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  1. Genma

    Let’s get Darren an award

    Add one more. I just voted.
  2. Genma

    Extinction Is Coming to HERO System

    This looks absolutely phenomenal! As soon as it launches, I’ll pledge.
  3. Genma

    Something wrong with the Store front

    Weird. It just got back to normal (for me) after a whole day. I also got my PDFs. Thank you if anybody managed to fix the problem. It might have been on my end, but the problem was happening through different plataforms and different IPs, that's the only reason I've decided to let you guys know.
  4. Guys, There's definitely something wrong with your store front page. No cover art is being presented as it was before and the Monster Hunter International Book and PDF description shows the inclusion of an underlined Mess of Monsters PDF file in which the link takes you to an administrator log in page. I've sent a support ticket in regards to being unable to download a recent PDF purchase, and I think the two problems are linked.
  5. Genma

    Extra DCs for Martial Arts in 6e

    Just noticed that this has been brought before: http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/72961-martial-arts-and-str/ It just hadn't held this level of detail as this current thread has.
  6. Genma

    Dr Macabre.pdf

    Wow! I just downloaded the file, Doc Democracy. Incredibly made and the simplistic, yet beautiful, layout makes it look like a totally different game. Congratulations. Very well done .
  7. Genma

    Video Showing Game Play?

    Try these, Knight: https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLsg71TV-7u0ygvIer97cq4RNleLyJCIZ-&v=2fQCwMCTqQ4 and https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QckqxZk6RXQ
  8. Genma

    Ultimate Mystic PDF now available

    Thank you very much for bringing this title to PDF format.