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    Supers Image game

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    Supers Image game

    Any choice on the winner?
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    Supers Image game

    I"m sorry for the delay. I am going to give it to Whip Crack. While I really like the cold war connection with Red Lash, Whip Crack has more detail, IMO. Death Tribble, its yours.
  4. https://news.sky.com/story/scientist-stephen-hawking-has-died-aged-76-11289119 May he rest well.
  5. Tasty Fast Food that can only be found in certain states.
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    Supers Image game

    Thanks! That was a pretty cool picture tho', very inspiring. I like Storn's style. Here's my submission
  7. I admit, if it was available in the U.S. I'd give a shot. What has my heart done for me lately (don't answer that!)
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    Supers Image game

    Do we have a winner?
  9. From the creators of the Double Down Chicken Sandwich... http://thechive.com/2018/03/11/kfc-created-a-fried-chicken-crust-pizza-for-those-who-fear-no-weight-gain/
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    Supers Image game

    Scarlet Dragon Aspiring actor, Danny Chen was physically gifted, photogenic and to be fair, not a bad actor. What he couldn't seem to get was a break. The big budget action movie market was in a serious slump and no on was casting aside from bit parts and while playing “Panicked Bystander #24” paid the bills (mostly, with the help of part time waiter gig) but it wasn't exactly satisfying or the sort of thing that got your name up in lights So when the offer came in to audition for a part for a starring role in an small studio's independent film, Danny jumped at the chance. Small was better than nothing and allot of big stars had gotten their start in little films or so his agent Marcy assured him. The audition went flawlessly, so perfect it almost felt like a formality (but Danny didn't want to get cocky). The project was unusual though, intended to be in part advertised via a viral marketing campaign where Danny's character “Scarlet Dragon” would appear in videos on social media, post to Twitter and other internet appearances as if he were a real vigilante up until the ad spots debuted. Danny was fascinated and eagerly played along though the shoots and training were grueling. He had some experience with the martial arts and the moves he was taught to emulate had a real air authenticity to them despite being kind of flashy and esoteric. This went on for weeks and grew to include some 'live action' appearances in costume. Danny kept track of his character's online presence and was pleased to find that he was becoming quite popular though many people thought he was real. He feared that might backfire when the truth came but was told not to worry by the director; who's name he never learned. Then it happened, at an public appearance by James Ho, a Chinese American business man of some wealth and power, the Crimson Dragon appeared. And killed him. In public, on camera. But it wasn't Danny in the costume. He was out with his girlfriend at the time, watching in horror as the murder played out live. Panicked, Danny called his agent, then went after when he got no answer only to find her office ransacked and her dead body draped across her desk festooned with throwing knives like his 'character' used. Her files and records were gone, her computer smashed, taking most of the evident that would lead directly to him but also any evidence of the film he'd supposedly been hired to make. But there was likely plenty of forensics and other information. Danny had to flee as the police arrived shortly after he did and he made his way across the rooftops using some of his natural athletic ability in ironic emulation of his now wanted fictional persona. He'd been set up. He didn't know why someone would have gone through such a convoluted plan. to frame him so he suspects it was a plan to kill James Ho, who security was normally quite paranoid. But they'd let their guard down when a 'hero' like Scarlet Dragon had appeared. Ho was rich and popular but rumored to have criminal ties including Chinese organized crime. He's tried to find any of the other cast he could be they've so far been missing or dead, the shooting location abandoned. Even worse, apparently there is a real Scarlet Dragon, an Asian assassin of some repute in the underworld but almost unknown to the law abiding world and likely very unhappy about being dragged into the light. Danny is going to need help to get out of this a free (and breathing) man, but from who?
  11. phoenix240

    Supers Image game

    Tied up at the moment but will submission in this weekend.
  12. Yes, that was what I was thinking. Tips and guidelines on how to translate vision to game using Hero System, with a focus on extant settings but the advice would be usable for home brew as too. Sort of a how too get for using the tools offered for new comers combined with mini source book(s) in the example settings. It could also offer enticement in the wider range of source books in the form of "See X Hero for more details". Sort of a How To guide book for using Hero System to create a game, structured around implementing existing settings which would be applicable to home brew.
  13. phoenix240

    Silver/Bronze age post-modern apologetics

    The ease of penetrating Secret IDs is one of those aspects of comics that often overstated, IME.
  14. I was more thinking about a book that provided some advice and tips on adapting fictional settings for Hero System (or adapting the system, as the case my be...) than strictly a book of pre made settings. Having examples would enhance the value.
  15. I'm not certain how popular the Tool kit aspect of Hero System is right now. But I would love to see a book like GURPS Adaptations for Hero System. Would it interest anyone else? Ad blurb for the link adverse: