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  1. Where we have our house parked, the main house needed to be repiped due to old decaying pipes. (And I got to point that out to the landlord since we were having some work done to make our house legal to park) During the results of inspections etc..., the plumber and inspector were quite fascinated in the water heater in the garage. It dates to sometime in the 80s according to them. It was still OK, but apparently the work nudged it out of whack, so the house people are mentioning very short hot water time. They're trying to get it replaced, but apparently that is being difficult. Doesn't really impact me since we have a tankless for the tiny house, but I seem to be the "responsible" person who can talk to plumbers/etc... while the landlord's son isn't around. (He lives there, but is on an extended trip)
  2. Single point of Body might be a good clarifier. And the text for Breakability between Champions 3e and Champions 6e are nearly identical in function. (I remembered a player writing up a Foci killer slot on his gun. Area Effect, Penetrating back in the mid-80s...) And yea, similar text for 4th & 5th. (1st & 2nd do mention how many defenses breakable foci have, but don't go into the details) Now, did most of the GMs and myself pay much attention to breakable foci? Not really
  3. Looks like one of the beasties from Stranger Things in the lower right, though possibly it's what ST referenced? Looks like this might be a link to the original, plus other like: https://hcgart.com/
  4. Yea, that's odd. I'm going to double check my storage area, but I'm pretty sure I pulled all my data from any floppy disks I had from then. I wonder if it was an announced product, but not much follow thru? It was in the midst of the Fuzion release area.
  5. Should be in "And now, for your daily dose of cute..."
  6. Went to the Multnomah Library sale and picked up 23 CDs for 50 cents each. Some that I didn't have and some replaced some stolen CDs that I never ripped. Though I need to start bringing my wanted list with me. (picked up a couple I already had...)
  7. I clearly remember Superman falling into trap doors on Superfriends. It's a homage!
  8. It's a bit different to work with, but GIMP has been my photoshop for many years. (I was surprised a couple years ago finding out how easy it was to switch between using the two, which was much harder back in the 90s)
  9. I was wearing my Dead Kennedy's shirt and was admonished for it because what if a child saw it. I told them that the child would learn the proper use of the word.
  10. Part of my mother in law is in a glass figure, but the rest of her ashes went overboard on our Alaskan cruise. My mom I scattered near where she grew up since she was happiest there. My grandmother got dumped somewhere in the desert...
  11. Olivia got her stitches out this morning and is much happier. Especially not having to deal with the cone or donut of shame.
  12. That describes my mom in her final couple years. Thankfully there was still some money and she had alright benefits to be able to put her in a home, but it was a struggle.
  13. CathyCat, Olivia, and Ava relaxing on the couch. I'd say the kitten is feeling at home.
  14. I found a behr color: https://www.behr.com/consumer/ColorDetailView/390D-4 (Geez, they make it difficult to save the image. Almost as if they don't want you to take it to a shop for mixing) I agree with Old Man, I think someone messed up at the store.
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