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  1. I just discovered for the first time (re-reading the 6E books for the first time in a decade) that DCs add differently based on the amount of Advantages on the attack. This blew my mind, and my initial reaction was to ignore it since I know the base DC progression well enough. Can anyone articulate the value of going with the reduced DC increase rate that results from using the adding DCs/Advantages table? Is the juice or learning the table worth the squeeze? Thinking of martial artists using weapons with Advantages, etc. Or someone with a big energy blast choosing to Haymaker it.
  2. Manic Typist

    Releasing a Grab: Zero Phase Action/Implications

    While reasonable perspectives are presented, I still think sticking with the Zero Phase is probably the best for consistency and (more importantly) balance. The length of time/easiness of "letting go" is irrelevant. If someone's attempting a Move Through on me, it takes just as much time/is just as easy to deliberately take a half step out of the way (Dodge/Dive for Cover) to avoid it... but if I've already acted that Phase, I don't get to do that.; I don't even get to Abort. I have to rely upon my DCV and hope for the best. If a character has just engaged in an Attack Action, either by initiating the Grab or inflicting damage in a subsequent phase, they've committed to the strategy and must bear the consequences of it until their next opportunity to act (a theme you see consistently in the books). Usually this is their next Phase; I'd probably let them Abort their next action in a Segment where they have't already acted to release. Aside: I just recently learned that the "free"/immediate Throw you can perform after Grab is only if you are throwing the character at a non-specific target. If you want to Throw a character at a window or a cactus, etc. - that's a separate Attack Action that must be performed in another Phase. The "generic" throw does half damage to the "full" Throw I believe. ALSO - I didn't know that the max damage for throwing objects is the PD+Body in DICE, not total number. Now I want to go re-read the smashing through walls/hitting objects rules. This certainly wasn't clear to me when I was reading through the earlier sections (I'm currently re-reading the entire Vol2 for "fun."), so I'm concerned that the rules won't be philosophically consistent there. If they aren't, I might adjust them so that the same principle applies when throwing an object at a person as when throwing a person at an object (such as via Knockback, etc.) As always, in this as all other things, YMMV.
  3. Hey all - am I blind or does nothing in Vol I-II say anything about what kind of action it is to willingly RELEASE a character from a Grab? Based upon my reading, sense of game balance/common sense/dramatic sense, and some text from the books, I think it's either a Zero Phase action (which means it can't occur if the Grab just took effect or if the Grabber just Squeezed/Slammed/engaged in an attack action) or it's MAAAAYBE an action that Takes No Time but it occurs at the end of the Segment (like releasing a Grabbed character due to being Knocked Out per RAW). In either case, the reason I care is because I think this is what makes sense/allows for the Grabbed character to do interesting things like run around with the Grabber on their back, slamming them into the walls, or using their Flight to fly the Grabber into the ceiling, etc. Anyone have a strong argument against this/why a Grabber should be able to avoid situations like this by being able to release on a whim?
  4. I really, really like the look of the 6E character sheet. I'm having trouble finding an export file that is more it than not - am I missing it? Is there an editable PDF floating around as an alternative? My handwriting is awful so I don't want to print a copy and handwrite it.
  5. Manic Typist

    How: "The Raid" in a steampunk setting

    That's dangerous territory - I'm not a player, so I try to be careful about substituting my judgment for theirs. All I can do is try to paint the best picture I can of what they see... so hopefully they scout the place out/roll well on Streetwise to know some caution is called for. Some good suggestions above. I think I'll increase the difficulty/lethality as the PCs advance up - sort of like a reverse dungeon. Mostly unarmed goons on the lower floors, then a group of toughs with clubs and chains, then another with swords and crossbows, and finally a group wearing armor and gearing capslock firearms. I figure I'll try to come up with different "scenes" for them to progress through - a large converted bathroom spraying water everywhere when they fight the people with clubs, for instance, while switchblade wearing men in chemical gear attack them in the drug lab. Perhaps some will use teamwork and try to drown the forcefield PC in a barrel of liquid by holding his head underwater. It's a remarkably inefficient way to kill a PC and he should escape easily enough, but I think it's important for the PCs to face different kinds of dangers and not just degrees of dangers. I think another potential piece could be a set of boards set across some collapsed flooring, with aggressive thugs jumping across boards trying to get at them/knock them off. Uncertain footing, leaps from foothold to foothold, the drama of enemies falling to their doom, etc. Any other thoughts on strategies or set pieces you can think of in a lower tech version of "The Raid?"
  6. Manic Typist

    [Plot Hook] Oil, beauty, and danger.

    Thanks, glad to help. End goal: Not really, as the specifics are too tied up into everything else in your story. I'd say the narrative point would be to give the PCs a clear direction as to the stakes, the nature of the threat, and which way to go to find a solution. I can see them being potentially confused by one this woman attacked them/fled them, etc. so this NPC can explain the backstory and give them a clear direction to go if they want to pursue putting the genie back in the bottle. It is easy for players, after all, to not see the things we think are obvious.
  7. Manic Typist

    [Plot Hook] Oil, beauty, and danger.

    Sorceress was going to betray him, she whiffed, he shoved her into the painting before she could use it on her intended target (who he had trussed and ready). He didn't know how to destroy it without risking releasing her, so he kept it. Probably also some pleasure in taunting her given that she tried to betray him. Even if he changes his mind later when he realizes he wants to change his ways, he was riding the tiger - he can't let her out because she will not let the grudge go. The advantage of this route is that it creates another source of information/investigation - the PCs can find her name among his affects in relation to the painting, they can find the former target whose initial reaction to them dropping the assassin's name is something like "I want nothing to do with him/glad to hear he's dead" but when the PCs mention the sorceress, this contact will likely change her tune and want to be more helpful...
  8. So, without intending this at the outset, I have begun to prepare for the PCs to end up confronting a major gang in the center of the power - a large tenement building they have taken over and extensively modified. Now, the PCs could easily take this another direction, breeze through it - PCs are great for confounding expectations, so I could be worrying about nothing, but just in case... The building has been heavily modified to facilitate their illegal activities - drugs, weapons, people smuggling... stairwells have been strategically blocked up, floors/walls have been torn up to convert at least one hallway into a kill-box - a long bridge with no cover and the floors on either side torn away for several floors. One PC has an 8 rPD forcefield, another has 6 rPD via Combat Luck.. and the third PC has.... nothing, but has magical tricks up her sleeve if she remembers them. So I'm a touch worried about the challenge, but I'm confident the PCs will either rise to the occasion or retreat when they get deep in the suck. Beyond general advice, has anyone run a scenario like this? Particular scenes I can steal shamelessly, do's and don'ts? War stories? How you handled the potential tone shift of such a starkly violent scenario?
  9. Manic Typist

    Endurance Reserve Pricing off in HD?

    *SIgh* Never mind. I accidentally created it inside a Multipower. Mods, please feel free to delete this... (Subtext: Maybe I really do need sleep...)
  10. So... without modifiers, a 100 END, 9 REC Endurance Reserve is showing up as costing 2 real points and 31 active. This doesn't seem to align with the book at all. Is the problem with me? Do I need to go get some sleep and re-read in the morning?
  11. Manic Typist

    Metro DC Area

    Grandmaster - sorry I didn't see your post. I'm running a regular game now that meets 1-2 times a month... we have two regular players and a third who is intermittent. We primarily game in the Fairfax area on Sundays. I also occasionally attend a Saturday game out toward Sterling, but it's a bit of a commute when I'm already run a game on Sundays.
  12. Manic Typist

    Heroic Level Combat Vet

    If it makes you feel better, since you last ran it.... I've gone to college, grad school, gotten married, bought a house, and started what might be a career? And I feel old myself now...
  13. Manic Typist

    Heroic Level Combat Vet

    Wait, are you running Secret Worlds again???? I still remember reading great session narratives back when I was in high school. Something about a sword fight with an ancient Greek warrior on a ship docked at Shanghai...
  14. Manic Typist

    Metro DC Area

    What's your travel radius?
  15. Manic Typist

    Why Does the Monk Class Work in DnD

    I assume you meant Original D&D went talking about it but accidentally used the word "oriental." But perhaps I'm mistaken, and you were referring to something called Oriental D&D.