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  1. Christopher R Taylor

    What's your least favorite version of Champions?

    Which is why for example Monster Hunters Inc, Narosia, and my upcoming Jolrhos setting books are all based on this principle: we took the system and made a game out of it.
  2. Christopher R Taylor

    Early editions: House rules?

    Without them, you're pretty much always guaranteed to hit your 50 points per category, 150 max points worth of Disads And I got rid of the max per category, too. If you can come up with a good reason and character story behind it I don't care if you are ALL Psych Lims
  3. Christopher R Taylor

    Early editions: House rules?

    I got rid of the decreasing rewards for similar disads almost immediately.
  4. Christopher R Taylor

    Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phase Three and BEYOOOOONND

    Well that could be part of it, but I mean they had Caribbean influences and Afro-American influences, and Egyptian influences, etc. I would have liked the design better if they'd been a bit less grab bag and more creative.
  5. Christopher R Taylor

    Determining whether or not an NPC is lying

    That is an interesting point, but ultimately there's no point in interrogating someone if all you're doing is getting random bits of information out of them as a collection. Interrogation has a goal, to get accurate information. If you're unable to judge the validity of that information, it can't achieve that goal, and what's more you can't even move toward that goal. Each step along the way as you direct the interrogation, you have to make decisions how you're going to proceed based on whether you think what they are saying is true or not. At some level, it only works as a skill -- it only achieves anything at all -- if you can tell if what they are saying is valid or not, at least to some degree.
  6. Christopher R Taylor

    The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    Well it was pretty bad but the topic at hand and what he said was that people were outraged at how Deadpool was portrayed in that film.
  7. Christopher R Taylor

    Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phase Three and BEYOOOOONND

    The production design was quite good -- that's usually the best part of most every movie made these days, even if the story or acting sucks. Even the dreadful Noah looked great. I kind of question their polyglot conglomeration of just random "black culture" design stuff rather than giving the nation its particular cultural and ethnic feel, but people liked it. You'd think a country so isolated and insular would have its own very specific style and design not just "whatever from everywhere,"
  8. Christopher R Taylor

    The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    He'd probably say something like 'riding the red mouse' though
  9. Christopher R Taylor

    George Perez announces retirement

    NO He truly is one of my favorite artists, with so many great stories told and such great art. This is definitely sad news even though I do not begrudge him wanting to rest from his hard work so many years.
  10. Christopher R Taylor

    The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    Yeah sorry Deadpool, you can easily understand my confusion
  11. Christopher R Taylor

    The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    I get a sense that is what they were going for, and I really appreciate that approach even if it doesn't work for them or they can't quite pull it off. That's exactly the tone they should go for. A G-rated Bloodpool, if that makes any sense. A big break from the way superhero movies are done, with lots of fun in it, that kids can really enjoy.
  12. Christopher R Taylor

    Thief/Rogue Powers

    That's a good take on the build. I still wouldn't do it as a martial arts move, but it is a valid way to build it. I prefer stuff like that go under the 'special powers' system Aaron Allston used for Ninja Hero. You get your martial arts maneuvers, then you get powers that are part of the training like Dim Mak. Stuff like "vanish with a puff of smoke or when not observed" and "jump behind the target for a strike"
  13. Christopher R Taylor

    The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    I liked those better than the first one, I guess they have utterly abandoned the "wisdom of Solomon" and all that, but he never was all that wise in the comics anyway.
  14. Christopher R Taylor

    Thief/Rogue Powers

    Yeah AP works well too if you want them to avoid armor. In real life a backstab works well because you can place it so well and put all your attack into it, where in regular combat you have to be careful and rarely get a nice, square hit. How do you represent that in hero? The surprise helps some, but other than that its up to you. The only drawback I can think of with the martial arts maneuver approach is the positioning issue and surprise -- how do you limit a maneuver so it only works in x circumstances?
  15. Christopher R Taylor

    What's your favorite edition of Hero System/Champions?

    Yeah, you can have point diversity -- a 400 point character and a 250 point character (done it before) -- but if the divergence is too wide, then it just does not and cannot work. I mean writers have tried to make up for Batman's points by giving him every skin ever and every gadget ever, but he's still not Superman. Ultimately as Clark eventually tells him: you're still just a man, no matter what suit you put on.