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    Hero fan since my mimeograph of 1st ed! Thought 2nd ed was perfect. Still do ;)
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  1. Doesnt seem right to dilute Sentry0's thread any further. ;).
  2. "... and dere are some eagles under de floorboarts...."
  3. So.... Uhm..... Is that a question for just anybody, or.....?
  4. Drain STUN, Does Body, AVAD (Body damage only) : Defense is Power Defense. Cost as is appropriate for your edition and campaign.
  5. It ain't that I don't want to-- I'd _love_ to help with something like that. I've just got too much on my plate already....
  6. Outrank.... Outrun...... Tomato..... Tomato...
  7. None of which serves to make the character interesting. She did things that may well have been interesting, but the character herself just wasn't interesting. Not faulting the actress, either: that "uninteresting character" plays pretty square with my memories of the comic book character, too. Uninteresting enough to go from a man, to a woman, to draining those powers from said woman and giving them to another uninteresting character with an accent, to giving the name to a different character with different powers who was uninteresting enough to remain published for only a few months... I don't know. Marvel just never really hit a sweet spot (at least not for me) with that character. I always felt they should have done the decent thing and given the name back to the company who owned the guy to whom it properly belonged.
  8. That may well be the case, actually. The person who mentioned it to me might not have taken a close enough look to realize it wasn't for HERO 5e. This is another possibility, but that one is clearly not a bestiary of any sort. However, I can see how someone with a passing memory of it's existence could construe it as "same book for an older edition." Yep; found the HERO version many times the last couple of days. Unfortunately, it's 6e. Certainly I can use it; it's just that 5e is, in general, easier to back-port to the older editions than is 6. Not _vastly_ easier, but easier enough to make the 5e books preferable to me. Thanks to all who tried! Duke
  9. Wow! Now that's a _Hero_, right there.
  10. May Parker (Peter's daughter) May Parker (Peter's Aunt) She Hulk Moria McTaggert The rest of them are pretty much the same uninteresting person. I was going to comment earlier in reply to the "this movie is better than Wonder Woman" comment, but I guess it's still valid here: The primary difference between the Wonder Woman movie and Captain Marvel is that Wonder Woman was about an interesting character. But hey--- these are just the opinions of a potentially-lunatic total stranger; ignore them as you will. Carry on! Duke
  11. Michael Surbrook wrote a book / PDF titled "Here be Dragons." I know there's a 6e version, published by Evil Beagle, but I have been (perhaps erroneously) informed that he had an earlier version for 5e published by D3 Games. I've been hunting it for a couple of days now with no luck (the 5e version). Anyone on the board have any idea where I might try to buy a copy of the 5e version? Thanks for any help you can give! Duke
  12. Well thank you for making sure I didn't get through life without being exposed to that. Now..... who can I pass that on to..... hmmmm....
  13. According to his profile: https://www.herogames.com/forums/profile/1425-proditor/ His last visit was in 2010. Now this is a long shot-- considering that his websites are now nothing but echoes in the wayback machine, as are most of those to which he linked, all of which indicates that he's more or less "done" with either this particular hobby (or at least sharing it) or the internet in general-- but you might try hitting his profile and sending him a message via the link in center of the upper banner. It's possible he is still using whatever e-mail account with which his membership was associated, and will get an e-mail notification that he has message waiting for him here. However, it's a _really_ long shot: his e-mail, web pages, etc, may have all been through comcast, and he has left comcast behind; it's possible he doesn't get notifications via e-mail--- who knows. Given the average age of us on this board, the problem may be-- well, let's not get unpleasant. As I said, it's a long shot, but it's the only thing I can come up with, not having known him personally. Duke
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