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  1. Ternaugh

    Funny pics

    *cough* Battlefield Earth *cough*
  2. Do we have to bring him back?
  3. Ternaugh

    The cranky thread

    The previous owner of the house had heavy wool wall-to-wall carpeting installed, and decided to have it custom-dyed to match the bougainvillea out front. It's magenta. It also took me two years to figure out that the "off-white" walls are actually white with a very light pinkish tint. I'm too cheap to do anything about the carpeting, and I don't really notice the walls, especially with the Hue lights in the media room.
  4. The North American McDonald's got rid of the fried apple pie, but the New Zealand McDonald's still sell it. Theirs are filled with New Zealand Granny Smith apples and were very delicious when I visited Wellington for training over a decade ago. I haven't tried the lattice top pie from McDonald's, but the last incarnation of their baked pie just filled me with buyer's remorse. Checker's/Rally's has a decent fried apple pie, though it doesn't have the bubbly crust of the McDonald's original, but is instead rolled in cinnamon sugar.
  5. Ternaugh

    The "Nice Happy" Thread

    I put the trashcan outside for pickup tomorrow morning, and as I was going back into the house, I saw some movement toward some larger rocks and bricks used as landscaping by the edge of the lawn. I caught a good look at one of the western banded geckos that live outside my house as it ran for cover. I've had a couple of juveniles end up in the house before, but I always try to gently escort them outside, away from my cat. The juveniles are small, maybe an inch or two long, and appear somewhat translucent with brown bands. The one I saw tonight was an adult, maybe five inches long, and the bands were less pronounced, which is common as they age.
  6. Ternaugh

    In other news...

    For me, that loads a page humorously entitled "collectConsent" with the message, "Yahoo is now a part of Oath It looks as though your cookies are disabled. Please enable and try again." Funny, the only thing I'm blocking are cross-site cookies. MSN and Fox work, though. https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/c/student-driver-in-maryland-ends-up-in-swimming-pool/vp-BBNtFn6 *Oath is, of course, the creepy name of the holding company that Verizon created when they bought Yahoo! and slapped it together with the zombie remnants of AOL. Edit: I checked my cookies, and Yahoo had actually placed 4 of them. As expected, only third-party cookies are turned off in my browser.
  7. Ternaugh

    In other news...

    ...on a floodplain.
  8. Replacing them, though in a few spots, it's really hard to tell. The original core of the FFH Suite actually dates back to around the time of Drama, and was performed live on occasion by Yes. Part of it was included as bonus tracks on the 2010 remaster of Adventures in Modern Recording by the Buggles (see below), which is how I first heard the material. I'm fairly certain that Trevor Horn directed Benoit David to sound like him during the recording of the original album. Horn was still unsure about performing at the time that he produced that album, after the issues with his wife's accident. He had to be talked into FFH - Return Trip by the other band members, and only agreed after appearing with Yes on stage in London in 2016. The remixed album was released for the Yes 50th anniversary tour at a fan gathering back in March, and also sold online through Pledge Music. I would agree with you that Benoit David's vocals were very well done on the original FFH Yes release, and I still listen to that album as well.
  9. Ternaugh

    The cranky thread

    I had to re-read that, I saw honey badger instead of honey beige the first time.
  10. A Night at the Opera (full album) - Queen
  11. Ternaugh

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974) - An excellent thriller about a group of men who hijack a New York subway train. (Amazon Prime)
  12. Ternaugh

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Runaway was written and directed by Michael Crichton, with a score composed by Jerry Goldsmith (his first all-electronic soundtrack). It's a movie that I watch every once in a while, along with Crichton's Looker and Westworld. I've got the DVD of Runaway in my collection, but it's currently included for streaming on Amazon Prime.
  13. Ternaugh

    Rule 63 Fairy Tales

  14. Ternaugh

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Smokey and the Bandit - I probably haven't watched this movie in over 30 years, and was pleasantly surprised that much of it still works to entertain. It's basically a live-action Coyote/Roadrunner film with cars. (Amazon Prime)
  15. Fly From Here - Return Trip - Yes This one's a re-working of their 2011 release, with Trevor Horn providing vocals (and thus replicating the band lineup from Drama), and several songs have been modified from the original release. Chris Squire's bass is also a little more prominent in the mix, which works very well. It's become one of my favorite Yes albums.