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  1. Nemblamenchisus

    Pre-Kickstart Thread for Golden Age Champions

    A little disappointed that it's not coming out as a Hero Games product. I know the contents will be the same, but with Strike Force and now this it seems like Hero might never release another official product.
  2. Nemblamenchisus

    What "Pulp" have you read lately ?

    I don't know much about pulps. I remember seeing pulp magazines - small digest sized publications with color artwork covers, with western or true crime themes - on newsstands as late as the 1990s or even early 2000s. These seemed to be the real old-school thing, not hipster revivals. Does anyone know what I mean and are any still around?
  3. Nemblamenchisus

    Need More HERO

    I'm so envious. I've built up and sold off several collections through the years, and now have a lot of pdfs and a small number of hard copy books. And even though I have all I need, practically speaking, I still go weak at the knees when I see a bookshelf full of Hero and other RPG books. It's definitely irrational.
  4. Nemblamenchisus

    Discussion of Hero System's "Health" on rpg.net

    I'm just going to chip in by saying that actually, Hero isn't doing too badly. It's in print. It still has a dedicated base, and name recognition outside that base. How many systems from the classic era of RPGs are really doing much better? The competition from newer systems is astronomical. Hero isn't one of the top handful of systems, like it was perhaps in the past, but now there are 100x the number of games on the market. We all have ideas on what could be done to make it more successful, but I'm pretty happy with what we've got, and I'm still having success running games and introducing new players.
  5. Nemblamenchisus

    MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See?

    I just looked up the Wikipedia article on Hungarian mythology. Very interesting stuff. So there's just not enough English information available? Or is it scanty and speculative even in Hungarian?