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  1. Amorkca

    Looking for player in Waterloo, ON, Canada

    Any chances of you moving west to Calgary??
  2. Amorkca

    We lost a good one.....

    He always had some good stuff to add to the conversations here!! He will be missed!
  3. Amorkca

    Supers Image game

    Wow Time sure flies when your being chased by super villains... And the winner is... Phoenix240, I liked the hero-villain transform and hope she can be redeemed... My friend used to do commissions but has since moved to a different city, province. I will find out for you!!
  4. Amorkca

    Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    My daughter concurs...
  5. Amorkca

    Kung Fu 2100

    Would that be better represented by a Side Effect? It always happens if they take body?
  6. Amorkca

    Different REC based on powers used

    I would just have the Electricity powers cost 1.5x endurance with the limitation. Fire powers stay the same for endurance cost. Explanation being he/she has to actively concentrate in order to use the Electricity powers. Which could also add other limitations too!
  7. Amorkca

    Supers Image game

    A friend of mine created this image, have fun...
  8. Amorkca

    Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Ouch Insert other media.url
  9. Amorkca

    Supers Image game

    Woot; I have an image but will need some time to find it... Later this evening!!
  10. Amorkca

    Supers Image game

    <Borrowing from Bolo> Devon Treble waited nervously in the narrow alley behind The Horseshoe Bar in Glasgow, Scotland. "If Capt. Mode finds out, my goose is cooked," Devon thinks to himself. " Whatever possessed me to try and make contact with this "cape" anyways?" Smiling wryly, "course he ain't got a cape..." "Will he show up at all?" Devon wonders as he waits. Wishing he hadn't given up smoking as it helps to pass the time, he continues to wait. The cat that has watched him for the last hour loses interest in him, again, maybe for the last time, but who knows the mind of a cat... He feels rather than sees a shifting of the air around him and suddenly the subject he has come to meet is within 3 meters of him. "Agent Treble, we meet again" A voice whispers at him, or did he hear that in his mind? Its unsettling the way this 'hero" communicates. "What do you need my help with tonight?" Devon shakes off the weird feelings he gets from this guy. "There's an assassin who needs to be taken care of, he passes over copies of the file they have on Dame Azure. We think she's a mutant with teleportation powers" "I've heard of this Peculiar person" The Shadowed visitor says, "She's struck in many places and you are baffled by a means of capturing her?" Devon nods, "Calling her peculiar is an understatement..." He's cut off by the hero, " That's Peculiar not peculiar, capitalize the first letter" Devon looks perplexed, the figure continues "Mutant is not a proper term, these people have Peculiarity Abilities making them Peculiars... not mutants... A distinction I can see is lost on you" Referring to himself in the third person "Cipher will take on the case and see she is brought in for justice. Her ability will not allow her to escape." He raises his right arm to reveal what appears to be an extra large tuning fork, "I will neutralize her power with my own abilities. But I will require time to prepare my trap for her" Just before leaving Cipher says "Feed the cat, it looks hungry" then there is the imploding air and he is gone. -------------------------------------------- Using his arsenal of contacts and computer files, Cipher finds as much information on Dame Azure as he can. She's done a great job of hiding her trail, but he is a cipher, a non entity and no one knows when he will strike next. He knows how dangerous she can be, he will still find her weaknesses and trap her! To be resolved...
  11. Amorkca

    Supers Image game

    Blue Jay and from Quebec?? Shouldn't that be Fleur de Lys?
  12. Amorkca


    Do you by any chance have this character in Hero Designer format? I will figure a way to use him/her/them!!
  13. Are you still in Canada if your 2400K north of Surrey? My Commute from Calgary wouldn't be that long...
  14. Amorkca

    Gotham Inspired

    Sounds like fun, my current champions game had the characters start with no powers and they rolled dice to get the powers. All of them were energy type characters. We ran a year or so before getting powers, 4 of the 6 players were new to Champions and we did a bunch of role playing and skill based challenges. They were a group of scientists working at a lab that had a meltdown and that's when they got their powers.
  15. Amorkca

    How would you build a ghostly Girlfriend?

    We've gotten around the uncomfortableness by Blue Booking