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  1. grandmastergm

    Satranverse Heroes

    That's a shame. Do you if anyone would have that information? Is there a way to contact his estate?
  2. grandmastergm

    Satranverse Heroes

    Does anyone have the information for the following heroes in Michael Satran's Universe (King of the Mountain pages 73-74): Ramjet, an alien humanoid sheep with superpowers The Scarlet Mage, a man with a mystic amulet Vigilant: a tough, no-nonsense street hero who fights with the Arnis martial arts style Risk, the embodiment of the energy of beating the odds Tectonic: a mutant who draws his powers from the seismic power of the earth itself
  3. grandmastergm

    Durham, NC vicinity

    Actually, let's not say may- I will, when the time and budget are right.
  4. grandmastergm

    Durham, NC vicinity

    I may be able to swing down to the Durham area again this year. I had a blast running MHI for you guys.
  5. grandmastergm

    Golden Age 6th ed. looking for more

    That's understandable. HERO just isn't as big as it used to be- despite Champions Online.
  6. grandmastergm

    Golden Age 6th ed. looking for more

    Why is it unlikely to be ever published?
  7. grandmastergm

    Toxic Avenger Stats

    Thank you Cassandra. Here is my character. It's for a friend's really high-powered teen superhero game. Michelle Preston.hdc
  8. grandmastergm

    Concept to Full Art from Storn Year 14

    He posted under DJWebb2- I think. He passed away earlier this year. He was good friends with Storn, who illustrated some of his characters.
  9. grandmastergm

    "LXG" Master Villains Needed.

    In my own Victorian superhero game, Otto Von Bismarck has become "The Iron Chancellor" a steampunk cyborg with plans to make Germany the dominant power in the world. He's probably the most powerful villain. You could also have The Mechanical Turk become sentient, similar to Ultron.
  10. grandmastergm

    Non-canon COTN outtake

    Thank you Scott. Did you get a chance to see the adventure I made? I might do a sequel where the PCs fight another Canadian supervillain...perhaps Borealis as Necrull is probably too creepy for a convention game.
  11. grandmastergm

    Concept to Full Art from Storn Year 14

    Do you know DJ Webb/Dave Webb? I ran a game in honor of him (based on a campaign he ran), and have a few characters that could be brought to life.
  12. grandmastergm


    Hello everyone, How would you build witchblade? Or a character similar to her. Basically this would be a mystic martial artist- a teenage version of the character who happens to be an American exchange student in Japan. This version would be similar to Masane Amaha instead of Sara Pezzini.
  13. grandmastergm

    U-Con 2018

    David Webb/DJ Webb, he posted on the forum a few times. He was running a Champions game where the PCs were all descendants of World War II superheroes.
  14. grandmastergm

    U-Con 2018

    The games went well. Any of the board members attend?
  15. grandmastergm

    U-Con 2018

    I will be attending the U-Con Gaming Convention over in Ypsilanti, Michigan from November 9-11th. Shane Harsch will also be in attendance, but I am right now the only one of two running HERO games. I will be running a Fantasy/Post-Acolyptic HERO game based on Steve Long's Revelations 1001, a Champions Superhero game based on the creation of a late friend of mine, and a Martial Arts HERO game set in 16th century China. Details are here.