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  1. Christopher R Taylor

    2018 Baseball Thread (MLB and whatever)

    I've never seen a no-hitter live, but I've seen several on TV. I did see Randy Johnson strike out 20 in a game in the Kingdome against the White Sox. That was super exciting.
  2. Christopher R Taylor

    This Week in MMOs

    I have for a very long time wanted to buy the EverQuest franchise and rebuild it with a proper new game engine and interface, graphics, but keep the world, setting, character classes, races etc. It needs a ton of work to make the game more about quests and interaction than killing billions of creatures but still. Its the biggest most complete and in my opinion best made game world out there online.
  3. Christopher R Taylor

    2018 Baseball Thread (MLB and whatever)

    In my opinion, steroids for medicinal uses (to heal faster from injury or to maintain health through stress and wear of a 162+ game season) should be legal. Highly regulated and controlled, but legal.
  4. Christopher R Taylor

    Cursed item creation

    I usually build stuff like cursed items with complications: the item has a complication such as "hunted by" or "distinctive appearance" which affects the user as well. In this case you could build it as a side effect to the KA but a susceptibility could work built as a transform like 1d6 per x body the weapon deals transforming the air by the dagger into a monster.
  5. Christopher R Taylor

    2018 Baseball Thread (MLB and whatever)

    Well everyone has bad days, but yeah they aren't ready for prime time So much for his Hall of Fame hopes. The guy was busted for a masking drug: it hides PE chemicals, and apparently they found signs in his past tests that it was hiding something. Honestly this doesn't surprise me at all, about Cano.
  6. Christopher R Taylor

    Write-up Search: Dresden-esque Techbane Aura

    I would just call this a campaign feature: people with magic have no luck with tech (unluck) and eventually cause it to break down.
  7. Christopher R Taylor

    How would you price this Limitation?

    Yeah I'm fine with removing the 0 END bonus, but you'd have to give charges a slightly better limitation or the whole price structure changes, and in decades of playtesting its been pretty balanced as is.
  8. Christopher R Taylor

    How would you price this Limitation?

    I'd rather avoid the compound power build just because it takes up a page of space for a concept, which I think is a weakness of 6th edition fiddly Hero. Probably I'd assign the power a limitation equal to the average amount of heal most likely to be used, and leave it at that.
  9. Christopher R Taylor

    How to Build: Vorpal weapons?

    Well, and a round in D&D isn't blow by blow like Hero is, its more abstracted combat over a time period, like a turn of fighting in Hero terms. In AD&D the round was a minute long, lots going on in that time period. At some point the sword went near the head and took it off. One could always argue that the Vorpal Sword magically and intentionally goes for head shots too, and just define it as a weapon with lots of levels only to hit the head.
  10. Christopher R Taylor

    How to Build: Vorpal weapons?

    Ah, that's where my math was wrong. I'd probably go 6- for this, since it shouldn't be less likely to go off than the D&D version in my opinion, but that's up to the GM. I wonder what that would be worth? -1½? The book says a -1 limitation (plus the -½ for 'must roll every phase/use) for "7- or worse" but it seems like it should be worth more the harder the roll gets. At least -1¾ seems called for here.
  11. Christopher R Taylor

    Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phase Three announced

    They're getting closer to Gone With The Wind territory, in today's dollars it earned a blistering $1,804,258,500. US release only.
  12. Christopher R Taylor

    How to Build: Vorpal weapons?

    It depends, 3rd edition you could take feats to slightly increase your chance, but the original AD&D version, it was natural 20 or nothing. But you raise a good point, which is why I'd be inclined to make it a straight chance. 7- is 6.9% and 6- is 4.6% so your choice which you think represents the original concept better.
  13. Christopher R Taylor

    How to Build: Vorpal weapons?

    Id just build it with extra damage, either only on a head shot or only a specific location (like 5 to represent the neck). If you're doing a 7d6 KA (average body 24.5) then whatever gets through is doubled.... you're going to pretty well kill anything you hit. That will probably even autokill a dragon. Let's see: Per the 6th edition Hero bestiary (to use a shared version) a dragon has 18 (juvenile) to 30 (greater) Body. They have 10-20 rPD So on a Juvenile Dragon you did an average of (24-10=14, 14x2=) 28 body to a single location, which by the disabling/impairing rules = instant death, and will do almost enough damage to totally kill the thing with a single hit (18 body x2=36). On the Greater Dragon you're just going to make it angry unless you roll really high, at least 35. So you'd likely need a lot more damage or to make it AP at least to be a more reliable Vorpal effect on really powerful monsters. With armor piercing, the Juvenile Dragon goes from full body to utterly dead instantly (24-5=19, 19x2=38 body), and even on the greater you get an average body through defenses of 28, nearly their body total and an impairing wound, assuming you allow those on such a creature. Given the nature of the Vorpal Sword, you'd have to put in a limitation that it does no extra damage if the total extra isn't enough to instantly kill. Which is a weird mechanic: you'd do all the math to see if it does anything special. For example on the Greater Dragon, you'll just to base sword damage without the Vorpal effect. Oh, and I agree with Hugh that it should do no stun with the extra damage, either it kills or it does nothing.
  14. Christopher R Taylor

    We lost a good one.....

    I am very sorry to read this news, I always liked his input and you could tell he loved the game. Prayers for his family and friends.
  15. Christopher R Taylor

    Are we too hard on Wil Wheaton?

    Oh, there's a host of reasons, he's just one among many problems.