    "Neat" Pictures

    Not bad, but it needs more Picattiny rail; maybe an M-LOK or Keymod barrel shroud.
  2. Zeropoint

    Rule 63 Fairy Tales

    With some thanks to the Disney and anime, the image coming to my mind makes me glad that I don't set much stock in traditional narrow-minded ideals of masculinity.
  3. Zeropoint

    Funny pics

    "Carpet for your only whole $99 house"?
  4. Would it legally count as discrimination if an all-you-can-eat restaurant excluded hobbits and Ctarl-Ctarl?
  5. Zeropoint

    Order of the Stick

    Well, I retract my statement about the gods not trying different things.
  6. Zeropoint

    In other news...

    French toast is a critical part of any disaster preparation plan.
  7. Zeropoint

    Order of the Stick

    Wow. I already recognized the Snarl as the big threat in the comic, but that strip puts it in a whole new weight class. Edit: It also makes it look (at first glance, at least) like the gods are pretty bad at recognizing when a plan isn't working.
  8. Zeropoint

    "Neat" Pictures

    Die, die we all pass away. But don't wear a frown 'cause it's really okay; And you might try and hide, And you might try and pray, But we all end up the remains of the day.
  9. Zeropoint

    "Neat" Pictures

    That IS "neat". It would fit right in with the pictures that should be fantasy locations, too. Is it a house or a crypt?
  10. Zeropoint

    In other news...

    One time in the Navy I walked into a low-hanging fire sprinkler valve. It hurt so bad I wound up down on one knee, and I don't remember actually GOING down to the knee. For a few seconds, I couldn't do anything else and for several seconds more I didn't do anything except pull myself together. Afterward, I analyzed in HERO terms and found that the game is pretty accurate: Assuming that all my stats were baseline, I figured that what happened is that I did a move-through on the ship (and failed to do any knockback, of course). That does STR damage plus a velocity bonus that I wasn't moving fast enough to get, so I did 2d6 Physical to the ship and got the same damage in return. Assuming average results, I took 2 Body and 7 Stun, reduced to 0 Body and 5 Stun by my natural 2 PD. After applying x2 Stun for the hit location and another x2 Stun for taking damage out of combat, my total damage taken was 0 Body and 20 Stun. With my CON of 10, I was Stunned but not unconscious. My "next phase" was consumed by recovering from being stunned, and then I voluntarily "took a recovery" on all my actions until I had my Stun back. TL;DR: head injuries hurt and I'm a nerd.
  11. Zeropoint

    Creepy Pics.

    That's what white phosphorus munitions are for.
  12. Zeropoint

    Treating A Centaur Heart Attack

    The other half would be a problem for centaurs. You know, you spend a minute or two admiring the shapely hindquarters of a fine filly with one of your centaur buddies and then something stops blocking your view and you find out you've been perving on a horse.
  13. Zeropoint

    Funny pics

    Give me a precise, comprehensive definition of "sandwich" that includes all things which are sandwiches and excludes all things which are not sandwiches, and I will tell you which things are sandwiches and which are not. And while we're asking questions: if I put a live raven between slices of bread, is THAT a sandwich? Asking for a friend.
  14. Zeropoint

    In other news...

    Hmm. Well, exciting new physics would have been nice, but experimental confirmation of our current understanding is also good. I'm still holding out for FTL or kickass energy weapons, though.
  15. Zeropoint

    "Neat" Pictures

    I find it fascinating that when presented with unfamiliar images like that, we can instinctively recognize that we're looking at something very large or very small (probably because we're used to what us-sized things look like) but we can't tell which.