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  1. What is the modifier against a character facing away from his attacker? If an attacker is attempting a disarm against an offhand weapon and the defender does not have offhand defense, is there a penalty to his OCV to defend against the attempt to disarm? Is there a penalty to switch a melee weapon from off hand to primary hand? Like a -1 OCV in that round, or is it just a half phase action with no consequence. I cannot find this one in the rules, but I THOUGHT I remembered from an old edition that if you half moved and attacked you got a -1 OCV for that round. Or is that just me totally misremembering.
  2. svwerley

    Heroes vs Krampus: help?

    If you're going to play on a dark version of Santa, he should be able to cast ribbons as Entangles that tie the PC's up in large bright red bows. Very difficult to break out of, but can easily be pulled like a bow string and unravel by another PC (to make it a team effort to free the hero). Elves maybe could have transform attacks that turn OAF into toy versions that only do maybe 2-3 D6 and shoot foam darts or bubbles. Dark Santa should also be able to lay down ice patches that will impede movement of be like entangles, but do not affect him or his minions. Sonic "Ho HO HO!" blast that does NND sonic damage? Thrown glass christmas decorations that shatter and do small RKA damage? He should take slightly more damage from fire attacks. Which reminds me - evil snow men with cold snowball attacks!