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  1. Amorkca

    Jessica Jones on Netflix

    I think at some point in time Kilgrave said I'll not use my powers on you anymore and he made her immune to them without her needing mental defense.
  2. Amorkca

    The Alphabet Squad

    You could also use a Phonetic Alphabet.
  3. Amorkca

    Question: What is your heroes area of operation?

    My Group runs mostly in the environs of Calgary, AB - But I have recently teleported them to Meriquai Falls that I situated in Saskatchewan. They are stuck here cause MF is in Another Dimension (Not the comic book store)
  4. Amorkca

    Sending baddies flying

    Is your GM not going to allow a 40 Str character to do a haymaker? That would exceed the AP Cap but only due to a maneuver...
  5. Do you know if you have permissions to the location your saving the file to? I also use a Mac with the latest version of HD, no issues to report.
  6. Maple Leafs… Decent Season... ROFLMAO
  7. More likely Demon... they are nefarious!!
  8. Any further updates on this project? I hope to run a game using your campaign in the near future!!
  9. Amorkca

    Look Out! A Bus!

    There is a character named Jinx in the Villain Codex Vol 1 who is a luck based character you may want to take a look at.
  10. Amorkca

    Advantages on CHAs

    You might want to do extra velocity damage on maneuvers; Move by & Move through. With the extra Knockback on your STR that would transfer to the maneuvers.
  11. Amorkca

    Name for superhero w/ fog powers

    Esoteric and go with Myste "Don't call me Misty..."
  12. Amorkca

    Adventure or Session Titles

  13. Amorkca

    Undetectable Lie

    Mental Defense (50) only while lying.
  14. Amorkca

    USING HAP's, judge my mods

    How did this work out in game? I have used a similar system, but in my case the players started out with 3 HAP's they could use 2 HAP's at once to completely reroll but they would have to take that roll. Plus when they used their HAP's they came to me as the GM and the bad guys could then use HAP's as well.