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    Chief tech. for Publish or Perish, Inc. I do a lot of work with GoldMine software, a customer relationship software package. My wife plays Champions also.
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  1. Barton

    Champions Character Cards KS Project Now Live!

    PLEASE everyone we are down to under 100 hours left. The second set of deck will UNLOCK with about $1000 more needing to be pledged. Please consider it, it would make the deck product even more valuable to the Hero Systems players!!
  2. Barton

    Cool Guns for your Games

    Re: Cool Guns for your Games Rerailing: Modern Handgun websites with many semi-auto and revolvers on these sites: http://www.bondarms.com/ http://www.kimberamerica.com/ http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CustomContentDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10001&catalogId=10001&content=11001 (a lot of S&W weapons in production were in production in the pulp era) http://www.springfield-armory.com/index.shtml http://www.cz-usa.com/ Still in production weapons but found in pulp era http://www.tommygun.com/ http://www.winchester.com/
  3. Barton

    Cool Guns for your Games

    Re: Cool Guns for your Games Vondy and others: Revolvers are less likely to malfunction when you need them vs. semi-automatic pistols. Fewer moving parts that are likely to break or mess up (mag feed error). I also like revolvers to teach new shooters. Especially in single action (hammer pulled back, just pull trigger). Disadvantage of revolvers is lower capacity of bullets. Also revolvers can take REALLY big rounds (if you like that sort of thing). This is important in sometimes, like if in AK and a polar bear wants your freshly cooked bacon. A S&W .460 or S&W 500 is a very good thing to have at that time. My pulp game group fought polar bears and the bears (three of them two adults, one youth) almost won. They have new respect for fully grown hungry adult polar bears.
  4. Barton

    A legality question

    Re: A legality question Shadow check out freebie file section of web site, has the two pages of how to convert characters from 5ER to 6th. This can be printed freely!!!!
  5. Barton

    A question on starting a group from nothing

    Re: A question on starting a group from nothing That could be a huge help for you getting a player or two. The Teen Titians or young X-Men idea I think would be good one to think about. The players can relate to characters like that more easily.
  6. Barton

    A question on starting a group from nothing

    Re: A question on starting a group from nothing Try your local convention again (GMing at a local 'convention got me 3 players for my online pulp game). Check for other local conventions. (in your area maybe sparse, I lived in WV as a kid). At national conventions (GenCon, Origins) make sure you mention you run games in your area everytime you are in a Hero event. I got another pulp player that way. My last suggestion is on-line. I use maptools and skype. Both are free and work well if you have a high speed network connection. It works very well IMHO.
  7. Barton

    Indianapolis Indiana - any Hero players?

    Re: Indianapolis Indiana - any Hero players? I am in Indy occasionally. Let me know if you want/need a guest player.
  8. Barton

    TheQuestionMan's Online Store Cart

    Re: TheQuestionMan's Online Store Cart You will also get a freebee book because your order is over $50.
  9. Barton

    Hey CHICAGO!!!

    Re: Hey CHICAGO!!! Depending on where in Oswego we are less than an hour in no heavy traffic times. 40-45 minutes depending on exactly where. So not too far. Heck it takes me over 40 minutes in rush hour to get to Games Plus for Dead Man's on Tab game (I play in that one, and GM my own Pulp game). FYI: My PulpHero game is in person and using Ventrillo over the computer. I have four players who I do not see face to face, and we still have fun.
  10. Barton

    Cool Guns for your Games

    Re: Cool Guns for your Games >>the Kriss is also really expensive. =) Looks weird, but sounds great. >> What carbine do you own? Kriss is pricey BUT worth it IMHO. My Thompson is classified as a carbine. Take a look at other brands of Carbines.
  11. Barton

    Cool Guns for your Games

    Re: Cool Guns for your Games I had the pleasure of firing a prototype KRIS submachine gun (semi-auto) at open range day at GAT guns in Feburary. IT was a NICE weapon. I own a reproduction Thompson SubMachine Gun (semi-auto NOT an original automatic). The felt recoil was FAR less on KRISS and they both used .45ACP (same bullet used in the Colt .45 semiauto and in 1911). The KRISS recoil damping system really works, muzzle climb was very low (it was higher on the Thompson). This is really amazing considering the KRISS loaded was about 8lb and the Thompson loaded is about 13lb (with 50round drum magazine). Great weapon, but I already own a .45ACP carbine. If I did not I would purchase the KRISS.
  12. Barton

    Anyone Have PA Hero yet?

    Re: Anyone Have PA Hero yet? I love the CRUNCH in it!!! My formal education is in toxicology and radiation biology. The sections on radiation, post PA effects on the world were GREAT!!! Lots of good hard science, in easy to understand english. Good ideas/guidelines on how to PA your "world". Wonderful. Worth the price of the book just for that. A+ on that. The art is okay; but I do not care about eye-candy. The writing is good (sorry in advance to Steve Long) but not as good IMHO as was in Pulp Hero. PLEASE understand this is strictly my opinion, others will differ. B-. Layout/length - layout of book was well above average but TOO few pages. I love huge books so anything below 250 pages is too short. B-. The sample settings - Good example settings (the 1001AD setting was unique to say the least). I did not like any of them a lot except the North Carolina setting. I liked that one a lot. I think that the settings were to get the GM's creativity flowing, and for that they work great. B. OVERALL A- BUY THE BOOK.
  13. Barton

    Survey Of Gamers

    Re: Survey Of Gamers Already took it. Very interesting, not as well done as a survey as I would have liked but it will yield INTERESTING answers. Steve, will you get a full copy of the results when completed???