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  1. RPMiller

    Fantasy Grounds

    Yes, Heruca has done a lot of work to get BRPG to be compatible with Hero, and is a very nice VTT. The only con I can think of is that it isn't free, but it is very feature rich and Heruca always listens and tries to make it better for everyone--speaking from personal experience of helping him get the Hero System supported. Note: I don't personally own Battlegrounds, so I haven't been able to playtest it with Hero. I'm looking at starting up a new campaign and as such I'm looking for VTTs again, and the reason I'm here. BRPG is definitely on my list.
  2. RPMiller

    Hero Virtual Tabletop > Progress

    You guys probably already know this, but you can buy the HeroDesigner code from the store. That might help you with the mechanics and code, but since it is on the character creation side rather than the combat, maybe not? Just mentioning it because I saw it the other day and wondered who might be interested in it.
  3. RPMiller

    Gamma World Hero?

    See John's post above for the link.
  4. RPMiller

    Gamma World Hero?

    I've made massive progress in putting together my campaign. Fedifensor's contribution above really gave me some great ideas and I've built on what he's put together. When I have a chance, I'll post up what I've put together.
  5. RPMiller

    Gamma World Hero?

    Sorry, I completely failed to reply sooner. I think what you have started on look good, and I would love to see more. If you can attach the HDC files as well, that would be helpful.
  6. RPMiller

    Gamma World Hero?

    Sure. I would be able to see them sooner.
  7. RPMiller

    Gamma World Hero?

    Sounds like a good approach, unfortunately the average for 3d6 is 10.5. I'll take a peek at the hdc files once I am on a computer with HD installed.
  8. RPMiller

    Gamma World Hero?

  9. RPMiller

    Gamma World Hero?

    Great link! Thanks!
  10. RPMiller

    Gamma World Hero?

    LL was kind enough to help me with my Cthulhu Hero question, and I'm hoping that he'll be able to help me likewise with resources for doing Gamma World Hero. It turns out that my son's group wants to do a post-apocalyptic setting in the same flavor as Gamma World, complete with animal characters. One of them wants to be a telekinetic/cryokinetic penguin. So, I'll need stats for a penguin, which I couldn't find in any of the books. I've already warned him about the possibility of encountering a land killer whale. I'll probably be looking for weapons similar to Fallout 3/New Vegas as well. One of them wants to make a 40s/50s milkman that drives an old fashioned milk truck that he found in a museum and turned into his "battle van" complete with the milkman costume. Yeah, this is going to be an out there group of characters.
  11. RPMiller

    Longest Running Thread EVER

    I can appreciate that. I suppose that it was a good thing that I started the Google+ Hero Community.
  12. RPMiller

    Longest Running Thread EVER

    There we go... Just had to read through the tips post and make a couple changes. Now I need to figure out why the email updates stopped. I'm assuming that is a new feature as well?
  13. RPMiller

    Longest Running Thread EVER

    Weird, I'm' not getting any emails from the forums anymore, and the last post I see from this thread was Aug 7th of last year. What's up with that?
  14. RPMiller

    Longest Running Thread EVER

    Re: Longest Running Thread EVER My company is every two weeks regardless of salary or hourly. It really varies widely, and is up to the organization, and State regulations in some cases.
  15. RPMiller

    A Thread for Random Videos

    Re: A Thread for Random Videos Random you say? Really? You want random? Okay, behold! (sorry, can't link directly... oh, and it isn't a euphemism, in case you were wondering.) http://www.wimp.com/tromboneskiing/