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  1. I saw them from the GM side of things: they were an incentive to go with certain restrictions and abilities in a package to better represent concepts in the game world. All elves are like this, you wanna be an elf, you do this, but its a few points off to compensate for being locked into this concept. Instead now I put stat bases and maximums on races, and if a stat starts or has a max lower than baseline humans, then you get a few points for that (1 per point below starting and ½ point per max below human).
  2. To the best of my understanding, danger sense only applies to the character and those nearby.
  3. OK Let's strip it down. If we were going to build Spider-Man's Danger Sense from scratch, using Hero (without the danger sense power) what would it be? Its DCV, I mean he's dodging stuff he should be half DCV against as if he is full, so that's no problem to build. Its awareness, he's able to spot things he isn't immediately aware of like a sniper or someone sneaking up behind him. so like 360 sense of some sort. But there's another aspect that's tougher to quantify: it allows him to be combat-ready regardless of the situation. And how do you simulate that in the rules? That's what Danger Sense does: it puts you combat ready when others would not be, and lets you intelligently react to the source of danger. So the other things Spider-Man does with it (dodge, etc) are other powers in action. So that's all it should need to be broken down into; I can react to danger properly despite its origin or location. Personally I don't think there should be a roll for Danger Sense. how often has it failed Spider-Man the ur-example for the power? Ever? Sure, sometimes the attack is so fast or big he can't get out of the way, but unless his powers are negated its NEVER not worked. Spidey has never blown a roll and gotten shot from behind. It always works, every time, without exception. He doesn't always get to take advantage of it: I have to choose between dodging Scorpion's tail strike or saving Aunt May! But it always works. Spider-Man doesn't just have a great roll, he never rolls 18. Its impossible to fail.
  4. I wouldn't call what Daredevil has danger sense, not in the classic meaning of the word. He's just got 360 targeting hearing, so he can pick up anything around him but won't necessarily.
  5. Seems like a drain that does knockback would knock them toward you rather than away. Hmm how would you buy that? Is it a +0 advantage? I agree, knockback ought to be based on an absolute number rather than the dice used in the power. Also should probably be lower, like 1d6/10 base points or something.
  6. I just don't understand why its not enough to just say "it was a pretty entertaining movie that some people found very profound and important." I mean, every time Kirk Cameron puts out a Christian-themed film some people find it profound and important, even life-changing, but that doesn't mean we all have to call it some wonderful event that is super meaningful and a great film. Tens of millions of comic book fans though Iron Man was a hugely important and meaningful movie in their lives, bringing some to tears at finally seeing a funny book movie done well. That didn't make it something special and super important, just meaningful to a group of people. If you cannot distinguish between a film's inherent, objective qualities and skill then that's kind of a problem with your ability to review things properly.
  7. Yeah I think its important to go back to the source material here and what it was meant to simulate: it works like that. Keep it basic and reasonable along those lines, and don't try to read too much into it, because its a game, a simulation of genre adventures.
  8. Yeah I'll wait to hear from actual fans and viewers, the reviewer system is almost entirely broken and corrupted. People were giving Black Panther 5 stars and calling it the best film ever made, and it quite simply is not. Its a fun action film with some flaws and some great bits, but not a standout even in comic book movie genre. Having already heard from fans who saw an advanced screening who were praising the cat and not much about the film its self is kind of telling.
  9. Watched a show on Netflix called Ghost Town Gold, with two guys who go into old west towns and ranches in the US to find vintage and antique items just stored away. Its pretty amazing what they manage to find in old mines, barns, storage sheds, etc.
  10. While we can disagree on exactly which movie is best in a set, we can all agree that a set belongs in the discussion and others do not. Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Bicycle Thief, etc belong and we can fight over which is the best. Earnest goes to Camp, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Howard the duck, do not.
  11. Honestly I watch so few movies lately I couldn't really list the best of last year. The oscars are kind of a joke anyway, pretentious, boring and just back door advertising for a product while super rich and self important people award themselves for doing their jobs.
  12. Yeah best picture means best made, finest craftsmanship, acting, directing, production etc, not "best political statement" or "most compensating for past failures."
  13. I have the hardest time remembering people have danger sense and using it in time or properly, as a GM.
  14. I just read a very early superman story where he plays football for a college. And he's not even shy about using his superpowers, its ridiculous. Those early Superman comics are hilariously inappropriate in many ways for the character as he is today. Probably a good policy, given how spoilery trailers are getting.
  15. Yeah, she might surprise us all, but doesn't seem great. And if she was great, I wouldn't really care about her off screen antics. I mean Robert Downey jr has said some pretty controversial things in the past and people still love him. If you're good enough at what you do and entertaining enough, people can put up with the nonsense. Its kind of like in Bull Durham when Costner lectures Paul Robbins on his shower shoes and being in the big leagues.
  16. I think the film is being hurt more by Brie Larson not being terribly charismatic and the trailers not being very funny, exciting, or interesting. Its not often I watch a marvel trailer and go "meh" but this one didn't reach me at all. Even Iron Man 3, which I thought was awful, had a trailer that made me interested. Disappointed in the theater, but at least it made me want to see the movie. I doubt the political stuff is having a huge impact, although people trying to make it into something it is not probably doesn't help. Its a popcorn movie about a woman who can fly and shoot blasts out of her fists, not some grand statement about humanity or women. To the extent it might be having a negative effect, well that's the flip side of that kind of marketing: if you try to make your film a social justice event instead of just fun entertainment, sometimes that can hurt you more than help. Worked with Black Panther, maybe not with Captain Marvel.
  17. Better, more interesting set of powers, I just like her more than Carol Danvers who seems terribly generic.
  18. Multipowers seem fine the way they are, to me. And I consider them distinct from power pools because they are "one at a time" options for most builds, which power pools are not. Plus, they are fixed and specific what they offer rather than anything within a concept.
  19. Meh, its not the blade that decapitates, its the magic of the blade. And the vorpal sword doesn't do nothing when it fails to decapitate, it just does its normal damage.
  20. The main reason there is no hard and fast rule is because Hero leaves that up to the GM and their campaign. To give a specific rule for this kind of thing slouches off into AD&D territory where Gygax's personal campaign was the rules for everyone's campaign (and he even insisted for a while in arguments in the Dragon magazine that if you changed anything then you weren't playing AD&D any longer).
  21. I'm a big fan of basic equipment having abilities you don't bother to build. Like a cloak that gives you life support vs cold down to TL -2, or matches that just light fires without having to even have a power. Just because you can build everything with Hero doesn't mean you need to.
  22. I though cap's outfits worked but they went way overboard trying to avoid actually using his costume but stay close enough fans didn't throw rocks at the screen. Some of them were so distant you could barely make out the stripes.
  23. I made a character once who was built around that: he was a capable martial artist gun kinda guy, but he kept equipment he collected in a power pool and used it against the enemy. It was mostly Viper gear (he was a former Viper agent who turned on them). Stuff ran out of charges and he had no way of recharging so he'd ditch it and get something new.
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