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  1. 薔薇語

    Building an Engulfing Power for a Goopy Shapeshifter

    I think that the solution I provided above would allow for one to do exactly that: squeeze for strength damage. La Rose.
  2. 薔薇語

    Building an Engulfing Power for a Goopy Shapeshifter

    To me it sounds like an intense grapple with a unique special effect. To get to this point let's look at what seem to be the mechanic benefits she desires: Target Can-NOT move. She and the target occupy the same space. She can not depart the target unless she also releases the target. Those are all the mechanical effects of a grab. With only the first part it could be a barrier that engulfs or an Entangle. To build this you could take the Martial Grab maneuver from the Martial Arts list, apply AoE (1hex) and Costs Endurance (either to start or maintain as well). The tricky part, to me, would be in how we resolve the non-target-able-ness of the now grabbed character. Typically a grabbed character can still be targeted and damaged. One way to resolve that issue would be to create a very limited engulfing barrier power that largely reflects the character's natural defenses. Let's assume she has a PD/rPD of 20/10. "Barrier 9 PD/9 ED, 5 BODY (up to 1m long, 1m tall, and 1/2m thick), Opaque Hearing Group, Opaque Sight Group (55 Active Points); Limited Power: Can not offer personal protection - only protection for grabbed target (-1 1/2), Feedback (-1), No Range (-1/2), Restricted Shape (-1/4), Concentration (1/2 DCV; -1/4)" The PD/ED and BODY values reflect the hardness of the character's concrete shield. If the Barrier is destroyed, the character's grab immediately ends. Given its nature, it seems reasonable that it blocks one's sight and hearing. Given the character becomes quite large and easy to target it makes sense that the use of this power causes the character to become quite a bit easier to hit (Concentration at 1/2 DcV). The Feedback represents the fact that while a normal grabbed character can be targeted without harm to the grabber, this one is so well engulfed that it MUST harm the grabber in order to get to the grabbed target. You could also add on a minor Side Effect: Heavy (Density Increase up to 800/1600kg with no benefits), representing that if he target is on a weak surface, both characters might break through the ground. Those are my initial ideas. La Rose. Edit: Side note about this power build. It requires about a dozen points and 5 END to use. Given that it is essentially protecting a target who is more often than not going to be an enemy, it might not be a bad idea to ditch the "can not offer personal protection" bit. It will cost more points, true, but it would also let the power actually benefit the PC rather than what would typically be an enemy. It can be used on an ally to offer them protection in a pinch, as well.
  3. 薔薇語

    'Get over here!' build question.

    Thanks for the imput everyone! I think I will go with stretching as the method. La Rose.
  4. One of the players in an upcoming game wants a Spiderman like character. One thing Spidey can do is shoot a web at a target and then pull it towards him. I am up in the air on how to mimic this mechanically. There seem to be three basic approaches: TK with a suite of limitations to reflect the webbing and that it uni-directional. Stretching though a focus. One benefit is that if the target is immovable, the Spidey character could pull himself to that target via this. Flight UAA with a suite of lims. It gets the job done for cheap but I try to avoid Movement Powers with UAA. Things like Double+ KB blasts with indirect can do the job but would have the downside of destroying the target (potentially). Any thoughs? La Rose.
  5. 薔薇語


    How I have used or seen used in other games: Roll Luck at the start of a in-game day or session (which ever is shorter). The body represents the number of rerolls available to that character. These are rolls for attack, skills, and even attacks directed at the PC. Always take the player favorable result. In addition, if there is ever a question of if something is possible wherein the GM is questioning it or a moment wherein things could go in one of two directions, the player may expend a luck point for their more favorable outcome. This is usually in addition to the reroll mechanic but could be a common pool to use for both. Luck has never been a common mechanic in the games I ran or played in, though. La Rose.
  6. 薔薇語


    Enrage / Beserk is an Interesting option. The Player hasn't given me a particularly clear trigger for it but this might be the way to go to reflect the rarity/commonness and level of personal control. Thank you! La Rose
  7. 薔薇語


    I have a player wanting to do something akin to Blacksuit Spiderman. His PC has all their normal abilities but there exists a nudging force just beyond their control trying to take over and be violent. My question is this: How should I best emulate this? My first thought was merely Accidental Change with the change being purely RolePlay or granting me, the GM, temporary control. Has anyone had experience with this kind of thing? Any advice going into this? Is AC the best or perhaps a Psychological Complication? Any other advice? La Rose.
  8. It has been awhile since I saw the varioud MA rules for this that Boli references. As I recall even the main book(s) note that as an optional rule for the hit-location chart / called shots, any attack(s) that deal 1/3 of a characters body to a single location can be said to have destroyed or otherwise disabled that location. You could use this as a bench mark and not use the hit location. Have the player roll the attack. If they hit, roll damage. If that damage equals or exceeds 1/3 the characters total or current BODY, rule that a limb (your choice or at random) has been disabled. Other options: Drain with a similar mechanic to the above. The fade rate representing normal functions returning. CON / BODY Entangle with a special limitation showing it is only 1 limb at a time. Entangle already has Use, Combat Value, and movement restrictions built in. A Change Environments with minuses to Strength and/or Dex to impose rolls when the target attemps to use that limb. Failure means it is still disabled. Success means they can use it. Then decide if one success negates all potential future rolls (full recovery) or if rolls are still required until the power ends. I think the last one with CE is my preferred stylistic build choice and the first one above being my preferres route for an in the moment decision. La Rose.
  9. 薔薇語

    5th Edition 250 Points Comic Book Characters

    Nice thread. Gonna be stealing and tweaking some of these for a oneshot I will be running soon. Especially since one said he wants a Black Panther character. La Rose.
  10. So many have already pointed out some of the extreme troubles with Imperial Japan, as it actually was in the 30s and 40s taking over the US in a realistic fashion. Be it the fact they'd be trying to do two extreme land wars in both mainland China and then the US plus need to maintain unquestioned trade dominance in the Pacific, there is no way for them to execute such a goal. Even their early war aims against the US were more retaliation for US embargoes and a desire to merely push out the US from the Pacific by displaying enough early force to cripple US expeditions into the South-East Asian parts of the Pacific wherein they could restock, regroup, and push out at far more unpredictable locations. A US force lacking Midway and Hawaii would find themselves trying to enter the Pacific theater through only a handful of very well guarded routes. Beyond all of that, one has to contend with the fact that the Imperial State was barely holding itself together even while all they were doing was winning in Korea and Manchuria. Countless officers attempted to kill high ranking politicians and even the Prime Minister. The top generals had essentially no direct control over their cores in the outer provinces. Politicians were scared into subservience by threats of violence, public sympathies that were extra strong when they were doing well, and the classic issue of looking one's constituency into the eyes as you tell them you will abandon all the lands their sons and brothers died to secure. Even the Emperor was only nominally in control in a very classically Japanese manner. The system was destined to break in that form regardless of their successes. In the real world there is no set of foreseable outcomes where Imperial Japan continues in any form we'd recognize for much longer than it already did. So, if we accept that perhaps the path of Japan from post WW1 was more or less fixed even if we change the details, why not completely change the past? There was, even still post Pearl Harbor, and idea popular with some politicians to create a Co-Prosperity Sphere in Asia wherein Japan essentially unites the Asian populous behind a single banner. Let's say that there were a number of True Believers in this in the ranks of Japanese and non-Communite Chinese. These Japanese Metas were moved by the plights of the Colonized Asians and move to protect the politicians of this ilk. Perhaps these same Metas were on the front lines with some of the early Korean and Manchurian successes and thus hold a great deal of respect in the public's imagination. Likewise, the various army purges of these separatists were a decade earlier and far more successful. Now what we have done is set up the groundwork for a true world power alliance in Asia. The Japanese are still spooked by the downfall of Tsarist Russian and fear the spread of international communism. They move to work WITH Chiang Kai Shek to subdue the communists in the Chinese region and help arm separatist movements in India and IndoChina. These two powers will be able to create manageable puppet states in current Bangladesh, unite with Siam, and carve out Indo-China for the Chinese and Thais while claiming the southern tip of Malaysia and the islands for Japan. Japan, being a leader in Military Strategy, Technology, and a strong manufacturing base would be able to assume a more managerial role, ala Great Briton in India / Asia, A war in which the larger Asian continent is consolidated, unified, or otherwise paralyzed wouldn't be as concerned with US embargoes. Without Pearl Harbor, the US is far less likely to enter any war. Without the manpower of India, crippled trade routes from Asia (no rubber, steal, tungsten, etc), Great Briton would find it much harder to hold on. Perhaps we even concede that some of the One Punch KOs against Russia landed with more effect as Russia tries to secure its Chinese/Manchurian boarder allows Nazi Germany to work against the UK more directly. Maybe the UK falls, maybe it doesn't. But certainly they are broken in manpower, resources, and spirit enough to sign an uneasy peace. The US, which has been relying on War manufacturing and Ally Bonds gets involved too late to save the War for the Allies. The Anti-FDR movements and communist movements takes hold in the US and it fractures into a new civil war. Germans, Italians, Japanese, and Mexican forces all rush to pick a side and create a new puppet. The Japanese, unlike all the others actually have experience in effective puppet management and are able to gain strong East Coast ties using the rockies and deserts as a natural wall. Now you have an American region with all its fractured culture under the influence of Japan without the direct control. To get an idea for how this might actually look in practice, read up on how Both Korea, Manchuria, and Taiwan or even Okinawa were administered. While colonization is never a pretty thing, there was usually a lot of support for Japanese management; things ran on time, Japanese schools were high class (many subjugated folks tried to send their kids to the Japanese system schools because of the prestige). If you want to have a post-war cultural revolution akin to the US, it could be in a similar form wherein the new generation actually embraces in a non-cynical manner the nations of the Co-Prosperity Sphere and push the military and politicians to more fully adhere ot its non-colonial ideals (i.e., stop training soldiers how to kill by using live Chinese prisoners, etc). Those are, of course, just my thoughts. La Rose.
  11. 薔薇語

    Anyone else looking forward to Battletech

    Good game. I am on my third play-through now with Hardcore mode. It is a solid game with a decent flow. It could use some work to make it more playable beyond the main story. Mostly with keeping low value missions more available so you don't essentially get boxed into always needing a couple assaults plus high support. The RogueTech mod helped with that but it always seemed to push me into bankruptcy lest I pushed up the initial credit value. As of now I am having fun running a Jumping Orion LRM Boat with a MG Firestarter and SLaser Firestarter to run and punch. One even with a mega arm mod so it punches like an assault. Then the 4th is usually a AC20+ Jumping Hunchback or the Highlander. La Rose.
  12. 薔薇語

    Fast Damage Calculation

    You could split the difference and go with 1d3+1. It's upper limit isn't as high as 5th's and it's distribution averages lower than 5th's but still higher than 6th's. You could also super simplify and say that all Killing damage has it's stun maxed out (thus always killing x3). There is no stun gamble but for players not used to the system, they don't know what they're missing and it makes the prospect of a good killing attack extra sweet with no bitter sweet 1s on the multiplier. For the sake of speed the second is the best and the former is best for the gamble but not ease. A third option to split yet another set of hairs and to give them a revised chart and instruct them to roll one off color Hit/Stun die. On a Six, x3; on a five, x2; on a four, three, or two, x1; and on a one, x1/2 or any combination thereof. Rolling at the same time with a simple index card should help speed things up while keeping the stun gamble. La Rose.
  13. 薔薇語

    Tokyo, Japan

    Looking for any players in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area. In particular Saitama. La Rose.
  14. 薔薇語

    Building healing over time (6th ed.)

    To make sure I understand correctly, you want a "healing" power that one character like a herbalist can use on another character in order to slowly (in game mechanic terms) restore them. within 1 to 3 days. Below is a HERO Designer build of such a power with the special effect of "herbal medicine". 11 Real Points, 0 End, 20 AP: Regeneration (1 BODY per 20 Minutes), Usable By Other (+1/4), Damage Over Time (8 damage increments, damage occurs every 20 Minutes, +3/4*); Requires A Roll (Skill roll: Herbal Remedies; -1/2), IIF herbs (-1/4). This will restore a standard human (8body) to maximum health within 3 hours from 0 body. Two doses of this could restore even very sturdy individuals to perfect health within a day. You could change the number of instances of effect from 7-8 to be less to generate a less effective healing solution. You could also change the time delay to once every 6 hours to decrease its potency and better match the 2-3 days idea you expressed. That would actually bring this build down to 12 AP, 0End, and only 6 RP for a power that would fully restore a standard human from above in 2 full days and even the toughest of adventurers in 4 days. Of note is that "Damage Over Time" in this build is not technically RAW legal. DOT requires the power to be an attack power and UBO doesn't make Regen an attack. I illegally put it on with HERO Designer but if you want to make it more RAW legal, just make it "Usable as an Attack". La Rose.
  15. 薔薇語

    Questions regarding running HERO Fantasy

    Indeed. It was from there that I got the idea of spells as skills as brought up in the OP. I was merely wanting more feedback on that subject, and in particular pitfalls to look out for or adjustments to make. La Rose.