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  1. The big drawback is that you can't use transform on yourself, so... It would depend a lot on the build. If its an ongoing power, then its still there, the character would just be immune to its effects until the life support wore off. Life Support doesn't dispel anything, it just makes you not be affected by that special effect while it is in place.
  2. Why are you throwing normal humans at mountain-punch-girl He's not asking "how do I have a campaign so powerful you can punch a mountain in half?" he's asking "how do I add super, over the top stuff like this to a normal campaign?"
  3. Its not about the modeling, its about what the players do with it. If you let a player character do x in one game he's gonna want to do x in every game. If he can blow a mountain in half and fly under it, he's gonna wonder why it takes so many hits to put that Viper agent down. and for good reason.
  4. No, what I'm saying is that this stuff doesn't belong in a game, unless you want a game of such absurd power and vast abilities you have to throw Gods at the players in waves to slow them down. Trying to model this stuff would break your game, not make it cool or like the cartoons.
  5. These are examples of powers that, if a character could do this, they would do it all the time in a Champions game rather than once in a while when the script calls for it. If the Flash was as fast and powerful as he's been depicted in special circumstances through the years, all the time, the Justice League would hear about a problem then the Flash would be dusting his costume off a half second later saying "what's next?"
  6. The easiest way to do it is a transform: person into person without these maladies. It takes an advantage to make them the same person after the transform, but its a minor or major at most (you're not really changing them very much). Since transform is automatically cumulative in 6th edition, you don't even have to pull it off in one shot. Per the rules, healing transforms do not require a "goes away" mechanism; the removal of the transform is basically the victim somehow getting sick again.
  7. A saving throw is kind of a neat concept for certain types of effects, so thowing it out entirely seems unnecessary. Its a kind of AVAD approach: if they make this roll they take zero damage.
  8. *full disclosure: I haven't seen the film yet That aside, some things I've read and quotes from the film make it at least possible that her dour and unemotional approach is on purpose, that its part of her conditioning that she may fight and break free from in another film (Ms Larson has 6 more films on contract, after all). Its probably not the most winning and appealing approach to take, but it might make for an interesting character arc over time, if that is what is happening.
  9. Generally a castle/town acts as a superhero base in a heroic game. Its just a safe place to sleep, train, put your treasures, etc.
  10. I would have taken less money to play somewhere other than Anaheim, personally. Its not like he doesn't get at least that much every year from endorsements anyway
  11. Drain stun, plus drain body of a smaller amount. Link it to the Stun Drain.
  12. Yeah there's a big difference between "you can run your game however you want" and "this is the official rule book"
  13. Yes, horses kick from the front too, they prefer to use rear legs (more powerful and less dangerous for them) but they can and do rear up and kick the living crap out of something with forelegs. And you're right about spiders, they do use their legs for lots of different stuff (like webbing).
  14. They have had some bad teams in between there, but they've generally put out talent and had a decent team. They made the playoffs a few times every decade, but didn't go far. A few scattered world series losses, of course. But yeah KC is a much better underdog team story that was basically ignored until the end of the season when they were still there and winning, baffling the experts. The problem is 99% of baseball writers live on the coasts and are largely unaware of teams like the Royals. I loved it when the Blue Jays were winning back to back, because they were never picked and were completely unknown to the "experts"
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