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  1. Just an update, to those who might be interested: it looks like I've got 3 confirmed players, and currently we're eyeing at scheduling the game for alternate Sunday afternoons; If anyone else is interested and lives in the greater Portland area, I'd be willing to take on another 1-3 players to round out the group and make allowances for attrition/occasional absences...
  2. Face-to-face would definitely be my first choice -- was recently involved in a PbP game on rpol.net, but the wheels fell off in pretty short order...
  3. <sigh> Is there NOBODY left in the Portland area who's interested in playing Champions, or who is involved in a campaign that needs another player? Well, I'm not about to give up hope just yet -- I should have more time free once my son moves back to Salem for the school year, so I figured I'd give this thread a bump and see if there are any takers...
  4. Soleil Noir

    How much worldbuilding?

    Do you already have a full roster of players, Chris? I notice you're in the Hillsboro area, and remember you expressing some interest a while back when I was trying to assemble a campaign of my own in the Portland/Vancouver area...
  5. Last time around I had pretty good luck here -- managed to assemble a great group of players with real lightning-in-a-bottle chemistry; unfortunately, family issues forced me to hand over the reins of the campaign and leave the group, and now I'm involved in another campaign that runs concurrently with my old Champions group. But my circumstances have improved enough that I feel like I could take on GMing duty again, so let me shine the ol' Hero-Signal in the sky once again and see if there's any interest in a weekday gaming group in the Portland/Vancouver area... I'm a long-time (30+ years) Champions player; I'm looking either to join an existing group, or form a new one if I can get 3-5 reliable players to commit to playing on a biweekly basis. I'm self-employed, so I can make myself available for pretty much any day/time that your existing group meets; or to work around the schedules of interested players, if folks are interested in playing in a campaign run by yours truly. My one caveat, either for players looking to form a group or an existing group looking to recruit new players, is that I'm not available on weekends -- I'm divorced, and weekend-time is reserved for my son. If you've got a slot available in your group, or if you're interested in forming a new Champions campaign, please contact me either through this site or e-mailing me directly at jasonsoleil@gmail.com
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    San Angelo Champions on rpol

    Quozaxx: Attached is a slightly modified version of SimONE's writeup -- no changes to her stats or powers, but I included some more detailed descriptions of her Complications, so as to make my vision for the character a little more clear. Also, I added an additional Complication, even though I don't need the points for it -- thought it might make things more interesting to give her the "Achilles' Heel" of a back door passcode that would make it easier for Machine-based mentalists to override her actions; I figure this should make up for the fact that I took multiple Social Complications during the first draft of her writeup when you asked that each Complication be unique... SimONE_400_05152017.hdc
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    San Angelo Champions on rpol

    I'm not quite sure how to import the HTML version of my character, so instead I've attached the .HDC files for both SimONE and her personal base (where she keeps the equipment for her repairs, and that can serve as an initial gathering place for the PC's). Let me know what you think... SimONE_400_05132017.hdc SimONE Safe House.hdc
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    San Angelo Champions on rpol

    Got room for one more? I have a build in mind for an android character that's functionally a "flying brick" archetype. It's the product of a prototype AI that reached The Singularity and has been redesigning and improving itself for some time. It eventually reached a point where it could make no more significant improvements upon itself so it decided to craft a series of "offspring", each based on its own unique design, and allow them to compete with one another in the real world until the superior model revealed itself (to what ultimate end, no one knows). Most of these next-gen AI's fled the lab where they were created, but the unit occupying the first assembly chamber (dubbed "Simulacrum-1" or simply "SimONE" by the lab techs who found it) was still inside when the police and local heroes came to investigate the damage caused by the other robots' escape. SimONE's personality matrix was coded to embody the heroic ideals often demonstrated by costumed metahumans, and so it has taken up the good fight to protect humanity as it seeks to neutralize its more destructive brethren and find its place in the world...
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    Burlap Sack

    Ve don't care! Ve still vant ze MONEY, Lebowski -- or ve fuck you up!
  10. Mr. Cellophane takes Invisibility to Sight and Hearing Groups with the Advantage "Usable Simultaneously", and defines the special effect as sending out a telepathic command to people in his vicinity that they should completely ignore him. Later, Mr. C sneaks into the hideout of Dr. Insidious to rescue the Mayor. He grabs the Mayor and extends his invisibility around His Honor, so they can both sneak out to safety. Can the Mayor see and communicate with Mr Cellophane normally as long as they're both invisible? Or is the mayor simply aware that he's being tugged by the shoulder by some unseen force?
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    Champions PBEM - all welcome

    Re: Champions PBEM - all welcome So...are you still looking for more players? I've been looking to join a new campaign (the last one I was involved in imploded recently), and I'm interested in trying a PBEM one since it might fit well with my current work & school schedules... I saw you mentioned that the team is currently lacking a gadgeteer/tech-based hero, as well as a pure energy projector. I actually have ideas in mind for both types of characters, but was hoping I could get some clarification on the game world...: 1.) Has there been (or do you plan there to be during the course of the campaign) any sort of contact with extraterrestrials or other dimensions? Is there any sort of government agency set up to deal with such encounters? 2.) What do you plan to be the scope of the campaign -- will a metahuman be sprouting up in every major city, so the heroes will deal with mainly local concerns? Or will the heroes be rare enough and/or powerful enough to go on globe-trotting assignments and potentially be national (or even international!) celebrities? 3.) How about the general power level? Are metahumans able to shrug off artillery shells and move mountains, or are their powers on more of a "human" scale (think DC vs. Marvel)? 4.) What's the status of the supernatural/spiritual? Does humanity know who's running things "behind the scenes" in the Universe? Do we know definitively what happens after death (if anything?) Do we have a coherent explanation for all the thousands of different entities that have been worshipped by humans over millennia? 5.) You made some mention of the mix of powers and abilities for the team; do we have a general assessment of the PSYCHOLOGICAL mix? Are there any particular blanks that need to be filled in for the personalities and roles to be played (e.g.; The Grim Leader, the Swashbuckling Comic Relief, The Loner, The Innocent)? Looking forward to hearing the answers!
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    Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...
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    Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... That ain't the way *I* heard it!