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  1. Crusher Bob

    Stretching and Neck as Limb

    Asked that exact question here.
  2. Crusher Bob

    Access the internet & other

    I'd say that computer link can also be used to represent your ability to quickly extract information from the Internet. So for 0 points, you get what Google gives you, and for 2-3 points, you easily get all sorts of 'public' info like what property someone owns, and for around 5 points you get all the creepy Googolplex stuff like everything they ever posted on Facebook, all the ads they clicked on, what pictures of their face have ever been posted and by who, and so on. Another thing for radio perception for internet access is that that normally gives you a completely separate sense, so you can still look at the Internet while flashed. So you may want the 'also effected as sight and hearing groups (-1/2)' or 'also effected as sight group (-1/4)' disads.
  3. Crusher Bob

    Looking for an Online Group

    Still around, waiting for someone to post something actionable, or ask questions, or whatever.
  4. Crusher Bob

    Excommunication and Disavowal

    Alas, if you are giving up (some? all?) of your mojo by leaving the group, there's not much you can do, since you don't have enough power to make your arguments convincing. You could make friends with other people with power, and coordinate them. Or you can organize a union or guild or something, but if you had enough problems with your group to give up your mojo, I'm not sure that gentle moral suasion is the most appropriate action.
  5. Crusher Bob

    Why are you wearing that?

    Why would you want to make your weapon hard to ready? Remember that 'police' as people who dealt with more than breaches of the peace is a 'modern' concept. If someone robbed you and you wanted your stuff back, or a bit of revenge, you hired a thief taker; you'd didn't go to the watch. You didn't go into town all armored and armed because it was unnecessary and uncomfortable. If the GM makes it necessary with dickishness, then PCs will put up with the discomfort. As for firearms making armor go away... the age of the gun (sorta) started with the fall of the walls of Byzantium in 1453, and plate armor was still being worn until around 1650, and breastplates stayed on another hundred or more years.
  6. Crusher Bob

    Magical supression for mundanes (material)

    Here's how After Sundown does stuff:
  7. Crusher Bob

    Tracking sense v tracking skill?

    Baaard! stop doing things with the crime scene! Bard: But it'll tell me everything we want to know after a nice dinner pancakes... You're just sad you can't investigate. [edit] Which of course leads to the wonderful follow up: <around one year later> The rest of the party stood around awkwardly as the bard investigated the new crime scene. They were sure they had solved the kingdom's werewolf problem a year ago, alas the blood splatter and destroyed furniture looked very much like the scenes they had looked at just a year ago... Bard: Hmm, well that's certainly a thing. Party: What, are there werewolves we missed? Bard: Well, uh, no, not really. You see, uh, meet my daughter. The bloodspatter and destroyed furniture somehow gave the impression of waving while simultaneously hiding behind the bard's legs. Party: What? just... what? Bard: Well, when I investigated the last crime scene... The party had quickly learned to measure the bard's explanations in how many drinks it took them to get through them; this was looking like a five drink minimum. Bard: ...and now that her mom's not around anymore, I figure we'll take her in and I'll train her to be a bard, just like me!
  8. Crusher Bob

    Why are you wearing that?

    There are several problems of allowing characters to trade 'wealth' for power: 1. characters never want to spend wealth on anything but more power Why are you living in the woods and eating bark like a crazy man? Because living in town and buying food costs money, and I'm saving up for a +2 sword 2. it encourages the PCs to loot everything Hmm, if we stole all of this farmers turnips, we could sell them in the next town over for 1/100 of the cost of another wand of fireballs... So we totally steal that farmers turnips. 3. it reduces the ability of the GM to have fantastic, or even 'nice' environements. Smaug can't be sleeping on a mountain of gold, because the PCs won't spend that gold on redeveloping Laketown, they'll spend it on more magic swords. DM:The evil king has imprisoned you in this pretty castle on the lake. PC: While I'm plotting my escape, I also use my appraise skill to determine which of the (paintings, tapestries, furniture, etc) has the best encumberance to value ratio and I take the most possible value of that stuff away with me when I escape. ---------------- If you are going to still want 'money' to still be able to buy 'power', the you probably want some sort of tiered economy. (See, for example, Frank Trollman's turnip economy -> gold economy -> wish economy) Can be reached via the wayback machine hopefully, here
  9. Crusher Bob

    Looking for an Online Group

    OK, should be available here: http://www.herogames.com/forums/files/file/427-%7B%3F%7D/ For multipowers, the 'f' and 'v' letter next to the power slot lets it figure out what the point cost is. Don't think fraction characteristic costs are rounded correctly (e.g. 21 STUN should cost 1 point, just like 22 STUN does, but may not have written that into the spreadsheet as I didn't expect suboptimal inputs)
  10. Version


    Spreadsheet for 6E character creation. Has 4 sample characters, stun avoidance table, various other notes.
  11. Crusher Bob

    Looking for an Online Group

    Did anyone need a spreadsheet to do character creation? Or have a (potentially) better one than the one I've written for myself?
  12. Crusher Bob

    Two way communication devices.

    The problem with mind link as the base power is that you normally have to be within LOS to establish the mind link. You can buy the 'No LOS required' adder on mind link, but that just lets you link to the people you 'know', rather than (presumably) anyone else who happens to have a crystal ball. So you'd have to add, I dunno, mind scan or something to find the other crystal balls, so you could then use mind link on them. You have the same basic problem with the clairsentience build, you you could buy a megarange targeting detect that should let you place the viewpoint just fine. This build has the potential problem that you could end up 'calling' the wrong crystal ball, as the detect might not be that accurate, or it could be fooled somehow. I'd say we need a bit more information about the exact details of how they crystal balls are supposed to work first.
  13. Crusher Bob

    Looking for an Online Group

    Well, there actually is a castle like structure on Bannerman Island, something like 50 miles away from Manhattan.
  14. Crusher Bob

    Looking for an Online Group

    Well, recent rules Q&A answer says I was building AI + vehicles wrong, so I'd have to rebuild the thingys. Did anyone else have some idea for a base other than one of the abandoned Fort Tilden batteries? Ideally, the base should be a place to be, not just an excuse to have team communication and megascale transportation.
  15. When buying a vehicle with a built in AI, are you supposed to just add INT, EGO, DMCV, etc to the vehicle? Or are you supposed to buy the AI and vehicle completely separately, so you end up paying 'twice' for things that the vehicle and AI have in common, like SPD and DEX?