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  1. Welcome to the boards Clevesam! If I'm understanding your question correctly, once you have HeroDesigner open click on File Open - then navigate to where you saved the files and open a *.hdc file to view it. So for example, I would go to my Desktop -> <Folder> Champions Villains 2 6E -> <folder> GRAB -> Cheshire_Cat.hdc to open the file for this villain. Hope this helps...
  2. Ok Duke I will only put in blurbs about actual wording issues for the time being!
  3. I'm finding it slower getting through the last half of the book than I did on the front half!! Down to P 156 now...
  4. Why does Red Giant have two separate Growth abilities?
  5. During the kickstarter this was an option; hence the second deck... Now a third deck would still be cool!
  6. Amorkca

    Emerald City

    I know M&M is its own RPG. I was unfamiliar with Emerald City, which is a supplement to the M&M system of games. I hope this clarifies any confusion. @Mark Rand I have used modules from V&V and M&M in hero system; so I see no reason why you couldn't import this one too. However, you will need to transpose things into Hero terms!
  7. Amorkca

    Emerald City

    I'm not familiar with this supplement. Is it well detailed?
  8. Just a side note I noticed in Kinetica's Powers write-up. Powers: Kinetica has a variety of powers related to controlling kinetic injury. Injury should be energy... Can you define some of the uses of her powers? Other than what's already in the description that is?
  9. Prof Meurte is detailed again in this supplement
  10. 42 3) Energy Blast 4d6, Personal Immunity (+¼), Area Of Effect (One Hex; +½), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½), Continuous (+1), No Normal Defense ([Standard]; +1) (85 Active Points); No Range (-½) Have you considered making this into a Damage Shield instead of just a Special EB?
  11. So I can't resist... Do his enemies call him Duckie?
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