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  1. Is there any limitation preventing a character from putting up multiple barriers in front of themselves? As an adjunct question, one of my players put up an englobing barrier and said he defines the inner part of the globe as the outside so he can teleport out of the globe if needed. This seems to be a very wrong thing in a stinky cheese sort of way.
  2. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)?​Combination of one of my first Shadowrun characters, Ice and a nickname I had prior Hawke. What was the first tabletop RPG you played?Don't recall if it was D&D or Champions. What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed?Most likely D&D What are you currently playing/GMing?​Champions - GM. Occasionally Shadowrun, and a game of my own devising, Via Astrum.