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  1. As someone who had Fantasy Hero Complete at one point, the finished product was not that impressive, so you're probably correct in the idea that it didn't fare that well in terms of sales. The graphic design and interior art were disappointing to where they were major detractors that resulted in various negative comments being posted about it in game forums. The Fantasy Hero 6th Edition source book had a beautiful design and unique font-styled titled, yet Fantasy Hero Complete had a generic font title with cover art that was confusing (attempt at satire, maybe?) and was a significant step backwards from both 6th and 5th Edition Fantasy Hero source books. A concern I have is the latest Kickstarter project, Champions Now, intended to re-energize 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Editions of Champions, will result in something as graphically regrettable as Fantasy Hero Complete was cover to cover, further reducing the chances of a quality Star Hero Complete being produced later due to lackluster sales.
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    Champions Now Information

    Hopefully, this Kickstarter project will prove successful in publishing a first-rate product that attracts new players and is something that longtime Champions players will want to add to their collection. At $20K, it's a pretty modest project and a concern is that the cover and interior artwork would be subpar. Mighty Protectors: Villains & Vigilantes 3.0 was a recent Kickstarter that resulted in a great product by Jeff Dee and Jack Herman; despite raising over $1 million, Palladium Books' Kickstarter for Robotech RPG Tactics was a disaster. Here's hoping for the former and not the latter!
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    Deadman's Heromachine Archive

    Your character designs using Hero Machine 3 are AMAZING! It was great nostalgia seeing various Champions characters from across the various editions brought to full-color life again through the character art. Thanks for sharing them with all of us! 🙂
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    POD for 6e1 and 6e2

    An option for consideration until print-on-demand gets resolved is to have the pdf file commercially printed and bound at a printer service like Office Depot or Staples. Granted, you're "paying twice" since you initially paid for the pdf file and then a second time for the printing, which can get expensive, but it's still an option. A long while back I had one of the out-of-print Champions books reprinted and it was nice having it ring bound since I was able to open to the desired page while laying it flat on a surface to take notes without having the book close on itself like a traditional soft-cover book.
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    Why Now Champions Now?

    Stylistically, I hope that the final product will one of solid quality in not only game design, but also in art and print quality. I've seen and owned previous print on demand games and some have been extremely sharp in art and print quality from cover to cover like Prowlers & Paragons as a soft-cover book, while others have left fans like myself disappointed (e.g. Living Legends, Blood of Heroes). I know that I wasn't alone when some of the fans I met expressed disappointment in the art featured in Champions Complete when compared to the art featured in the Champions campaign book for 5th Edition.