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  1. Duke Bushido

    A Knockdown/Knock Prone Adder?

    Considering some of the surprisingly deep discounts and nearly double-dipping in some of the published character's Limitations, I would think "only to cause KB" would be worth at least -1/2. I mean, ignoring the fact that you may be throwing away Stunning after Stunning or early subduing, an Attack action, by the rules, ends your Phase. You are essentially throwing away an opportunity to CON Stun, or to simply knock some sense into them, or even hurt them enough to make them re-think themselves, just to knock them down. Sure; being knocked down is a disadvantage for them on their next Phase, but it seems like a greater sacrifice than -1/4.
  2. Duke Bushido

    Funny pics

  3. Duke Bushido

    A Knockdown/Knock Prone Adder?

    For what it's worth, it was directed at me, and I didn't find it remotely offensive. I also offer a sincere apology: had I realized that you had already pre-selected an answer, I would not have provided one.
  4. Duke Bushido

    Browsing through the HERO store

    First and foremost: My heartfelt thanks to everyone who responded. Even if you think it didn't, it helped, and I deeply appreciate it. I'm with you there! Seriously, my whole life-- Couldn't even tell you who sings the songs I sing along with (except for Charlie Pride). Actors? Nope. Authors? Rarely. If I liked it, I liked it, but it wasn't specifically because "you" wrote it or "she" played in it. Totally get it. We have a remarkable amount in common, actually. I usually don't buy PDFs (I _want_ to hold a book, period.), but I don't mind them for Fantasy because-- ta-da! I don't play fantasy, either! Seriously, I actively dislike the genre, and flat out _detest_ most of the game systems that fantasy-specific games use. For some reason, however, I don't mind Fantasy HERO (as much). Likely because it's much more free-form and organic, and just "feels" better, less confining. At least, reading it does, and a couple of tables I've sat at (as much as I dislike fantasy, sometimes it's the only way to get your RPG fix ). Sadly, _most_ Fantasy HERO games I've sat in on are with groups specifically trying to emulate the feel and the flavor and structure of the games I _dislike_, so I don't play much. I guess I like to peruse Fantasy HERO books because the core openness of the rules and the system (except for Spell Colleges; that's just goofy) give me hope.... But since I'm not going to actually be playing, I don't mind the PDFs as a nifty thing to have lobbed into my phone for unexpected downtime. And the only reason I'm considering it because-- while far, far, FAR from flush, I had a little side-enterprise pay off better than expected, so I allotted myself a small stipend to pick up some gaming stuff. PDFs seemed like a really economical way to do that, particularly, as noted, when I don't anticipate ever needing an actual book. Though I have recently discovered my Western HERO (original, yellow one) has gone missing, so if anyone knows of one for sale somewhere-- _please_ give a shout; I actually _like_ that one! I know-- you don't think you're comments added much, but they did! It's comforting to know that I'm not the only gamer who has financial reasons to pick and choose; it's nice to know I'm not the only one who doesn't do Fantasy as a general rule, and that I'm not the only person who would rather hold a book. Essentially, it lets me know I'm getting just what I want: feedback from people roughly like me. Thanks, Tom! That's extremely helpful, actually. I have a much more specific idea about what is inside (the little blurbs weren't _quite_ useless, but they really didn't offer much). So tell me this, if you can: have you found them to add anything to your games, or to provide any inspiration for your own builds?
  5. Duke Bushido

    Building an Engulfing Power for a Goopy Shapeshifter

    Despite a couple of dissenting opinions, I thought it was a pretty cool power. Though as has been pointed out, it's hard to know which base to start with (Grab or Entangle) without knowing a bit more: does it. Cut off the target's perception? Dose it protect the target at the character's expense? Does it completely incapacitate the character? If so, Grab seems logical. Entangle could allow the simulation of having a few amorphous limbs available to rattle the teeth of anyone adjacent to you. So would Extra Limbs. Though honestly, there have been enough really solid ideas presented that you likely have you ideas together by now.
  6. Duke Bushido

    Browsing through the HERO store

    I am going to give the author the benefit of a doubt and assume the lack of response means that no one active on this board of late has actually tried this stuff. In an attempt to keep this positive: Why are folks not tempted to try these inexpensive little 3rd party supplements?
  7. Duke Bushido

    A Knockdown/Knock Prone Adder?

    Not really. Knock back doesn't come up very often in most other genres; it's way less appropriate for most things that aren't superheroes or Bombs.
  8. Duke Bushido

    Limitations: There should be only one!

    This whole narrative style thing- while thought provoking to read; I thank everyone who weighed in here-- is being... Overthought? Wrongly-angled? I don't know what to call it, really; I can only sum up the notions in my head: Champions / HERO doesn't, in its native forum, push it away. If I understand what Neil is describing, it's pretty much how most of our games are played, and how most other groups I see in action play. Maybe it's because none of my groups do much math/computer/science/analytical type stuff as employment or hobby, so the need for more and more complex rules isn't there for us (and honestly, it's pretty rare for even the appreciation for such things to be there),- You know, I still don't have my vocabulary around what I am trying to express... What drew me to this game, way back in the days of boxed sets and staple binding, was the freedom: make exactly what you wanted (or a good start on growing it in that direction), and play exactly how you wanted. Other games even required you select pre-planned personalities, way back when (does D&D still do that ridiculous Alignment thing?) or archetypes and templates. Champions was naturally more free-form, right out of the gate: you were even left to design your own world (I know that there are people who actually can't handle that; I was surprised to find a couple popping up on this site when I came back, but for the most part, every single edition of these rules goes a long way out of its way to _not_ force a universe or "this must be this" on you.) The slippery slope here has been, starting with 3rd edition, the move _away_ from that openness. Each edition gets more and more rules-heavy, and the specificity gets more and more intricate, and the word "no" pops up more and more, along with the idea of x must be this. Is this inherently bad? I can't answer that. I can say it's decidedly unappealing to me, and even the fans who want it repeatedly espouse the notion that it works against drawing newer players. There is clearly a market for it: the most visible, most vocal participants in any evolving, responsive Fandom are what drives the change, as historically they are representative of the largest portion of the fans. That model may no longer be accurate. Today, internet being what it is, it's far more likely that they represent only the people with the spare time to be vocal, or simply an addiction to being online and participating in something. Am. I saying that's the case? No; of course not. But it's quite possible. I wish I had a keyboard (I'm on the road and literally phoning this in) so I could better explore this, but let me leave the single observation that drives all this "I wonder:" We started with the most option-filled, make what you want, how you want system ever devised, and people flocked to it. The game grew and spread and developed into things I doubt the original designers ever really expected. Each new addition firmed up rules, hardened limits, mandated design points-- What we have now is "build any character you want, any way you want," then hand it to an almost-superfluous GM who will take all the characters and feed them into a scenario run by the computer program the core rules have become, and tally experience points for you. We have what the most vocal of fans wants and loves, and the company flounders in a way it hasn't done since the table-top implosion that brought down the hobby as a whole. I am not declaring a connection, but I am suggesting that it's worth a consideration. I'm also saying I have a lot more fun using this and that element from the new stuff, but overall, keeping to the older rules sets, from the Era when the players and the GM worked together to tell a story, and away from the modern grind for infinite specificity and seven-hour combat sequences that seem to be the thrust of the newer ones. HERO is not anti-roleplaying; I suspect that a lot of people want it to be, though.
  9. Duke Bushido

    Limitations: There should be only one!

    FIrst: My apologies, Neil; I wanted to get in on this early-on, but I was involved elsewhere and didn't want to over-extend my focus or my time. I really only have two things to add, all other points (and far, far more) having been well and thoroughly addressed by others. First: your comment quoted above: That's a GM's fault, plain and simple. It's also why I don't (generally) get involved in discussions of "What's this Limitation / Advantage worth?" There is, honestly, absolutely no way that anyone can answer it except you or your GM if you're not the GM yourself. The case you mention: stacking a bunch of book examples, and getting a sum greater than the total of its parts, is precisely why I disagree with most book builds: too many "official" characters coming off very rules-rapey of GM-abusive. It's also why my groups have and occasionally use 1/8 values: sometimes something is worth a point or three one way or the other, but not much more. And it comes up most often in the situation you describe: stacking prior examples. That being said, I thought one of the editions pretty much spelled out that "Limited Power" was the over-arching concept, and the book builds were examples or categories that play groups could use as guidelines. I may be wrong; I might be remembering a column heading or something..... Carry on! Duke
  10. Duke Bushido

    Browsing through the HERO store

    And I couldn't help but notice how much of the PDF material was written by Greg Ewans. I was intrigued by the Wondrous Treasure compilations--- has anyone read any of his material? Is it worthwhile stuff, or just random stuff? What I'm worried about-- and forgive me; I do _not_ wish this to sound as offensive as I think it might-- but what I'm worried about is finding out it's all a bunch of Steve Long type stuff: thirty new sets of special effects for killing things. That kind of stuff.
  11. Duke Bushido

    'Get over here!' build question.

    It's possible this rule was a not-thought-out-far-enough result of an inspiration along the lines of "No; you can't use this in place of a Movement Power. If you want Movement, you have to _buy_ Movement." (Again, just a hypothesis) But then, if you want to force someone else to move, shouldn't you have to buy a Movement Power Useable as Attack? Furthermore, we need a "headcscratching" smilie. I feel Stretching is the most thematically appropriate and the simplest, most direct method of modeling the desired effect. I also feel the idea that you can't pull yourself toward something you've grabbed-- provided it is massive or well-enough anchored, is, to borrow a term, bollocks. (It's not swearing if I'm not British, right?). In light of the fact that Stretch (as reported above), is now the "official" model for web-swinging, I'd have to classify that rule as both bollocks. But your opinion may well vary, of course.
  12. Duke Bushido

    'Get over here!' build question.

    I suspect the whole oddly-concieved rul-- I"m stopping here because I can't turn this accursed underlining off....
  13. Duke Bushido

    'Get over here!' build question.

    And I can't imagine any GM saying "No; you can't pull yourself to the Human Ton because the rules say you can't." So I would think you're golden.
  14. Man I wish this board still did Rep; I'd bury you in it, just for that. I swear, we're about two more months from such a thing being illegal to even say....
  15. Duke Bushido

    Finally got my FHC!

    Yes; I have finally gotten it into my hands, into my eyes, and sort of into my brain. Alas, my frustration got worse: when I finished reading it, I went to put it on the shelf with my other HERO books, and noticed that my Western Hero is missing (the original yellow one with 3rd edition (ish) rules. Hardest book in my collection to find, and the one that I used the most for non-supers stuff. And >pfft< Gone. Ugh.