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  1. Ternaugh

    The cranky thread

    I received a call on my cell yesterday from the home warranty company, who wanted to tell me what wasn't covered with the water heater replacement (permits, new vent, new valve, pressure regulator), along with the cost. I figure that I'll be paying about half of what the total bill would have been out of pocket. When I got home, I found a call on my home phone line asking me to call the contractor. I finally reached them this morning, and the person who answered the phone quietly asked me if I'd already spoken with my home warranty company. I answered in the affirmative, and rattled off the above items, along with the cost. He then asked me if I was okay with that. I laughed and said that I really wanted hot water again, so yes. He then quietly provided information about payment options, and proceeded to ask me if I was okay with it another three times as he processed my credit card. I'm guessing that they get yelled at a lot. (As I was writing this, I realized that most folks wouldn't have had an emergency fund that they could hit for a repair like this, and that might also be what he was asking). I have an appointment for Wednesday afternoon, so I'll only miss about 2 1/2 hours of pay for the day, which could have been much worse. One more cold shower tomorrow morning, though.
  2. Ternaugh

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Happy! Season 1: Based upon a 4-issue comic book series, the show has an imaginary friend who recruits a hitman to find a missing girl. (Netflix via Syfy)
  3. Ternaugh

    The cranky thread

    "Two or three days" to replace the water heater, meaning Tuesday or Wednesday. I'll lose at least a half-day of pay, and I'm going to have really quick showers until then.
  4. Ternaugh

    Creepy Pics.

    Do you mean the value to a Precious Moments collector, or someone with taste?
  5. Ternaugh

    And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    "You eat one otter, and look how they treat you."
  6. Ternaugh

    The cranky thread

    And I've come home from a friend's house to several inches of water in the laundry room. The water heater seems to have sprung a leak somewhere inside, and so I've sent in a request to the home warranty folks, and turned off the water to it.
  7. Heaven or Las Vegas by Cocteau Twins
  8. Days of Future Passed by the Moody Blues. Co-worker: "The comic?" Me: "No, not the comic." (narration comes on) Co-worker: "Is that Patrick Stewart?" Me: "Not in 1967."