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  1. Zeropoint

    "Neat" Pictures

    Do they actually LISTEN to the ranger now? (I never watched the show; it WAS the ranger who complained and was often right, yes?) Also: Thanks, csyphrett, I wouldn't have gotten it without your comment. Maybe they just wanted to keep a fallen comrade close.
  2. Zeropoint

    "Neat" Pictures

    Magus' castle! I haven't seen that for a while. I'll upvote Chrono Trigger any day!
  3. Zeropoint

    In other news...

    Something's fishy here . . . I'm reasonably certain that Israel is not in Europe.
  4. Zeropoint

    In other news...

    I don't know if this counts as "news", but wow, I can relate to this article: http://www.bbc.com/news/stories-43956366 I know how that feels. Unlike the guy in the article, though, I have yet to find anyone special, at 41. Like him, I don't expect that I ever will.
  5. Zeropoint

    In other news...

    Man, it's almost like living on a volcano is a bad idea.
  6. Zeropoint

    "Neat" Pictures

    The poo-and-vomit-nado, surely! 🤢 <shudder>
  7. Zeropoint

    In other news...

    Every pit bull that I've ever met was sweet and friendly; unlikely to hurt anyone except by playing too rough. I believe so, based on the work by Lovecraft et al.
  8. Zeropoint

    Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

    Are you allowed to fight back if a swan or a goose attacks you? Seems like the basic right to self-defense should still apply.
  9. Zeropoint

    Futuristic Sports & Entertainment

    Well, "interactive holograms" is not the same thing as "a holodeck". If you're playing 3D Asteroids on a one cubic meter display that can only generate white line wireframes, you've still got an "interactive hologram" and you're still using it for entertainment. All I'm saying is: 1) Video games exist and a popular form of entertainent 2) Video games have been created for every form of display tech and from these facts we can predict that: 3) Video games will be created for whatever future display technologies that come along. The same thing goes for input devices, obviously. When motion controls were invented, we saw a wide range of games created to explore the possibility spaces they opened up. If someone invents a volumetric projection system that can sense when you touch the projected elements, people will create games that explore THAT interface as well. Asking "will interactive holograms be a form of future entertainment" is essentially asking "will people keep making video games".
  10. Zeropoint

    Futuristic Sports & Entertainment

    /me scratches his head Why wouldn't they be? Interactive 2D images have been a form of entertainment for decades. Interactive 3D displays have been used for entertainment for a few years now. Given the trends already in place in society, it would take massive changes to result in world in which volumetric projection technology was mature but NOT used for some kind of entertainment.
  11. Zeropoint

    Creepy Pics.

    Ah, who doesn't narrate their dreams? I tell you, you find out a lot about your shipmates in the Navy if you have trouble getting to sleep!
  12. Zeropoint

    "Neat" Pictures

    Stabby McBladearm would fit the modern zeitgeist.
  13. Zeropoint

    "Neat" Pictures

    Whoa. I just noticed that she's got her boot on the neck of a defeated foe. Hardcore. I'd pick her over any chainmail bikini model.
  14. Zeropoint

    Futuristic Sports & Entertainment

    That was a horribly uncritical and uninformative video. Ugh. Some of the "holograms" are nothing of the sort, some of them weren't filmed from perspectives that made it clear what was going on, and some were just CGI special effects. Still, the laser plasma stuff is cool. I wonder how hard it would be to make a lightsaber that way.
  15. Zeropoint

    Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

    Huh, so clothing remover spray is a real thing. Note to self, make sure underwear is cotton.