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  1. phoenix240

    Supers Image game

    Sorry, stomach bug had me down. I'm going to give it to Bolo of Earth
  2. phoenix240

    Supers Image game

    Thanks! The image really helped gel an idea that had been bouncing around in her my head. How about this young lady, any ideas? (originally posted in the sister thread)
  3. phoenix240

    Westworld's Hosts in Hero System terms

    Going from some 'behind the scenes' info that has come out, I'm leaning more towards Hosts would be written up at as regular non-automatons with some higher base characteristics and Limitations to reflect their nature (subject to programming, characteristics limited by programming etc). The newer models are described as being anatomically identical to human and purely biological aside from their brains including biological functions (aside from the ability to bear and sire children).
  4. phoenix240

    Wings of Valkyrie

    Any suggestions for what point totals would be appropriate for 5th edition characters made to go through this specific adventure?
  5. phoenix240

    Supers Image game

    There is a sister thread to this on rpg.net. Check it out.
  6. phoenix240

    Supers Image game

    Does your friend take commissions?
  7. phoenix240

    Supers Image game

    Shatter Witch “The enslaved, drugged abused Delphi oracles, cursed Cassandra, almost the entire cast of the Final Destination franchise... The Gods' gift of foresight has ever been more a curse, a punishment or even more a cruel jokes. ...You'd think I've have seen it coming really...” Morgan Madison was born with the power of foresight. She could view the future in astounding detail in vision that weren't under her control but came frequently. More so, she could sense imminent impending events even if she didn't view them, knowing instinctively what course they might take which manifested as incredible luck and fore sight even wisdom. She put her abilities to use for the common good, acting as Insight, a psychic heroine in Denver, Colorado. As Insight she helped countless people, prevented disasters before the happened, even offered advice on things minor and major, all to good ends. Morgan liked helping, and in her heart of hearts, she liked the fame and prestige that came from her activities and being seen as a wise, mysterious figure. She felt somewhat guilty but couldn't help herself and felt a little bit of pride wasn't too much in contrast to the good she'd done. The came the vision. A group of metahumans named Anarchy Unlimited attacking a biomedical research facility, a biological studies institute. Their plan to unleash the pathogens stored there. She saw the attack, heard their plans but couldn't see how it would end. Her visions, for all their accuracy rarely revealed ultimate outcomes. Concerned with the potential wide spread danger and imminent sense of threat she felt around her family, Morgan sent her husband and children out of town then gather her team and the authorities to defend the facility. The presence of increased security and other metal human defenders, dissuaded Anarchy Unlimited. With dire threat of reprisal, they retreated. Only to strike again, a day later, intent on their goal of sowing chaos. Their target was a major airport, hundreds were killed. Among them Morgan's family, returning from to Denver from where she'd sent them, to keep them safe. Even for a precognitive, hindsight was sometime the clearest. The feel of danger had come to her when she'd decided to send them away, gotten stronger from there. It wasn't support of her actions, it was warning. She'd done this. Her interference, her attempting to fix things had broken her life, shattered her dreams. This was her reward for service, for trying to make things right; this was punchline to the Fate's joke. Morgan's sanity gave way under the grief and guilt. She latched onto the few things that made sense to her: life was random, pointless, there was no right, no wrong, only consequence and entropy. Doing 'good' was just like trying to hold back the tide with bare hands, futile and eventually you'd drown having accomplished nothing. The only truth of existence was chaos and all things died. Insight died at the realization and Shatter Witch was born. Personality: Bitter, cold and nihilistic, Shatter Witch lives to sow chaos and destruction, eventually on a truly astounding scale. It would be safe to say, she wants to end the universe, just to end her own pain and, in a twisted compassion, the suffering existence brings to all. She's truly mad at the world and her opinions the world started it. Many would say she simply mad. Her madness is subdued, hidden a facade of cool aloofness and occasionally biting bitter sarcasm giving additional edge by her powers of insight. She weaves complex plans, lays the track that lead people, places, even worlds to their destruction, glee hidden behind a small enigmatic smile and utterly morbid sense of humor. Insight's calm, wise compassion is gone, subsumed into Shatter Witch's cold, malice for all order. And those that have enjoyed good fortune. Her plans are intricate and sadistic, but she'd not above random small, even petty cruelties but generally won't endanger long range plan for them. One aspect of Insight remains strong though. She does not lie, as in literally state and untruth. She was obfuscate, lie by omission, bend the truth or state it in a fashion that seems lie a life or otherwise trick or deceive but a direct overt lie is anathema to her. Powers: Precognition, very advanced foresight that lets her get frequent visions of future events and a general sense of probability and the tenor of events in the immediate future. This power can appear as blindingly fast reflexes and reaction time, extreme luck and some degree of wisdom and 'lucky guesses' that seem to border on telepathy among other effect. She supplements her abilities with advanced gear and weaponry, usually suited the particular foes will she will face. The source for it is unknown. Shatter Witch has displayed an ability to teleport both short range or over long distances and even between timelines. She refers to this power as “taking a short cut” and can carry willing individuals with her (has carried more a dozen at one point). Its not known if this ability is tied into her power or some sort of device she employs. Combined her supernatural foresight, its make Shatter Witch extremely difficult to capture or surprise. She takes great delight in turning ambushes back on her attackers, in fact.
  8. phoenix240

    Wings of Valkyrie

    Well, I feel like an idiot. I have 4th edition GAC and it never crossed my mind.
  9. phoenix240

    Wings of Valkyrie

    Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for updating this classic scenario for Champions 5th?
  10. phoenix240

    Supers Image game

  11. phoenix240

    Supers Image game

    Any choice on the winner?
  12. phoenix240

    Supers Image game

    I"m sorry for the delay. I am going to give it to Whip Crack. While I really like the cold war connection with Red Lash, Whip Crack has more detail, IMO. Death Tribble, its yours.
  13. https://news.sky.com/story/scientist-stephen-hawking-has-died-aged-76-11289119 May he rest well.
  14. Tasty Fast Food that can only be found in certain states.
  15. phoenix240

    Supers Image game

    Thanks! That was a pretty cool picture tho', very inspiring. I like Storn's style. Here's my submission