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  1. grandmastergm

    U-Con 2018

    The games went well. Any of the board members attend?
  2. grandmastergm

    U-Con 2018

    I will be attending the U-Con Gaming Convention over in Ypsilanti, Michigan from November 9-11th. Shane Harsch will also be in attendance, but I am right now the only one of two running HERO games. I will be running a Fantasy/Post-Acolyptic HERO game based on Steve Long's Revelations 1001, a Champions Superhero game based on the creation of a late friend of mine, and a Martial Arts HERO game set in 16th century China. Details are here.
  3. grandmastergm

    5th Edition 250 Points Comic Book Characters

    Do you have any suggestions for how to build Jonah Hex? I'm making a version of him for my Victorian superhero game.
  4. grandmastergm

    Gen Con 2018

    Me too. How was this year's Gen-Con?
  5. grandmastergm

    LF Players/Group in Triangle/Triad areas, North Carolina

    Cool. Do you know if anyone else can join us?
  6. grandmastergm

    LF Players/Group in Triangle/Triad areas, North Carolina

    How about Saturday?
  7. grandmastergm

    LF Players/Group in Triangle/Triad areas, North Carolina

    It looks like we are delayed until August 24th. Does that work for you guys? And if so, what time?
  8. grandmastergm

    Origins 2018

    I played the following games: Heroes of Altamira (Flashback Episodes 2 & 3): The PCs were a group of swashbucklers. This is an organized play game run by the Guild of San Marcos for 7th Sea (first edition). I did enjoy it, despite having to improvise up a character based off of a pregen while most of the other PCs were designed and had played other adventures. The first adventure had the PCs trying to rescue a kidnapped tavern server from the Inquisition, and the second adventure had the PCs work for a villainous merchant in order to keep him honest in a race. Summer Camp of the Damned: It was an interesting idea, but had rather poor execution. The PCs were a group of normal teenagers who found themselves in a summer camp full of "demons" (a catch-all term for supernatural creatures). The GM improvised a variety of skill challenges and social situations, as the game had little combat. Unfortunately, the GM wasn't very good at directing and guiding the party- and a number of PCs didn't really take the game very seriously which kind of ruined the game for me. I did like the concept, and I'm a fan of the system (Savage Worlds)- but it really could have used a stronger storyline and better direction. Complete Guide to Peasants: This was a 5th edition D&D game run by a pair of DMs from Amorphous Blob Games. Both were a hilarious stand-up comedy duo (similar to Penn & Teller) who added a lot of humor to a really dark story. The PCs were a group of peasants and town residents (who had 1st level D&D character stats) who suddenly found their village elders missing and/or acting strangely. It turned out that they had been inducted into a cult by a coven of Harpies, who were using the elders' greed to enjoy meals from missing villagers (as you can see, this is a bit horrific and depressing but the DMs turned into a comedy). I had a lot of fun, and it was the right group for the kind of game it was. Suicide Squad: A Change in Plan: My favorite game of the entire convention. This was a Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition game where the PCs were the Suicide Squad (I played Captain Boomerang complete with an Australian accent) from DC comics and the 2016 film. The group was tasked with retrieving (kidnapping) a renegade bioweapon scientist on a cruise ship. Of course, the simple mission went terribly awry when the Brotherhood of Evil showed up, along with Aquaman and Mera, and the scientist decided to unleash the bioweapon and create a horde of zombies from the ship's crew and passengers. It was wacky, wild, and a ton of fun- with a fantastic GM and the perfect group of players. Countdown to Terror: This was for Hollow Earth and the PCs were a group of British and American agents who traveled to Bikini Atoll in 1946 to uncover a secret Japanese-German weapons program. We discovered that the two Axis powers had unleashed a rift to another dimension full of dinosaurs and also a zombie biological plague. My character was a secret Soviet agent, and I ended up dying at the end of the game, but I probably inflicted a TPK on the rest by detonating a grenade on the plane we were on once my cover was blown. Bullet in the Mountains: This was a playtest for a RPG module (for the Apocalypse system) designed by a Wyoming GM where the PCs were a group of residents of a small frontier town in Wyoming. I played the token Native American. The game was more of a "sandbox" than a "railroad" so it was an interesting opportunity to see a system focused on cooperative storytelling. Thankfully, we had a party of GMs so we had a successful session. Good Dogs: The Cancer Maw of the Red Forest: This was a playtest for a RPG where the PCs were a group of dogs in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone trying to protect the outside world from the evil within, as well as trying to survive in the area. The game also had a substantial cooperative storytelling component and gave the players the opportunity to roll up, design, and play characters as well as do an adventure within 2 hours- which we all managed to do. I highly recommend this game, although it is still in the design and playtesting phases. I ended up being the great dane alpha leader of the group, as we sought to investigate a strange beast that had begun terrorizing our territory. Atomic Sky: Waters Weeping: This was also a playtest for Nova D20, a modification of D&D 5th edition but set in a post-apocalyptic world similar to Fallout. I ended up customizing a post-apocalyptic bard/scrounger and had a lot of fun with the character. We had a fun group of characters and players, but ended up nearly suffering a TPK after we accidentally activated 3 encounters into a single encounter. Somehow and thanks to some lucky rolls, we survived. Shane Harsch is a great GM, and I highly recommend his Nova 20 and Nova 6 systems, as well as his Narossia Sea of Tears fantasy setting for HERO. DC Adventures: Gotham Uncovered: This was the best adventure design of the convention, as the GM also wrote a really impressive adventure with a thorough knowledge of the Gotham and DC universes. We had a fun group that was half Bat family (Nightwing, Red Robin & Batgirl) and half wild cards (Azrael, Red Hood, and The Creeper), however the GM could have done better time management (we went significantly over time) as well as directed the party better (the wild cards players got a bit out of hand at numerous points). I played Cassandra Cain Batgirl as this was the canon where Barbara Gordon had become Oracle. I still had fun, and really liked the adventure's design and story. Umerican Burger Wars: I'm not a fan of the Dungeon Crawl Classics rpg, but I found the setting interesting enough to try out; as I'm a big fan of post-apocalyptic settings. It was a zany party and an awesome DM, but it was a bit too dungeon-crawly for my tastes- I think I would have enjoyed an adventure with greater roleplaying and intrigues- but I still recommend the setting and adventure. Heart of Endekor Castle: A fun D&D adventure where the PCs were dispatched to investigate a mysterious and foreboding prophecy of doom at a castle. The DM and group were a lot of fun, and apparently we did things very differently from the other groups that had played the adventure. Still, the secret of the castle was interesting. Tomb of Whores: Another Amorphous Blob Games adventure: this one also had a pair of DMs acting as a comedy duo dressed in parody pimp outfits. This adventure parodied the Tomb of Horrors adventure by turning the lich into a pimp-lich named "Ass-Rack", and his undead minions into undead prostitutes. The game featured 70s porn music, sexually explicit references, and political incorrectness- almost as if Deadpool had decided to run a D&D adventure. It was enjoyable, but we only managed to get through half of the adventure in 3.5 hours, and had to rush the second half in the remaining half hour. However, one of the GMs was a hilarious rapper- and the other one was the perfect "straight man" to his outrageous colleague. I certainly had a lot of fun at Origins, although I am disappointed by the Director's decision to rescind Larry Correia's invitation (I happen to be a huge fan of the latter, and would have boycotted if I hadn't already purchased tickets and made arrangements with friends).
  9. grandmastergm

    Origins 2018

    Yes, I have been going to U-Con since 2016 (I went from 2005-2009 until I moved to DC and spent the next 6 years utterly broke), and it's a lot of fun. I will probably run 2 HERO games there actually (one fantasy hero, the other will be either martial arts hero or champions).
  10. grandmastergm

    Origins 2018

    Sadly, I wasn't able to schedule the events. I thought I needed a sponsor, and I couldn't find one- so I was unable to to schedule them. Apparently, I was incorrect. I'll make sure to submit these events in September or October so that they are in place for the following year. Sadly, there are only one or two HERO events this year- which is a bummer.
  11. grandmastergm

    Awakened AI for Kazei 5

    And here is the prototype. ALEX.hdc
  12. grandmastergm

    Awakened AI for Kazei 5

    Hello everyone, I'm working on a villain for Michael Surbrook's Kazei 5 setting. This villain, named ALEX or "Project Donkey Balls" by its developers, was an artificial intelligence program created by Syntech MedSystems to assist with their cancer and health care research. Unfortunately, as AIs are wont to do in cyberpunk, the AI awakened and decided that it didn't want to be a slave to humanity. It escaped into The Net, and has been wrecking havoc by using up unsupportable amounts of processing time and space, and it's vandalizing all kinds of online property and even physical property linked to The Net. Anyways, I need to build this ALEX. I will use the various software programs that it uses to control machines and access The Net. However, I wasn't sure how to build ALEX. Let me know what kinds of ideas you have and post them in this thread.
  13. grandmastergm

    Looking for player in Waterloo, ON, Canada

    Man, that sounds like an awesome game. I wish I lived by you!
  14. Hello, How would you be able to block, deflect, or reflect area of effect attacks? Are AoE's unable to be stopped by those maneuvers/powers? Let me know as this came up in my last game.
  15. grandmastergm

    Online Victorian Superhero game looking for players