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  1. unclevlad

    2018 Baseball Thread (MLB and whatever)

    Brewers/Dodgers in 13th as I type. Gonna go out a bit on a limb and say whoever can win this, wins the series. Why? Brewers are taxing their bullpen; the longer this goes, the worse that'll be. That's OK *if* they can win this one and go up 3-1. If Dodgers win, they've got Kershaw, and while he didn't have a great start, we can also expect he's not gonna get hosed by, what, 5 errors? (Passed balls count as errors.) So if they win this one, then tomorrow as I'd bet were I so inclined, they're up 3-2. Going back to Milwaukee isn't *that* much of an edge. Going into bottom 13th. 32 strikeouts. 13 hits. 5 hours so far. Modern baseball at its finest. Oh and side point. I'm beginning to really dislike Machado. Ask me, he's a DIRTY player. See the play where he quite clearly stutter-stepped AND changed his line, so his foot clipped the 1st baseman's ankle? And plays sliding into 2nd have been borderline to VERY suspect. EDIT: OK, Machado just got a single, and he and the Brewers guy just had a chat that seemed friendly enough. The play did NOT look good, tho.
  2. unclevlad

    2018 Baseball Thread (MLB and whatever)

    It's only 2-1. I think this is gonna be a long series. Well, ok, I hope it will be. The Sox certainly CAN be overwhelming, and the Sox bullpen is still shaky as heck.
  3. unclevlad

    In other news...

    The more I see about Aussie politics, the more I realize it would NOT be a place to move to. Although the alt-right is rearing its ugly head back up in many places, as I understand it.
  4. Not surprising at all. Gives me hope...because if there's one large group that might be considered single-issue-dominated, it's us retired people, with Soc Sec and Medicare. Because it is literally the financial lifeline for many. Maybe, just maybe, we will see a chamber switch sides. The downside? If we don't...I think the legislative rampage will start next year.
  5. Hey, he's got a great marching slogan. Alt-Knight is Alt-Right!!!!
  6. Hooo....centrist is one thing, but there were more red flags with Kavanaugh than were on Florida's beaches last week. Political ploy to cut your own political throat? I don't see it. Near certainty to alienate a LARGE bloc of women voters, who even if they don't vote for the other candidate, probably then just won't cast a vote at all for that race. NYT polls are showing a growing, now fairly significant, lead for the Republican. So the notion of it being a political ploy sounds like total BS.
  7. That's not par for the course...but it's damn close. It *is* par for the course when it's a PAC ad, rather than a candidate's ad. To be sure, it may be selective memory, but Republican PAC ads always seem to be nothing but fearmongering and/or personal attacks. Democratic PAC ads aren't immune; not saying that. My sense, tho, is that the Republican PAC ads sink 2 or 3 levels deeper into the cesspool.
  8. The point is Trump denied it, and is now denying he ever made an issue of it. Which is also utterly unsurprising.
  9. The difference between what most politicians do, and what Trump does, is that he's much more blatant about it. His rhetoric is also that of a campaigner, not of a leader, no matter if he's at a rally or from the White House. On a side note, anyone else in as much despair over the *glut* of late-season political ads? Had the baseball game on the TV, Chiefs/Pats streaming off and on. Carpet-bombed by them, and of course, a HIGH percentage of them are corrosive, pernicious attack ads.
  10. unclevlad

    Charmed Reboot

    LOL Wasn't a fan of the old one. Saw they were doing a remake, and figured that was 2 1/2 strikes to begin with. SICK of remakes! Apparently reviews are quite mixed.
  11. unclevlad

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    VIkings had a generally better team. To Badger's comment...ok, Eli might be better than anything the Broncos have now, but their offensive issues are much more extensive than that. Next to last in 2017 in TO margin (guess who was worse); 24th this year. 26th in points per game. Defense is 6th worst in YPG allowed, middle of the pack in 3rd down stops. This isn't the defense that went to the Super Bowl. Yeah, looks like it will be a long year. 2 home losses? Good luck going better than 7-9; Broncos are so awful on the road that thinking they'll win more than 1 road game is pretty much a pipe dream.
  12. unclevlad

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    Yeah, I'm sure Mark Davis is SUPER happy with his coach. (I'm hoping Gruden will have a terrible 2-3 year run then fade into total oblivion, only popping up as a Talking Head on the "analysis" show of your choice.) Of course the Vikes won. Come on, at home, and the 2nd or 3rd worst team in the league? Almost a bye week. Gotta look askance at that Vaunted Bear Defense. On the road, sure, but can we assert the Fins to be a powerhouse offense? With Osweiler? Over 500 yards, 30+ points, 8/17 3rd down efficiency.
  13. unclevlad

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    Signed through 2019. Google it...real simple. But no one's gonna trade for him. $23M+ cap hit for next year, for a very mediocre QB who isn't gonna get any better...and generally seems to have regressed. I'll buy that gunshy is some of it, but he's 21st in rating this year, and looking at last year, it looked like about 24th among QBs with 250+ attempts. And given that he'll be 38, with a LOT of miles on him, the only role would be as a stopgap for a year. But I wouldn't want him. I hate throwing away a season with a Dead Man Walking QB. The other thing is, I am just not sure where his head is. How much does he want to be there...or is it that he's just sick of the Giants? Further, Eli needs to be THE team leader. Got the years, got the position, got the rings. Don't got the personality, from everything I've seen whenever I'm stuck with the Giants. I think there's a good chance OBJ is locker room cancer, but Eli's in a position to at least mitigate the problems. It seems clear from the pathetic performance against an Eagles offense that's been MIA all year until Thursday, that there's all I, no Team there.
  14. unclevlad

    Babylon 5 Spoilers

    BIggest shocker to me was the ending to Deathwalker. Which is also one of my favorite episodes, along with Comes the Inquisitor.
  15. unclevlad

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    Youch. Postgame comments, Aikman flat out said, "hate to say it but the Giants are just playing out the string." That might be the biggest rip I can think of, targeted at a team. Especially this early. That's a week 15 comment for a 3-10 team, sure, but week 6? I'm not gonna say Eli is the core problem, but I think there's no point in playing him any more. Nothing good's happening on offense when he's onfield, so what's the risk?