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  1. grandmastergm

    Origins 2018

    Sadly, I wasn't able to schedule the events. I thought I needed a sponsor, and I couldn't find one- so I was unable to to schedule them. Apparently, I was incorrect. I'll make sure to submit these events in September or October so that they are in place for the following year. Sadly, there are only one or two HERO events this year- which is a bummer.
  2. grandmastergm

    Awakened AI for Kazei 5

    And here is the prototype. ALEX.hdc
  3. grandmastergm

    Awakened AI for Kazei 5

    Hello everyone, I'm working on a villain for Michael Surbrook's Kazei 5 setting. This villain, named ALEX or "Project Donkey Balls" by its developers, was an artificial intelligence program created by Syntech MedSystems to assist with their cancer and health care research. Unfortunately, as AIs are wont to do in cyberpunk, the AI awakened and decided that it didn't want to be a slave to humanity. It escaped into The Net, and has been wrecking havoc by using up unsupportable amounts of processing time and space, and it's vandalizing all kinds of online property and even physical property linked to The Net. Anyways, I need to build this ALEX. I will use the various software programs that it uses to control machines and access The Net. However, I wasn't sure how to build ALEX. Let me know what kinds of ideas you have and post them in this thread.
  4. grandmastergm

    Looking for player in Waterloo, ON, Canada

    Man, that sounds like an awesome game. I wish I lived by you!
  5. Hello, How would you be able to block, deflect, or reflect area of effect attacks? Are AoE's unable to be stopped by those maneuvers/powers? Let me know as this came up in my last game.
  6. grandmastergm

    Online Victorian Superhero game looking for players

  7. grandmastergm

    LF Players/Group in Triangle/Triad areas, North Carolina

    I'll post in here for now, but I can email you guys with the characters once my friend gets me his schedule and gets me a head-count of his friends who are coming. I will have room for 6 players, and this game will be the same as a convention game that I ran at U-Con last November. It's called "Con-Flagration."
  8. grandmastergm

    LF Players/Group in Triangle/Triad areas, North Carolina

    My friend is in North Durham.
  9. grandmastergm

    LF Players/Group in Triangle/Triad areas, North Carolina

    I'll be coming down in July to run a one-shot of Monster Hunter International (one of my friends who lives in your area is a HUGE fan of MHI, so I promised to run him an in-person game), and I probably could use a host and/or players. I might be able to set you up with a group.
  10. Hello, I am currently running a Victorian superhero game. It is monthly and run via googld hangouts. I'm using the modified Kerberos Club setting but the Hero System 6e rules. The PCs are all members of a secret society tasked with policing "the strange"- supernatural, weird science, and other not "normal" beings, creatures, and places in the world to ensure the safety of civilization. The game has steampunk and supernatural influences, and is set in an alternate world of 1892. The PCs are based out of London, but will be globe-trotting. PCs are built off of 475 XP plus 75 points of matching complications. We game on a Sunday once per month via google hangouts. Post here if you are interested or PM me directly.
  11. grandmastergm

    DJWebb2 passed away

    Yup, first it was Michael Satran- then another HERO gamer in my gaming group in January (named Bill Harris), and now Dave in April. Very sad.
  12. grandmastergm

    DJWebb2 passed away

    Hello everyone, It is with great regret that I report that the gentleman with the username DJWebb2 passed away last week. It was very sudden and caught his friends and family by complete surprise. I have been unable to find out the specifics, but he had been suffering from severe health problems in the year leading up to his death. I hoped to run a final game for him before he left to move to another state, but unfortunately I received the news 2 days before the scheduled game. Anyways, I just though you all should be notified of this.
  13. grandmastergm

    Gotham Inspired game

    They finally fixed it. I will log in.
  14. grandmastergm

    Champions Worldwide game

    And Joseph Otanga wins the vote! I think the game could be interesting using the adventure that Lord Liaden suggested. What name do you want for the character steriaca?
  15. grandmastergm

    Gotham Inspired game

    I haven't heard anything.