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  1. Same here! It's got that sort of "blasphemy-adjacent" quality that makes it satisfying.
  2. Thereby making it worse: steel bulkheads don't go away when the power fails. I'd also keep as many of the airtight doors shut at all times as I could get away with, to be opened only when someone is passing through and then closed immediately.
  3. I say that any time Average Joe Centaur wants to try to carry things with his legs, and any time he wants to manipulate the environment with his legs, beyond kicking or nudging things (e.g. things a typical human wearing shoes could do with their feet). When Average Joe Centaur wants to move down the dungeon corridor holding a tower shield in his left hand, a bastard sword in his right hand, and a lantern on one front hoof, I tell him, "You try, but you're wobbling too much to keep the lantern on your hoof" or at best, "This setup is super awkward for you. You're at half DCV and any time you do anything athletic like running or fighting, you'll have to make a DEX roll." When Extra Limbs Larry says he wants to do the same thing, I remember that he paid points for the ability to have more than the usual number of manipulatory appendages, and I say, "Okay, your extensive training allows you to carry the lantern on your hoof and move more or less normally." If Limby McHandsy here wants to sit on his haunches and use his front legs to turn dials on a stereotypical dungeon puzzle, whilst keeping his weapons in his hands . . . you know what? Once again, he's paid for that ability, so the answer he gets is, "Okay, you look really silly doing it, but it works." When Two-Hands Tony tries it, he discovers that he just doesn't have the coordination to do that. Edit: I wouldn't let a centaur have Extra Limbs without "Limited Manipulation"--with just one hoofed digit on that limb, you are NOT going to have the dexterity of a hand with four jointed fingers and an opposable thumb.
  4. I fully understand and appreciate why someone wouldn't want to be associated with someone like the shooter. However, I wonder if it's really a good idea to give in to the impulse to pretend that such people are other than human, or somehow qualitatively different from us. If we forget that "people like us" have the capacity to commit atrocities, we run the risk of failing to carefully consider the ethics of our own actions, ceasing to police ourselves because we know we're not "one of those people." I strongly suspect that such thinking is a part of the mix that produces these atrocities.
  5. Cybertronians are naturals for heavy metal. Hmm, I should make myself a Shockwave costume for Gamestorm.
  6. Hey, I've played enough computer games to know that maps wrap around from top to bottom and from right to left. The world is OBVIOUSLY a torus, because a sphere doesn't give you that kind of topology.
  7. This is great advice that I hadn't previously heard of thought of! For the record, snow has an insulation value about that of wood . . . not very good insulation, but when you have snow, you often have a lot of it. A foot of snow has about the same insulation value as a typical house wall with fiberglass insulation. It's never going to be much warmer than freezing in your snow cave, but with multiple people inside, it should be easy to keep it there.
  8. According to some college instructors I've had, you do it by drawing the upper left and lower left legs as one stroke, and the upper right and lower right legs as another stroke. The strokes should be curved rather than angular, and need not touch.
  9. That IS neat. She'd make a cool superhero or anti-villain.
  10. Savage Worlds as it currently exists evolved directly from the rules for Deadlands: Rail Wars, and still works great as a miniatures-based combat game, or so I hear. I haven't actually tried it. They've also got a version of the rules specifically for minis combat on their site; look for "Showdown" under the Savage Worlds products. Having said that, you could certainly use Hero for skirmish combat! Just use the normal rules and don't worry about any skills, perks, or complications that won't apply in combat. You'll have a very detailed skirmish game that might be a bit slow-playing, but all the rules you need are already there in the core Hero books. If you try this, please report back with your results; I'd love to hear how it went!
  11. Hmm, not necessarily. A villain could have respect for the law as a force greater than themselves, or as a tool to be manipulated, without having any of those three virtues.
  12. As far as I'm concerned, national borders only go up to the Karman Line. Beyond that, we're all just Terrans.
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