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  1. massey

    DC Heroes

    He's converting from the DC Heroes game to Champions. My guess is he's using the 1st edition Batman sourcebook. In that version of the game, their equivalents of Dex, Int, and Pre added together with your martial arts to determine a character's Initiative. In the DCH to Champions conversion, your Initiative converts to Speed. That's why Batman has a 9 Speed, because he basically maxes out what a human can have in each of those categories in that game system. The reason Nightwing has a 5 Speed is (partially) because they forgot to add in his martial arts score to his initiative. It's just a math error in the book. He should actually have a 6 Speed, and should be this close to having a 7. And remember, this is Nightwing circa 1985, when he first switched from being Robin.
  2. Hemsworth seems to be really enjoying playing Thor.
  3. massey

    Destroy Your Geek Cred!!

    They definitely reinforced their geek cred.
  4. massey

    How to Build: Vorpal weapons?

    You don't need NND or Does Body. Those advantages don't make sense once you can already do damage to people. You guys are overbuilding it. Your normal attack has gotten through the bad guy's defenses. Everything after that is effectively "already NND" because the defenses are already overcome.
  5. massey

    How to Build: Vorpal weapons?

    +3D6 HKA, only if hits locations 3-5.
  6. massey

    Hacking Field & Powerful Radar

    Disclaimer: I still play 5th edition, so anything I say here might be just a little out of date. 6th edition has changed certain things, and I don't know off the top of my head if the costs have changed. Let's take your description of "powerful radar". This sounds like a few different things, operating together. First, you've got the ability to detect electrical devices. That's easy. Under the "Enhanced Senses" section, there's a power called Detect. When you buy Detect, you define what it is that your sense helps you locate. So you buy Detect: Electrical Devices, and there you go. At its base level, Detect will allow you to sense electrical devices that are right on top of you. You take a half phase to use your power, and if you're basically within touching range, you can sense if there are any electrical devices there. Not very effective, but hell you only spent 3 points. So you could basically sit there, concentrate, and you'd be able to tell if there are any electronics within arm's reach. To upgrade this power, you need to spend more points. For 2 more points, you can turn your Detect (which requires a half-phase to use) into a Sense. Instead of having to actively look for electronics, you will automatically sense if they are there. You no longer have to spend a half phase, now you just sense if electronics are present. So now you've spent 5 points. So far, so good. But maybe you want to sense electronics that are farther away than arm's reach. Now you buy Range on your Detect. That's 5 more points. Now it works more like eyesight (not exactly like it, we'll get to that later). You can now sense electronics at a distance. Now there are some extra things to consider. I'm not sure exactly how your powers are supposed to work (I don't watch anime, and have no idea what character you are trying to duplicate), but it kinda sounds like one of the following may apply (you don't have to buy all of these, each can be purchased separately): 360 degree sense -- for 5 more points, your sense radiates out from you in all directions (like hearing) instead of in a limited field (like vision) Targeting -- for 10 more points, you can sense electronics with enough precision to shoot at them at a distance, even if your other senses aren't working Discriminatory -- for 5 more points, you can discriminate between types of electronics. You can tell the difference between a cell phone and a TV Analyze -- (must have Discriminatory first) for 5 more points, you can determine super levels of detail about the different electronics N-Ray -- for another 10 points, you can detect electronics through walls To me, it sounds like your power would probably have all of those. Detect: Electronics (3 pts), Sense (2 pts), Range (5 pts), 360 degrees (5 pts), Targeting (10 pts), Discriminatory and Analyze (10 pts), N-Ray (10 pts). That's 45 points, which is a lot for an enhanced sense. But it allows you to sense all electronic devices within normal human visual range (to boost the range, you buy levels of Telescopic Sense), in all directions, you can distinguish what they are and how they work, you can see them through walls, and you know where they are with enough precision that you can shoot robots blindfolded. Now there are some ways to save points, but I need a better idea of exactly what the power looks like before I can apply those. -- That's the first part of the power that you've described. Getting a blueprint layout of nearby buildings is going to require sensing things other than electronics. After all, you don't detect concrete, or chairs, or bathrooms. You only detect electronics. Your character would probably be able to see all the electrical wiring in a building, but you wouldn't know where ordinary doors were. I would suggest adding the power Spatial Awareness (22 points) to allow you to sense physical objects that are nearby. Or just the regular Radar power (15 points), which operates like normal radar. Finally, you've got analyzing the components of the air? I don't understand how that is related to a radar sense, or sensing electronics, but I haven't seen the anime so I don't know. This will probably have to be an entirely separate power. So we're back to buying another Detect. Let's go with Detect: Air, with the Ranged, Discriminatory, and Analyze additions. Now this takes a half phase action for you to take a look at the air and figure out if there are any weird gases or anything in it. It'll tell you the precise makeup of whatever air you're currently sensing. So that's 18 more points. -- So total, you're spending 45 points for the Detect: Electronics, another 15 for basic Radar sense, and 18 for Detect: Air. That's 78 points, which is a huuuuge amount to spend on Enhanced Senses. Again, there are some pretty easy ways to bring those costs down. You can get some of those add-ons for free, depending on how you set it up. But I don't have enough info to do that at the moment. And it may be that whatever cool thing the guy did in the anime, might be simulated far more inexpensively. The "brute force" method of Hero character creation often leads to really expensive character builds, because somebody over-engineers the thing. The effect that you are imagining might be done a whole lot cheaper. We just need more info.
  7. So... one problem I had with Defenders. If the Hand people knew they were going to die, that they had run out of dragon bone juice or something, why not do the ritual thing that they did to Ward's dad? He kept coming back to life over and over again, without any dragon bone juice. Yeah apparently you become more violent each time, but so what? It's better than being permanently dead.
  8. They speak all languages. Everyone understands them in their own tongue. Mjolnir only translates as Mjolnir because it's already a proper name in English. It's basically what the humans expect to hear.
  9. massey

    The Iron Man has been stolen

    It's this guy. He never got his chance to wear the suit.
  10. massey

    I’m Invulnerable (sort of)...

    Hold action until the villain attacks. If he just sits there blocking all day, he isn't doing anything else. So hold action until he acts, then shoot him. He can't take two actions in a single phase. So if he attacks on Segment 3, and then you shoot him later on Segment 3, he can't abort to Missile Deflection.
  11. massey

    Destroy Your Geek Cred!!

    I don't read webcomics, with the exception of the occasional Penny Arcade (and then I only get the joke about half the time). I don't watch anime. I don't read science fiction or fantasy. I don't play video games. I never watched Babylon 5, Dr Who, Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, or the Stargate shows. Monty Python sucks. I saw the first Harry Potter movie and didn't like it. Haven't seen the others, nor read the books. I haven't read any comics in about 15 years. My girlfriend had to set up our wifi because I don't know how. I don't have a crush on any of the girls in geek shows.
  12. I think the word you are looking for is "inedible". Lutefisk. Yuck.
  13. “This is my hammer, Bork Bork Bork.”
  14. massey

    We lost a good one.....

    This blows.
  15. massey

    Batman builds/STR Chart/NCM

    Mechanically, JLA Batman can work as long as you understand that he's got a lot of "skilled powers". Danger Sense, any area, any danger, discriminatory with analyze. Maybe give it an "extra time" limitation. Give Batman some time to go over into the corner and think about things, and he'll figure out what is causing all the bad stuff. Now for most games, something like Detect Plot is not appropriate. But that's the power that he had. He may not have punched as hard as other characters, but he was easily one of the most effective characters in that campaign.