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  1. So if I understood right. Cost is 50 points (real points?). So this works that player has 4 clips with 8 charges each total? It certainly needs that, which is the base of this weapon. Multipower (50 Points) [8c/4 Clips] (-0), OAF: Shotgun (-1) u) EB 10d6 u) EB 4d6, AE One Hex (+1/2), NND [LS: Self Contained] (+1) u) EB 6d6, AP (+1/2) u) EB 6d6, Explosion (+1/2)
  2. I asked already good quality pdf of character sheets to MHI...basically some other where are equipments and other necessare info. Now we are using standard sheets and those won't work well in MHI. Any ideas where to get?
  3. Are there any? I need to print some as those would be better than "standard" character sheets.
  4. That is something that I am looking for. Total of 24 bullets in one clip (6 of each type) . Changing ammo type should take full phase and changing a clip should take one turn. Only single shots can be made. Just thinking that how big the cost will be.
  5. I am looking for to build a shotgun where are four different type ammo in clip (clip contains 6 of each). Explosive (3d6 aoe), armor piercing (halves armor) , stun (1 hour) and spray shot (few meters wide after 5 meters or so and damage 2d6-1 and decreases a bit after every meter or so). Range for others 100m. Could you help me
  6. Theros

    Hero Announces Fantasy Hero Complete Kickstarter

    Does this really add new things if Grimoire, FH abd Bestiary books are already owned?
  7. Theros

    Looking For Input On Potential New Fantasy Product

    To differ from Champions Complete. Some basic monsters should be in book. To have ready monsters is important in fantasy genre.
  8. Theros

    Looking For Input On Potential New Fantasy Product

    This might be too late...but...horror theme to fantasy setting works. Something like Warmachine and Witcher style.
  9. Theros

    Looking For Input On Potential New Fantasy Product

    Fantasy Hero Complete...Hero System is flexible. I really propose to create spells so that caster can boost the basic power of spells. There should be clear and easy method to do it on fly, at the middle of combat or so. That is important thing.
  10. Theros

    Looking For Input On Potential New Fantasy Product

    When this will be published?