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  1. I'm not entirely certain, and law is not my field, so don't quote me on this, BUT: I think the way it works is that state (and lower) law enforcement in states that have legalized it will no longer take action against users, but federal law enforcement operating in the state still could. However, as I understand it, federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI or the US Marshals have their jurisdiction limited by subject matter . . . and there aren't any federal agencies tasked with catching individual drug users? It's a bit murky to me, too.
  2. Zeropoint

    Futuristic Sports & Entertainment

    Huh. "Stunt performer" was NOT one of the jobs I expected to be automated away in the near future.
  3. Zeropoint

    "Neat" Pictures

    The apple didn't fall far from the tree . . . despite the fact that it didn't actually grow on the tree.
  4. Zeropoint

    More space news!

    That is exactly how evolution works, to the best of my understanding. It's also worth noting that, using Earth life as an example, it seems that intelligence is most useful in a social species. The smartest species are those that live in groups, like pods of cetatceans, murders of corvids, or tribes of primates. I don't know which direction causation goes on that, though. It's frustrating, and I feel like some kind of killjoy for reminding people of this fact, but . . . yeah. We need more information before we can start talking about universal trends.
  5. Zeropoint

    In other news...

    The best way to make money gambling is to be the house.
  6. Zeropoint

    Futuristic Sports & Entertainment

    There is NO field of human employment which is safe from being automated out of existence. We have little time remaining to make sure that "robots doing all our work for us" is a GOOD thing for society.
  7. Zeropoint

    "Neat" Pictures

    Fun fact: those black spots aren't actually black. They're 3000 to 4500 K and a typical sunspot by itself would be brighter than the moon. They only look dark in comparison to the rest of the Sun. They are caused by magnetic flux tubes getting twisted up by the Sun's differential rotation and inhibiting convection in the convection layer.
  8. Zeropoint

    More space news!

    I guess I could have been more clear; I meant that we've only been to two astronomical bodies in person: Earth and the moon. That is hugely relevant to the Fermi Paradox.
  9. Because language is a tool, and a skilled craftsman selects the right tool for the job. A well-stocked garage will definitely include dial calipers, straight-edges, fine files, sharp chisels, narrow-cutting Japanese pattern saws and the like . . . but it will also have things like sledgehammers and angle grinders. Sometimes a "bad" word is necessary for the effect that a writer intends. It's true that many people use them far too freely and indiscriminately--Hemingway famously said that "one *** **** is worth a hundred and a hundred are worth nothing"--but to insist that vulgarities must NEVER be used, and to recoil from them in shock, is just as immature as throwing several into every sentence. The people who own and operate this virtual space, though, have made their rules, and we have the choice of abiding by them or going elsewhere.
  10. Zeropoint

    More space news!

    My thoughts on the matter are that we just haven't collected enough information yet. Remember that of all the astronomical bodies in the universe, we've been to only TWO. As a wise man once said, "It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts."
  11. Zeropoint

    What is your favorite sci-fi RPG setting?

    Right now I'd say Eclipse Phase. I like the combination of transhumanism and Lovecraft-esque horror, and I also enjoy the fact that the default theme for adventures is stomping down threats to humanity as a whole.
  12. Zeropoint

    Funny pics

    And it isn't. It's just a large gas torch. A flamethrower shoots a burning liquid that sticks to things and continues burning; this thing doesn't do that.
  13. Zeropoint

    More space news!

    Yeah, that's why I can't get too excited about the Fermi Paradox. Get back to me when we've explored 10% of the galaxy.
  14. Zeropoint

    Futuristic Sports & Entertainment

    You're not wrong, although I'd say that the mouse is a lot more than a niche item. Mouse and keyboard together, though . . . that's an incredibly powerful and versatile setup that can control just about anything adequately and a surprising variety of things well. Regarding my quoted statement about motion controls, it's worth noting that while developers were eager to explore motion controls, most of what was tried kind of sucked, and outside of VR, the idea has mostly been quietly dropped. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the same thing happen to interactive holograms.
  15. Zeropoint

    How alien are your aliens?

    Given the huge size of the universe, I bet there's at least one alien out there right now explaining to someone why its own non-humanoid body plan is the only reasonable option for sapient tool-users. "Well, yeah, Gorblax, I'm not saying that you COULDN'T have an alien with only two legs and all the important nervous system bits in a separate body part mounted on top. It's just that our own body plan offers so many advantages that it's reasonable to expect most tool-users to be shaped more or less the same."