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    I was born in the summer of my 27th year. I went home to a place I'ld never been before. There, on Ventura highway in the sunshine, the days were longer and the nights were stronger than moonshine.

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  1. clnicholsusa

    A Game Of Questions

    I thought it required more than a question mark to make a question?
  2. clnicholsusa

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Have you met that Larry Flynt character? A: That's why JFK Jr. and I hate what the internet age has done to magazine sales.
  3. clnicholsusa

    In other news...

    And why was it necessary to explain that the woman "swallowed whole by a python" didn't manage to survive. I would think the headline would be more notable if the woman survived being swallowed by a constrictor.
  4. clnicholsusa

    Answers & Questions

    Q: What did the critic's say about Arthur Curry's stand-up routine? A: I’m really influenced by Mozart and Bach, and it’s kind of in-between. It’s like a Mach piece, really.
  5. clnicholsusa

    Genre-crossover nightmares

    Inception of Twilight Gladiator Watchmen Titanic Tangled Triangle Thor Twins Seven Uninhabited Cars Maleficent Frankenstein Armageddon I think Hollywood avoids one word movie titles because people make lists like these.
  6. clnicholsusa

    Answers & Questions

    Q: We received your designs, but why is the envelope marked SWAK? A: Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane, ain't got time to take a fast train, lonely days are gone, I'm a-goin' home, my baby, just-a wrote me a letter.
  7. clnicholsusa

    Answers & Questions

    Q: What do I do with these genetically-engineered talking pigs? A: That'll do, pig. That'll do.
  8. clnicholsusa

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    To think, I wasted my time watching Mushi-Shi when I could have been enjoying the quality of Braven.
  9. clnicholsusa

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Surely you can't be serious, could you fly this plane, and land it? A: I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.
  10. I've got four working PC's, sitting idle, loaded with Debian, all hardware functioning. I picked them up by visiting a nearby industrial park on a day when the county was offering 'free electronics recycling'. If you wait till a line forms, and then walk down the line with a cardboard sign that reads "SERVICEABLE COMPUTERS WANTED", you're likely to find some business disposing of last year's models. I brought home six, had to gut two for spare parts, but the result was four working PC's. Hope this helps, and if anyone can figure out a way to take any of these PC's off my hands (without ANY money involved, because these were literally liberated on the way to the dump) I would be happy to have them gone (the ones I use are a little newer).
  11. clnicholsusa

    Transform vs Shape Shift: How to Change Oneself

    Yes, I read that, spent a few seconds in thought, then discounted it and continued to apply the rule I decided was properly defined. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to respond (in posts) as if everyone on the internet knew everything there was to know about me and my relationship with whatever subject is being discussed. No, the therapy doesn't cost much. When I went through CC, I found nothing I would personally use. In this case, applying that rule to multiform means a 400 point character using the multiform ability is automatically weaker than a 400 point character that doesn't use the ability. I didn't want any of my players to think they were being penalized for suggesting the GM should keep track of more than one character for any player that wanted to use some specific power. I still struggle against evolving into the sort of GM that would do this, but, when your the GM, IYG.
  12. clnicholsusa

    Answers & Questions

    Q: How do you plan to defeat the nefarious Dr. Hoover Head by catching fish? A: It's a big building with patients, but that's not important right now.
  13. clnicholsusa

    Transform vs Shape Shift: How to Change Oneself

    Pardon me, but this is incorrect. 6E1 pg 266: "The character’s true form can have more points than his alternate forms, or his alternate forms can have more points than his true form (before or after accounting for the points the true form pays for Multiform)." If the 'true form' is built as Billy Fungolad with Multiform to transform into Commander Wonder, I think the alternate form would have more points than the base form; however, if the 'true form' is built as Count Notchocula and the alternate form is a mobile mist it's almost certain the base form will have more points. So, no, Multiform doesn't expressly prohibit you from having a better alternate form than your base form.
  14. clnicholsusa

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Why is my marriage license signed by Rev. Moon? A: That wasn't income, those funds were manna from heathens. I misspell (and regret) nothing!
  15. clnicholsusa

    Returning weapons

    This has always grated on me, a little, as the system indicates this is permissible for an axe, but not allowed for a club. Axe: Hand-to-Hand Killing Attack Ranged: An HKA with this Advantage (or Range Based On STR) still gets STR bonuses to damage. This is a good way to build HTH weapons characters can throw (such as some axes). It’s an exception to the general rule that a character must always use a Power’s Advantages when he uses a Power. Club: Hand-to-Hand Attack Ranged: A character may not apply the Advantage Ranged to an HA (except possibly when building throwable HTH Combat weapons in Heroic campaigns). To build such an attack, use Blast with the Range Based On Strength Limitation (and other Limitations, as appropriate), or buy the weapon as a normal HTH Combat weapon and use the Throw Combat Maneuver to inflict damage with it as a thrown object. So, we get two questions from this: What is it about Hand-to-Hand Attacks that suggests they don't benefit from the points added to STR when they are thrown? What is it about Hand Killing Attacks that prevents them from being used with the Throw Combat Maneuver to do damage?