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  1. Thia Halmades

    I've become so numb...

    You’re looking for Extra Con, only to ignore being dazed (aka CON Stunned, -1). Or, simplify your life, make him “a construct” (even if he isn’t) and STUN I.e. pain becomes a non issue.
  2. Thia Halmades

    Age Manipulation

    CRT is correct, it’s a transform. In terms of purchasing, you can buy it as a multi power, which chains into a tight group and varying sub functions, or a VPP if it’s wide enough in effect. Then throw on Extra Time, Cumulative, Requires a Lab, and so on, and there you have it.
  3. Thia Halmades

    How to Teleport a target out of armor?

    This is why I keep asking “What’s the goal?” If it really is “gate someone out of armor against their will” then as a GM, I’d rule that down. There are too many other, cleaner, better mechanical options, including a good old fashioned EMP burst.
  4. Thia Halmades

    How to Teleport a target out of armor?

    There are also mind control and mental illusion options, both of which can take someone out of a fight, which can be defended against. I want to loop back to the original question; is the goal purely to teleport someone out of their armor, or is the goal to disrupt the offensive? I’m with you on the idea, generally speaking, but I (personally) would not allow either teleport as an attack or someone to use a 50 point power to dismantle a 600 point power armor suite. As mentioned before, raining hell on a power armor in a gun fight is within the boundaries of the rules. Dodge, Block. Abort. And so on. There’s no defense (against, prior notation) against a UOO TP..
  5. Thia Halmades

    Proportional Result And Margin Of Success

    There’s a fairly easy way to do this, actually. Your build is fine, you have two options to finish it (as always, this is my design, your opinion/mileage may vary). Option 1: Do your core build, then add the adder “up to X power based on result, Limitation: +1 per point roll succeeds. (-1/2)” Now the effect is paid for, with a limitation that makes sense and the upper limit can be expanded. Option 2: Add a straight Advantage based on the cost of the base power, for example, +1/4 for 5 point powers, +1/2 for 10, +3/4 for 15. You may have to do some math until you find the balance that works for you, and it is custom, where version 1 is more traditionally canon, but it will give you scaling while keeping powers properly costed and consistent. So to AD&D at you a moment, and knowing that no effect can more than double the base, a 4d6 RKA Lightning Bolt that gets a +3/4 Advantage will need some hefty Limitations to be affordable, but the results on a good Power Skill roll would be spectacular.
  6. Thia Halmades

    Mass Producing Pistols

    Mega playboy is correct. It’s a base with the requisite skills assigned to it. In other words, make a character who is an idiot savant and can build guns by hand. Now give that idiot Wealth and turn them into a base. Yahtzee.
  7. Thia Halmades

    How to Teleport a target out of armor?

    Ehh. I’m with the board here, this is a mess of a question. Before an answer can be reached; Define ‘power armor.” Indirect was previously mentioned, and is correct, at a minimum. Second, define the special effect of the teleport. Magic? Super tech? Mind Control to get them to take it off? I get the concept — you want to disarm the big power of the target, but that isn’t how Hero “works.” Reasons being, first, they paid for that power suite, unified under a special effect. That’s a critical point, and was mentioned prior: it isn’t a single armor. It’s blast, armor, flight, shields, and sensors. Second, it’s generally accepted that teleport an unwilling target as a movement power is unallowed without violating at least one STOP. Third, and the most critical point in my mind, is that I wouldn’t allow any ‘auto win” ability that would rob a target of its 300 (or less, or more) power set. Can Loki teleport Stark out of an Iron Man suit? Sure, but those are unbuilt plot powers, not in game effects justified via payment. All that said: this is a cumulative dispel, and I would point out that it would be prohibitively expensive and quite noticeable. The effect would need to disable all of the associated powers, not just a power or a multi power, but the entire suite. If done as a transform — Armored Target into Unarmored Target — it would need to be a total of the build or, double the body of the target. I would narrow this down into a cheaper scalpel, rather than attempting to kludge together this bludgeon.
  8. Thia Halmades

    How would you build this disadvantage?

    You have to answer a couple of questions here: Does the player get anything out of it? Meaning, are these poor doomed souls macguffins, whose life and guaranteed death are a special effect/style element? Or are these characters who are providing a skill or service to the player and party? The He recommendation to make it a floating DNPC works, so long as a new victim is introduced into each arc AND the pc is sufficiently motivated to rescue them. A mopey hero who can no longer deal with the constant tragedy shouldn’t get points for it. My way of doing this would be more flexible. I’d do it with Rivalry (Player unaware of Rival). This does a number of things: first, it relieves the every episode requirement; if you go the DNPC/NPC route, you create a small group of interchangeable people to secure the points and reward the effort. Second, it saves the trouble of justifying it later (See last Bond film). Third, it layers the story. Even if the death is heroic, accidental, what have you, it’s because at some point the rival stepped in. Lastly, when the player goes looking for a reason, it’s already ready in your mind.
  9. Thia Halmades

    Happy Tom Hanks Giving Day !

    My word. Clearly the sight was changed and my preferences need updated.
  10. Thia Halmades

    Rep the Person Above

    Re: Rep the Person Above Seeing as it's been... um. A while? Since I last posted here, this should be easy for you cats. I won't make it systematic (do I ever unless I'm building things?) but up to my daily allowance and through this page, you should all find rep in your sock drawers. Next to your Evokers.
  11. Thia Halmades

    Looking For Input On Potential New Fantasy Product

    Re: Looking For Input On Potential New Fantasy Product Nope. They all have multiple books, because they all have the rules in 'em. and a cornucopia of spells. Spells take up a LOT of space. The original book that Old Man linked too might have had it all, but even in the box I remember multiple texts. My memory may be faulty, however.
  12. Thia Halmades

    Looking For Input On Potential New Fantasy Product

    Re: Looking For Input On Potential New Fantasy Product Having not read all of the responses (y'all know that I rarely, if ever, do) I apologize in advance for toe-stepping, but I want to reiterate what KS said in the first post here: If you want to sell Fantasy, you need to make a companion text to HERO 6E that carries the right look and feel, is simple enough that it doesn't make newbies reach for a new pair of shorts, and deep enough that it offers replay value and acts as a solid gateway to the fantasy genre. For me? I'd repub Fantasy HERO 6th. That's me. So let's assume it isn't about me, and talk about you. What do you think about me? Wait. Don't answer that. So let's pull from a couple of texts; the... Slayer's Fanbook and my personal favorite, the Dragon Age: Origins Collector's Edition. Why the DA:O text? Because it's a book about how to play a game you already own, about walking you through an experience you're trying to have. This is where HERO has a chance to differentiate itself. We all know that the core texts are complex and hard to get your head around, so why not streamline the whole thing? What is a Fantasy experience? Race. Class. Alignment, if you're so inclined. Stat assessment, gear, monsters, dungeons, and women in refrigerators for flavor. To wit: * Races. Aelves. Dwarves. Gnomes. And people with furry feet who are vertically challenged (but don't forget, Hobbit is always capitalized and owned by someone else!) * Classes. Class packages, introduction to Fighter, Rogue, Healer, Wizard. Do a spread. Give fighter some space. Talk about super skills, WFs, all that. * Martial Arts. We can do this. We have the text space. You don't need all the MAs, not even 1/100th. But a classic "thug" style, a "Trained Knight" style, and a Duelist/Assassin style for the Rogue would be great, and give a strong lift. * Healer. How do you heal? Resurrect? Turn undead? Make some undead? * Mage. Mage... you know. Mage. Pick a magic system or two. A gear list, and a "magic" gear list, again, to whet the appetite. Finally, some basic monsters, an orc, goblin, dire wolf, a dragon or faerie or two, and you're off and running. Also, when building spells, I strongly recommend not including the whole build, just a text block. Damage, Range, Advantages, real cost, etc. In other words, I'm advocating selling everything "pre built." "Don't wanna learn HERO? You don't have too! Here's how to just play the game. Enjoy!" I think a line of "gateway" products would help make some headway and, fantasy is always popular. My... that was at least a quarter. We'll call it $0.32 with inflation and the fiscal cliff adjustment.
  13. Thia Halmades

    Complicate the Person Above

    Re: Complicate the Person Above Darbor has been on the road three decades now, in search of the mythical golden fava bean, the only thing that will reunite him with his family.
  14. Thia Halmades

    Cat called up for jury duty in Boston

    Re: Cat called up for jury duty in Boston Millions of cats every year go without teh nipz. For teh price of a can of tuna, you can help a bored kitteh get stoned out of dere mind. Please. Tink of teh kittehz. Wont u halp?
  15. Thia Halmades

    Cat called up for jury duty in Boston

    Re: Cat called up for jury duty in Boston "Court is now in..." "We can has break nao?" "Juror number nine, we..." "Noms?" "We do not have noms, this is a COURT ROOM and you will show the due respect!" "No noms, hang teh court!" "That's IT! I am dismissing you for contempt!" "kthxbai."