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    Gaming, movies, books, and sleeping. Taking my son to scout meetings.
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    It's said that people think, therefore they exist. My ex-wife says I don't think--does this mean I don't exist. I was afraid of that.
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    Inventory Analyst
  1. Javalleron

    Missing Limitations Using 5e Rules

    Nevermind. I found out what I was doing wrong.
  2. I'm trying to create a disease using the Drain power in HD6 (but using the 5e rules), and want to simulate it with the Gradual Effect limitation. When I go to add the limitation to the power, I can't find it in the list of available limitations. It's also missing from the unavailable limitations list as well. Does anyone know if it is hiding under a different name, or is part of a different limitation in the software? I know I could create my own custom limitation, but I'd rather use an official predefined one if possible.
  3. Working on my Fantasy Hero campaign setting for Hero v5.

  4. The hot tub heater kicking on right outside my bedroom window (just as I'm getting ready for bed).