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  1. Christopher R Taylor

    Reduced Endurance

    I don't know at this point how you could do it any better, but I've never liked that rule. Its basically "this works too well so, uh, its half. Against specific stuff we think it works too well on" which doesn't appeal to me at all in terms of rule elegance or design.
  2. Christopher R Taylor

    2018 Baseball Thread (MLB and whatever)

    The argument that "this is how the game is played now so it should always be played that way" is absurd. Its played that way now because that's what people choose to be, not because baseball inevitably and must be that way. The truth is there are some idiotic, awful trends right now in baseball but the teams that largely defy those tend to do well and eventually this will pass like any other stupid trend in the game's past. And its certainly no argument for the DH.
  3. Christopher R Taylor

    2018 Baseball Thread (MLB and whatever)

    Until the last few years? Your ace. Especially now that the batters refuse to adjust to the count or the game situation and just are fixated on launch angle and exit velocity. Nolan Ryan threw a no-hitter with over 200 pitches.
  4. Christopher R Taylor

    Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phase Three announced

    Vision is kind of expensive, he probably wouldn't show up much if they use him in a series.
  5. Christopher R Taylor

    Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phase Three announced

    Marvel Exec: we need tentpole shows for our new streaming service, something that will get viewers. Best idea gets a Cadillac. Second best gets a set of steak knives. You know how this works. Go! Marvel Drone 1: Uh, people like Star Wars right? Marvel Exec: Didn't our research show that people feel that they're getting oversaturated with Star Wars? Marvel Drone 1 (sweating): But... but this will be an all-new character nobody knows, its fresh and different! Marvel Drone 2, fearing the steak knives: Wait, people love Loki, right? Marvel Exec: My wife loves Tom Hiddleston Marvel Drone 2: Who doesn't?? We do a Loki series! Marvel Drone 1: I need a new Cadillac! I mean... the last money-making Star Wars film was that war movie thing right? That's where we'll set this Star Wars movie featuring uh (quickly checking Star Wars name generator on his Iphone) Cassian Andor! Marvel Drone 2: The Loki Series will star Tom Hiddleston! etc
  6. Christopher R Taylor

    2018 Baseball Thread (MLB and whatever)

    I think the M's should deal Cano, he's not great for team chemistry and got nailed for performance enhancing drugs. I agree on Puig, he's a tremendous talent but his head is such a mess you rarely get the benefit of that, and that's tough to trade.
  7. Christopher R Taylor

    Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phase Three announced

    ...a Loki series? Seriously?
  8. Christopher R Taylor

    What about a speed of 12?

    I had just one character with 7 speed and he dominated the game, completely. 7 Speed moves on some weird phases and so often its like a quantum leap even up from 6. The best use for 12 speed I think is not so much a speedster as a time controller. He's not so much fast. You're all just that slow.
  9. Christopher R Taylor

    Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phase Three announced

    Yeah I think competition between a small number of streaming services is the ideal: keeps costs down, drives innovation, and prevents laziness and taking customers for granted. There are two extremes which would both suck: one mega uber corporation that controls all entertainment (which we're honestly headed toward, every year or two there's another merger which nobody seems to care about), and a zillion independent companies with a tiny amount of proprietary content which all of which charge for their services. Either way I think would be something I'd skip. I really don't watch much television to start with, and while I like shows such as Forged in Fire, I'm hardly going to suffer if I don't see them. This isn't 1975 where you have a few theaters in town and 4 TV channels to choose from. We're flooded neck deep in entertainment choices. That's why when a sport annoys customers with obnoxious or irrelevant behavior or strikes, they don't get BACK the people they drove away. Turns out there's a lot of other stuff to do in that time slot on Monday evening. NASCAR is hemmoraghing customers because of their poor quality product and straying so far away from what people enjoy, for example. A lot of those people won't be back because there's a million other things to do instead. Entertainment companies need to understand this.
  10. Christopher R Taylor

    2018 Baseball Thread (MLB and whatever)

    Let's put it this way: its more complex than letting the DH just hit again. And again. And again. Its actual strategy, and requires thought and consideration: do I want to pull him yet? And given the performances by pitchers in the post season or by guys like Arieta and Bungardner pitch, if you go get, a drink you're missing out. I get it, if you only watch AL you don't realize that there are some great batting pitchers out there
  11. Christopher R Taylor

    What about a speed of 12?

    The big problem is, of course, the way that he rules state how speed changes are supposed to happen. Technically it would never work, because it has to be the next turn and a shared phase.
  12. Christopher R Taylor

    What about a speed of 12?

    Yeah, its not just how often you get the power but how often you can rely on it for strategy and use in combat. Just because you can get it 60% of the time doesn't mean you can really build a reliable strategy around it: I really need to do this next phase, but can I?
  13. Christopher R Taylor

    2018 Baseball Thread (MLB and whatever)

    Best argument against the DH is the fact that its crappy baseball. If you want to have a 13-man pitching staff, that's your choice to be stupid and have no depth, nobody is forcing you to hurt your own team by cutting pinch hitters, runners, and backups for injuries. Hell why stop at 13? You have your starting 8 men on defense, who needs ANY backups? Just have a massive bullpen of 17 6'5 guys who throw 105 miles an hour for two years then ruin themselves, they can be replaced easy enough by some starving Haitian kid. Tell all your guys to swing up as hard as possible and try to get home runs and then hope you strike everyone out!
  14. Christopher R Taylor

    Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phase Three announced

    I get what they want to do but people only have so much budget and time and 35 competing streaming services means a bunch of them are gonna fold up and die. Every company thinks they can launch their own streaming service and rake in Scrooge McDuck money but it doesn't work that way. Eventually I think most of them are going to die and just sell their content to other services.
  15. Christopher R Taylor

    What about a speed of 12?

    The primary limitations on speed that high are endurance cost (even in 6th edition, actin 12 times in a turn before the free recovery is going to very quickly burn through your available END) and cost. Because this is so expensive, its going to require the rest of the character to be built around this, a demonstration of the elegance of Hero's system. You'll pay a lot for reduced END, which will limit the power of attacks and movement abilities, making the character act a lot, but not actually be very dangerous. Unless you give them Dr Destroyer-level points, then its just a "well he has whatever he needs to win every fight" and you don't even care how expensive they are.