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  1. Man, I don't want to get too off-track, and I want to get back to scanning as fast as I can, but let me take a quick poke at this stuff (which I have quoted in entirely the wrong order, I see) 1) I can't swear to this, but I don't think 6E is the introduction of selling off Senses. There may be new or altered rules for it, but it seems I remember seeing some company-approved villains (heroes?) with a sold-back sense or two, and players have been doing it since the first Daredevil knock-off, probably somewhere around 1e. I know we did in 2e to build aliens for our sci-fi stuff. No one told us we weren't allowed to build aliens until the company published a sci-fi book in 3e, so we did it and had a rip-roaring good time. Why? Okay, seriously: don't answer that; I really don't want to be tied up here the next few nights with what I am quite certain will be an interesting discussion. Regrettably, I just don't have time for it right now. Let's go with the 5e-legal example of "being big without Growth" I couldn't find but Bolo finally did (You're a wonderful human being, Bolo; thank you for doing that). Growth.... Man, what did Growth give me in 5e? Oh my GOD I hate this book so much! (re-5 PDF. I've never read re-5, I prefer my paper copy of 5e, but not by much). You can't actually find a power in the Table of Contents, and going through the index gives hits on every time the word just appears in the text. (Okay, slight exaggeration, but only slight. Still, anyone wonder why HERO is not catching on with newer players anymore? It doesn't just stop a bullet! The frustration will stop a desire) "Hmmm.... Where's Growth.... Not in the Table of Contents. Like, at all. Let's try the index. First appearance, Page 168. Let's go to 168 and read all about Entangle. Though it looks like it's only page two of Four pages about Entangle.... Hmmm..... Maybe it's right after Entangle? No.... That's EDM, for umpteen pages... Let's look in the Index.... Index says Well, let me get my magnifying glass so I can double-check that I'm reading it right.... Let's see... Growth..... Growth (Power).. Yep. 168. Okay, next it says 183; let's try there.... (thumbing through the four hundred pages I _don't_ want, yet again)... Ah! Growth!. Now, what does Growth provide for me....? After reading a page and half, I realize "not much," and I'm confused. It no longer grants me AOE after a certain size, but it _does_ provide "Growth Momentum?" What the heck? It's too wrong to get a "free" AOE for spending eighty points on growth, but for five points I can get some free damage dice?! Fine; just run with it. I don't get what I used to, I _do_ get something that's wiggy, but I also get: BODY, Stun, Height, Mass, Additional Reach (free Stretching! Yay! ), STR, KB Resistance, and some penalties if I get too big. If I just want to be "big," do I _have_ to buy all that to be big? I can't just declare "I'm eight feet tall, and I want some STR and BODY. Why yes; according to the rules, you _can_. Cool! No DCV and PER penalties! Love it! All I have to do is be 440-odd pounds. Of course, this extra weight won't cause me any problems like it does with Growth, because I didn't take the Disadvantage. Oh? I _have_ to take the Disadvantage? Well, not really. The book doesn't tell me that I _have_ to do that to be big. It comes with Growth, which it specifically recommends I don't buy to be big all the time. Tell you what, I'm not 440 pounds. I'm 220 pounds, but I'm big. I have Bird Bones. No; it's not a disadvantage, because they don't break more easily. They're part of my mutant power, and are laced with weird metallic compounds that make them stronger for way less weight. My muscles are mostly air, too. They can't be? Fine. I'll let the extra STR and BODY go, then. I'm still eight feet tall. Wait-- I _have_ to buy STR and BODY and all that other stuff to be eight feet tall? _Why_? I don't want the extra powers; I just want to be eight feet tall. No; it's not a Limitation. I can duck through doors and I get motion sickness, so I don't ride inside cars. I get around with my Running or on my motorcycle. No; you don't get motion sick on a motorcycle because you never turn. No; you never turn. Look it up. It's about the angles and the G-forces and C-forces-- you never get the sensation of snatching to the right or the left. So because I don't get into cars, and I sleep on the floor, and my spine lets me duck through doors, I have no limitations associated with being big (other than the apparent persecution and anti-tall discrimination that assumes I am somehow hundred by being eight feet tall. Being big, without limitation, hindrance, of benefit costs how much? How much does being hispanic cost? How much does a mustache cost? If it has no game effect at all, it costs nothing. If it doesn't limit, it's worth nothing. It just _is_. Apply this to the floating example. I wish I could remember where first I read that. That was from an official ruling on something, way back when. An official ruling, or example, or something--- at any rate, it was official, yet here it is being shot down (which is why I chose it, because I figured it would be). Did I buy Flight? No. I did not. Therefore, I don't suffer the complications of Flight, like extra knock back. I _also_ don't get any benefits of Flight, like not leaving traces. There are power builds using flight to not leave a trail, but the SFX don't even have the character leaving the ground! (Honestly, I have no problem with this: you paid for a specific benefit, after all). But _not_ getting the benefit because you didn't pay for it, _this_ is a problem? So I leave a trail. Big deal. I am cursed to never set foot on the earth; the Lord God Himself has forbidden me to revel in the sensation of my feet in a cooling river or fertile soil between my toes; He has even forbidden me to enjoy the wondrous scents of His garden ( sorry; got on a roll) until I atone for my Great Nasty Thing. Thus, I am forever two inches above the ground. My feet burn for the touch of spring grass; my spine aches to rest on a riverbank. You know, this sounds so wonderful it should cost points! I leave footprints; I don't touch the ground, but the stain of my soul marks the ground beneath me with every agonizing denial of contact with the soil from which I was born. I don't suffer additional knock back because I'm not flying. The Lord would not bless me with such a gift after my great sins.... And at walking speed, a Turn Mode is ridiculous. "Okay; fine! Don't buy flying! But I DEMAND that you buy total invisibility without fringe, only to cover the bottom half of your feet!" No. I thank you for considering it, but I'm not thinking of Flight at all. I'm thinking about Distinctive Features, and nothing more. I'm wondering what part of the rules require you to buy a Power to offset your ugliness, or what-have-you, and what part of the rules _mandate_ that someone take additional penalties for standing out in a crowd. Well, yes and no. I'm not arguing with the basis of your assertion; really I'm not. To some extent, the GM got involved. However, the rules have _always_ had rules for making new powers, new limitations, new advantages, etc. They specify that the GM has to approve it, but the fact is that it was all still book-legal; not really "handwavium" (I thought that was an alloy? ) In practice, new advantages and adders generally have to fly with the entire group, just so no one feels --- you know what? I've digressed enough. Again, you're right: GM approval. However, this was in accordance to rules going back to at least 2e (I have yet to read my new scan of 1e). 2e came about because of "home-brewed" changes to 1e. Granted, it was the people that wrote it, but at the end of the day, it was homebrew made legal. How many of your own house-ruled Advantages, Adders, Limitaitons, etc found their way into later rules editions? Quite a few, I bet. No; I'm sorry. Seriously-- there is no snark in that _at all_. I made the assumption that you do use at least an occasional House Rule. To be fair, it's because you're a HERO player, and I have met very, very few that don't. Forgive me; it was a bad assumption. Let me change that just a bit, and offer a list of our own "house rules" that made it, more or less, into later editions. Not exhaustive, just off the top of my head that (I _think_ ) were "new" in 5e. Upscale = Megascale Inherent = Inherent (that made me giggle a bit) T-port Velocity Option = the adder to not shed momentum with T-port (as with the others, we did much differently, of course, but we arrived at similar results) Growth Punch = Growth Momentum (we did this as a separate Power Build entirely, with a set of modifiers. I still prefer it, as Growth does not imply that a character physically swells up at such a rate as to provide this ability. That, and we have a rule about Power Advantages) And I'm going to stop there, because it's time to feed the kids and I want to move on a bit. Because of this-- and I _know_ I'm not the only one. Steve himself solicited some ideas for "things who's time has come" back when he was writing 5e. I expect that he combed laboriously through the lists and studied the ones that were most-common; i.e., the ones that lot's of people were doing, indicating a real desire to see some official rules. Then he did his Steve thing and determined how he himself thought it would work within the rules, and boom-- new stuff. Same exact stuff for a good portion of people, I'm sure ( I only score one "exact," and that was Inherent. I got an "almost" with Upscale, except he made it way too inexpensive to go way too fast, and wa== =never mind; I'm running on again. What can I say? You toss out some great ideas and talking points! ) The crux of this, summed up badly, is that there isn't really any "handwavium," despite the popularity of the idea. The people making new House Rules are following the book rules by doing it, and they are more than likely not doing it because it's a shortcut; they are doing it because there is a need. These needs won't get addressed until the next book (which seems to be a long, long way off right now). As to your other point, I think most of the bloat comes from the line-by-line play through of how every single Advantage interacts with every single Power and stuff like that. If you have a true Power Advantage, it's more or less universal in application and effect. If it isn't, then you have an _Adder_, and stop making it something else. Sorry; I laugh because it amused me: I just finished posting that it was the best addition, for me, and then following up with reading that-- it was funny: a reminder that we all have different needs for our games. For what it's worth: the idea behind inherent for Extra Limbs keeps them from being Drained or Suppressed. Not allowing it (since the rules, at least at that time, didn't expressly state it, did not disallow this). Personally, I think common sense takes care of most of the problems people want new rules for, but there we are: one man's good sense is another man's total insanity, after all. NB, it's been fun, but I've already shot through the tiny amount of time I _should_ have been scanning, and I've got to go get the kids fed. You have a good evening, Sir (I assume)! Bolo, you wonderful and patient human being, I am sorry that I quoted the wrong part of you comment, though I think the bulk of the comments on Christopher's post summed up a good chunk of what I had in mind. I am sorry I didn't get to go into this further with you. Christopher, NB, Bolo, etc-- you guys have a good weekend. I'm banning myself until the last of the scanning is done! Duke
  2. Duke Bushido

    ‘New’ pdfs up at OBS

    I _think_ so, but I'm not confident enough to declare it.
  3. Duke Bushido

    ‘New’ pdfs up at OBS

    I'm working on them, Sir. First, Western HERO is the one you'd most like to own. Horror HERO, I'm sad to say, was a bit disappointing. Not bad; just not a lot in there. Western HERO, though, was full of all kinds of useful stuff (and the birth of Quickdraw)
  4. Duke Bushido

    Browsing through the HERO store

    Hadn't really thought about that. Might try it next go-round. Up to 181; less than 40 to go, depending on whether or not I do the thing I thought about doing. (I _did_ fix the four completely out-of-order pages, though.) Soon it'll be nothing but clean up.
  5. Duke Bushido

    Question on pathfinder

    Honestly, I didn't know there were other versions. (and to think: I sprang for the hardback! Gad!) I don't know if Tri-stat is for me, though. I'm not super-rules addicted, but Tri-stat is a bit rules-light for my preferences. though I'd like to see it for HERO-- actually, I _know_ I would. Just not 6e. Or too deeply 5e.
  6. You are absolutely correct. However, he's been pretty terrible in everything I've ever seen him in.
  7. Or any character ever.
  8. Duke Bushido

    Browsing through the HERO store

    Scanning up to page 130. I have made a small adjustment that's upped my output. I noticed at work today that there is a tolerance for tilted text. It's remarkably low, but it's there. Stands to reason, I suppose. I mean, I can't have read a whole lot of perfectly-printed mass-produced books, right? So rather than "perfecting" each single page during the preview, I have decided if it falls within a _very_ tight margin, just scan it and let it ride. So far, about ten have them have fallen within that margin, and it has saved me a _lot_ of time hand-adjusting them five or eight times.
  9. I love ya, Man, and I started to quote you chapter and verse-- to the point of dragging out 5e and reading it (it does have a nice index), but after about twenty minutes, i remembered why I don't use that thing much-- Lord, the _reading_! I don't mean "I hate reading;" obviously I love reading. I'm pretty certain that goes for most role-players (I've never met one that didn't like to read), but JHC, man! Twenty minutes of cruising through all ends of micro-management minutiae, and still can't find even _one_ of the numerous mentions of "Characters shouldn't take 'Always On' (or whatever Limitation was under discussion at that time) for Growth to represent being very large. Instead, they should buy Powers that represent the effects of being very large, or take Disadvantages appropriate to being very large and simply declare that the SFX is 'being very large,' " or several thousand words to that effect. I quit when my eyes got runny and my headache came back. I spend all day coming through records and histories and catalogues of dry, boring stuff like that. I don't want to come home and do it there, too. Lord. I can read a fourth of the entire 2e manual in the time it took me to give up looking for something that's in 5e _multiple times_! At any rate, you win by default, because it takes more time than I have to get the information.
  10. Duke Bushido

    Question on pathfinder

    Yep. Slapping down a trading card is much easier than breaking out a tape measure, adjusting for ocean action, and tracking arc of fire, reload rate, and available ammo. I'm not really a wargamer: never had the time or space for it), but for reasons I don't even understand, I _detest_ CCGs. Except that short-lived Tomb Raider one, which was essentially a board game you built as you went. I _loved_ that one, and it died horribly and quickly. Like that gruesome scene when she drowns)
  11. Duke Bushido

    Browsing through the HERO store

    Thanks, Scott, But I sort of have something worked out. The scanner is a cannon all in one thing that I am stuck with. When super scanner died, she bought this as a surprise replacement, so I can't replace it until it's actually dead. sadly, it has bee surprisingly hard to kill. In fairness, it is ten times the scanner that is printer, so I can get decent images from it; it's just slow at higher resolution-- on the order of three minutes a page at 1200 dpi. The hand alignment is just a personal thing. I don't care how much you pay for software, if you have to twist text more than a degree or two, it looks wonky: there is just enough deformation that you think "oh; it's a scan.". Because the scanner driver only allows a small preview window (to make getting a preview much faster, I suppose), I can't aligh the text perfectly every time, but thus far I have gotten it close enough to avoid deformation. The spliced page I mentioned last night was done with some "fan made garbage for Mac". I found online that is roughly equivalent to MS Paint some time around Windows 3.4; I can't recommend against it highly enough. But it did what I needed. I am scanning against a black blotter to "drown* all the smutz and garbage into a uniform color (for the most part). That let's me do the bulk of the cleanup with the pack-in, limited options photo cleaning tools packed into the Mac and the scanner. It's a serious work-around, but for what I'm doing I really don't need much more. Anything too big to handle efficiently that way I send to my brother and let him do it. I have mixed feelings about this: I know he needs the money (animation company he worked for went under a while back, so he's freelancing stuff when he can), but I also know I haven't got a whole lot of it myself. Honestly, Sir, the biggest hold up in the whole thing is the stupid slow upload time when I have to send a file or two to him. But thank you for the offer. It is appreciated. Oh- Here's a thing ( if I can make my phone do this) https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://sleel.artstation.com/projects/0EQze&ved=2ahUKEwjTk_jzl9feAhUFY6wKHTuhAsIQFjAAegQIBhAB&usg=AOvVaw0qA9slYvv_rUmPe_md7LFm If I did that right, it's a character of mine from some years back he did up as a Christmas gift for me. ( the "friend" he mentioned is me. At the time, he was punching up his portfolio to sound "more professional.". He has since gotten over that, as you can see from the other entries and their descriptions :lol:)
  12. Duke Bushido

    Browsing through the HERO store

    Mornin', Scott. I'm not sure I understand the quesrion; I appologize. If you can clarify, I will try to answer it, though.
  13. Duke Bushido

    Browsing through the HERO store

    Up to page 84. I know: it's taking a while. But part of it is the hand-laying of the individual images. Like I said: you can always tell when a text image was straightened with software. I can't hand-lay it perfectly, but I can get it close enough that some of it really doesn't need tweaking (i.e., if you print it, you're going to get more variation than this image already has), and even when it does still need tweaking, the less tweaking via software, the less obvious it is in the final result. Page-- was it 69? 67? Anyway, sixty-something-- that was a beast. There's a 1/3 page full-width piece of art that's not square on the page. There's a 1/3 page full-width section of text that's not square on the page. There's a single line across the bottom of the page. It's not square with the page. And none of them is square with each other, either! Finally opted to do enough hand lays to get a straight shot of each section, composite them-- you know the rest. Twenty-two scans for that one stinkin' page! GAH! The other reason it's such slow going I lay square on the feet of the HEROstani people. If you people weren't so welcoming, and so interesting in general, I'd have a lot less distractions! Good night, Folks. Duke oh-- going to all that trouble for that page has convinced me to go ahead and correct the largest "typo" in HERO history: There is a really nice, well-thought out adventure to help kick-off a starter campaign. It can be excerpted, or run in full across _several_ session. Some of the pages were printed out of order. Not just this book, either. As you all know, this started because my original disappeared. That was one. Then I bought a spare. That was two. Then there was the donor copy I sliced for this project. That was three. All three of them, same pages. Evidently it was the entire print run. I'm going to go ahead and fix it. Why not? Duke.
  14. Duke Bushido

    In other news...

    It makes a whole lot more sense to me--and is just as unlikely as anything else--to just all get together, throw some sand on a bucket, and declare that to be the new thing. I mean, as long as we're going to continue on with an infinite upscaling, then _any_ stopping point is arbitrary.
  15. Okay, page three. By long-standing and perhaps even intentional board tradition, we have passed the point of being useful to the original poster and into the realm of philosophical debate. With that in mind, let's proceed : The above statement can't be true, unless you leave off "of the game world." The game world will always be shaped by what the players decide to have their characters do, without regard for what the GM does or doesn't allow the characters to _be_. If this is also not true-- if the characters are only allowed to as the GM permits them to do, then you do not have a game world. You in fact have an interesting hobby of "Hey, guys; let's meet at my house twice a month and watch me write a book." Uhm, okay... Why do you need us there, exactly? "Well, I'm really bad a dialogue...." This might not be a non-starter for a lot of folks as a social event (and please, someone make this a valid social event, because seriously: writing can be cripplingly lonely! ), it's really not a "game," either. Before it gets suggested, I am _not_ making the case that the GM must therefore allow any kind of zany crazed and whacky kind of thing to occur: the actions that players are -- and hate to use this word, as it's not accurate, but it is markedly convenient for the moment--"allowed" to take in any situation are _not_ the exclusive domain of the GM: those actions are "allowed" under agreement, spoken or otherwise, of all the players at the table. As someone else pointed out up-thread, I am not chained to your table; and you are not chained to mine. If it's not something I want to be involved in, I won't be. And if it _is_ something I want to be involved in, I will show my appreciation by and enjoyment by being there. If I am not happy with it, I won't be there. Seriously. Ask _anyone_ who has ever tried to get me to play fantasy: I won't do it. You want to lay down your fantasy world and tropes and such and such, fine. I don't fault you for it. Find a player. Don't bother looking this way. And I'm fine with that. So long as the GM is fine with me not being there (and there's no reason he shouldn't be), we're both happy. When he wants a certain _type_ of player, however-- or maybe any at all, such as in the player-poor environment I live in now: I drive ninety-miles one way for my monthly game down on the coast), he is going to have to make concessions to that kind of player. None of this is argumentative, there is no power struggle, there is no quid-pro-quo formal agreement. It is simply comes to pass that person A wants X out of a game, person B wants Y, person C wants Z, etc, etc. Everyone has to give a little to get a little. A good playgroup is like a good group of friends: you will all (as in _all_, GM included) give a little here and there to get a lot of what you want: a great experience with one another). As I had to explain to my youth group when that started a couple of months ago: "So, the GM is like the God of the game?" No, A; absolutely not. The GM is the universe in which the game is played: as GM, I will control all of the things that you don't control. "So you're like God of the game." Not at all. I am the entire world that you, J, N, C, and the others are playing in. I am just the world around you: the bad guys, the normal people, the other good guys, the buildings, the air, the trees: I don't control them like a god. I handle how they react to what you and the other players do. I play the part of the universe, and you guys are all the things that will change it as we go along." Call it warm and fuzzy if you want, but I'm running two groups (though one is a youth group) and am one of three GMs for my regular game, so it's got to work pretty well as a concept. To create a game world, I tend to use a really simple system: "Guys, when we wrap this up, I'm kinda thinking about something like X" "Will it have this?" Oh yes; lots of it. "Will it have that?" I haven't give it much thought. I'll get back to you on that. Is it something you'd like, if I can work it in? Is it a deal-breaker if I can't?" "I don't know. Depends on how it comes together. Will it have this other thing?" I don't think so. That's not really in the scope of things I'm wanting to tackle. "Why not?" And then there's that discussion. Sometimes, they get it, and we move on. Sometimes, they don't, so we start working _together_ to come up with an alternative acceptable to both of us. This goes on for a few sessions-- during breaks, before or after play. I'm the GM, and I cannot say "I built this world and this is how it is" even after doing all the heavy lifting, because I'd be lying. The players helped shape the spirit of the game just as much as I did. Sometimes we end up with something _radically_ different than what I originally envisioned (not usually; we've been gaming together for years now, so we all have a feel for what we do and don't get interested in), but because of the process, I'm still pretty excited about trying it. No. Not saying that's how it should be. But I am willing to be that there are a _lot_ of groups that operate the same way. In the end, the GM has no more claim of ownership or inspiration of these worlds than does any other player. He's no more "in charge" than the agreement between all players places him. The only real difference is he has more paperwork. I do it this way because I have a responsibility to my players to ensure that they have the best time I can provide, and because I am responsible to myself to make sure that _I_ am having the best time I can, considering the investment I'm going to make each time a new world comes up. Best part is we avoid most stumbling blocks before I even begin to put in real effort on the world itself. Can't be that. That's the thing: it's not a "request;" it's a character action. I am _going_ to swing my sword, mount my horse, throw that dynamite-- whatever. That's what my character is doing. If I have to ask "can I shoot him?" I need an answer like "there are four other ugly henchmen in the corners, eyeing you steadily, all of them looking edgy. The air is bristling with anticipation, and you catch an occasional glance of Mr. Bigboss toward one or the other of them, and he doesn't act like he's any more concerned about his well-being than he was when you got here. The curtains are drawn over the only two windows, but you can make out the unmistakable silhouette of iron bars showing through them from the gaslight outside. The only door was the one you came in, and the guy that opened the door has closed it and taken moved himself into a position to block it. He nods gravely as you glance back at him. His coat is opened and pushed back, and you think you might see the barrel of a gun in the shadow under his folded arms." Not an answer like "No." "Why not?" "Because I worked really hard on this guy and I've got a couple of story arcs lined up I wrote just for him so you can't shoot him!" I shoot him anyway-- I grab my guns from my quick-draw holsters, going straight into a rolling dive at the floor so I can get under and behind the table he's seated at-- "Well your guns jam and a guy you didn't see grabs you before your feet leave the floor." "what? both guns?" "Yes. And Mr Bigboss laughs at your pitiful efforts and his men beat you up a little and throw you out the front door and board up the wall you phased through with hardened, desolid-proof paneling that was stacked nearby under the table where you didn't see it." See? The odds my way look grim, because Mr Bigboss is prepared, and I really don't want to lose him, because I _do_ have some plans for him later. But if the players want to try it, well, there is always a _chance_. That other way? Well your odds are pretty much determined by the train schedule for the rail you're riding on. The GM might as well be writing a book, and he doesn't really need _any_ of you for that. Does he really want to play a game at all, or just share this neat dream he once had with you? Well I don't know how I screwed that up, and I haven't a clue how to fix it, so I'm afraid y'all are going to have to suss that one out yourselves. :/ Massey, I wish I'd found that comment before I wrote two paragraphs to say the same thing: while fans of crunchy systems tend, as a general trend, to have the hardest time admitting this, the fact is that these games are a _cooperative_ experience. The less we cooperate, the less the experience. That may well be the case for some groups; I don't know, and I won't take us off topic far enough to discuss it. I don't argue that a bit. I _do_ argue that the game belongs to the GM, however. Let's be fair: if the work invested translated to ownership or authority, then I'd own the last two companies I worked for. I worked my rear off-- seriously! It's totally gone! I had to get a new one to change jobs, so I could work it off again) while the owner (by inheritance) was on vacation 30 weeks a year traveling the world on hunting trips, fishing trips, and of course the "vacations" he needed to rest up from all that. It's the same with the GM: the GM will _never_ be required to put in more work than he wants to, period, because when he's done, he's done. If you want him as your GM, then you'll play. If you don't, then you won't. If you want to play bad enough, you'll be the GM (if you seem to think it is some sort of undesirable thing, I mean. If you don't, then you will likely go straight to the job after deciding that what's been presented is not up to snuff for your tastes. Hell, that's how I ended up with about half the groups I've had over the years: other people were more than happy to do it. I wanted more. So I made more, and the others liked it. But I digress (again!). The authority of the GM, in my own opinion, stated as clearly as I can, is _entirely_ based on the agreement of the other players. A really bad GM can yell and demand all he wants, but when his players walk away, what power or "authority" is he going to exercise to bring them back and make them subservient to his will? (I'm looking at you, Davien, wherever you are. And wherever it is, I hope it's _really_ unpleasant.) The players agree to allow the GM to help keep them on task and cohesive to the world in which they have all agreed to play, and change by their play. Period. That's the extent of his magic authority. That's not even an opinion or a traditional definition: that's just a fact. We are all our own people, and we can all walk away from a bad deal. that's about it. We can _want_ it to be different: "more control for me!," regardless of which side of the screen you're on, but everyone has only the control and power agreed upon by everyone else, and they only have it until they start wrecking the fun for everyone else. Now folks, as always, this thread-- like many others before-- has been an absolute _blast_ to be a part of, and i want to thank everyone who did and everyone who still is participating for letting me be a part of it. You're all wonderful people. However, I have _got_ to step out of it. I believe I have already expressed every single thought I have on the subject-- sometimes reasonably, even! I will continue to _read_ it, as the thoughts on both side of "why isn't a missing limb a handicap (which, if I remember correctly, was the pitch the started this game)?" have been interesting, whether I agree or not, and because something said later might get me thinking more. But for now, if you have a question for me specifically, I think you'll find the answer already up here somewhere, because I have completely emptied my brain on this subject. Thanks! It was amazingly fun! Duke