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    Hero System 6th Edition Core Books Available in POD

    I'm just glad we can get it in print. Color or not. Does this mean that given enough time we will see the other 6E out of print books also be released this way as well?
  2. I apologize for my post.
  3. If he knew my personal habits or knew me in person it's one thing. He makes a assumption and a wrong one about me. Without knowing what the hell he is talking about. There was no reason for it beyond that I dared to be critical of his favored rpg. I could have written a better post. I'm not going to apologize for defending myself.
  4. I have. It's good but very small step in the right direction. You would need something in a smaller and cheaper format. It's all good to make the system easier. Not so good when your competition can offer their core rules for between 10-25$. They also need to find some way to get the 6E core in print. If only to clear out the remaining copies of volume 2 that they have. Asking the fans to do it is good but many like myself are not interested. I have enough to do with my own life. I don't have the time or willigness to save someone else.
  5. All you know about me is what I post. We have never met. So how do you know anything about me outside of these boards. Don't speak for me and don't make any comments about my character. Are we clear.
  6. I have. It's a start but not enough imo. If some dislike the complexity and crunchiness as long as it's a factor. Even if presented in a easier format. Will still be a turn off. Right now they are damned if they do and damned if they don't.
  7. I still think it's the complexity of the system. Not simply presentation that is the cause of where Hero Games is at. I might be wrong and want to be proven wrong I'm not holding my breath. You want to get Hero Games back on track. Release a book like Savage worlds explorers edition for a cost of between 10-20$. Not a Sidekick version offer all the rules in a smaller easier to use format. No tomes the size of textbooks. Second admit that maybe it might be time to redo or streamline the system. I get that some don't like rules lite. But enough of gamers have voted with their wallets and said no to system. My proof the company is in trouble. You can deny all you want the evidence is right in front of you. If you can offer the system as is. So much the better. If not it might be time time to try something new. Making the current or next edition a profitable one. Is a must. Goodwill of gamers is nice and all. That don't pay the bills. Fourth don't expect or assume fans to take up the slack. I like the system. I'm not going to bend over backwards to save it. At least for free or without any guarantee of making a profit. My times is precious and I'm not going to waste it on what seems like a lost cause.
  8. It's not only simply a matter of HG getting more money. Even if they won the lottery tommorow. A decent amount of gamers are not interested in a rules heavy and complex system like the Hero System. So if all your going to do is a rehash with better production values it's throwing money away. You might as well burn money. One thing those who like the system ignore is that they are easier less complex and rules light systems on the market. While not as complete like the HS, some on the hobby are willing to overlook that. You want no changes yet at the same time want it to be more popular. If your also not offering anything new why would people reinvest again.
  9. So anyone should be able to say anything and everything and then hide behind free speech. The mods should just not do anything. That's not how it works. If you think that calling others in the hobby rules rapists is a good thing or even acceptable then no wonder our hobby is dying a slow death. Considering how today society is politically correct. They have no choice but to crack down on that kind of stuff. I don't agree with. I don't blame them either. No to mention that kind of stuff might get you banned or at the very least get you in trouble hear too.
  10. To be blunt if your dumb enough to write something like "rules rapists" when refereing to other members off the hobby. Your asking for a ban and deserve it imo. That type of toxic BS does not belong anywhere near the hobby. Yes they are people who like to learn to rules and get the most out of them. You don't have to like them. Calling them "rules rapist" is helpful how exactly.
  11. Not to mention in this digital age. With social media. Word of mouth is not the only way to market a rpg. It helps but with the first you can reach many more gamers in the hobby. To be blunt it's also not my job to spread free advertising. I don't mind but I also don't feel any obligation to do it for free. I have my hands full with my own job. I'm not doing someone else advertising. If anything they should really get POD with the 6e Core set and any other out of print 6E. It's too expensive online. Their second part of the core set will never sell out or take forever to do so.
  12. I can see why some like taking time to make characters. I don't see the need for it though personally. If a rpg allows me to to do it quicker and faster it's a feature not a bug. Taking a long time to make character is also not a and never will be a selling feature. Sure if your like myself experienced with the system it's easier. Not so much to a bunch of novice players/gm to the hobby. The Complete series of books was a step in the right direction though not enough imo. Mind you then you had those who complained that they were not "complete" enough.
  13. I completely disagree with Pathfinder and Hero System being very similar in complexity. I can the core Pathfinder to a gamer and by looking at the classes get a idea of what they want. Unless you have someone familiar or at least has Fantasy Hero available has to build everything from scratch. Easy enough for a veteran of course. Not so much a beginner. I'm not saying Pathfinder is rules light by any means. It's somewhat annoying that similar bonuses don't stack with each other. Nowhere near as much math imo then the Hero System. It's no so much not wanting to read material. It's the sheer amount of material. The size of 6E did no favor to gaining new bloodin the hobby. Already some were unwilling to read one large book with 5E. Two large books. Complexity and crunchiness for the sake of it was and never will be a selling point. Think about it someone offers you the Fate Core, Savage worlds Core and the 6E core. Being objective and new to the hobby would you really want to read two big books that look and read like school textbooks. Versus the smaller ones that look and read more like rpgs. It's up to Hero Games and other rpg companies to cater to what the fans want. Which so far leans more to rules light and less crucnhy.
  14. I'm part of that thread and you don't know what your talking about. Is it critical about some elements of the Hero System of course. That foes not make it a bad thread. If you wanted a echo chamber style thread on rpg.net well your not going to get it.
  15. Again I don't think it's simply a matter of more releases. Better presentation and style and writing in the books will help. As I said a significant number of gamers in the hobby don't want rules heavy and crunchy rules. Short attention spans is a very small minor factor of the problem. It's not really the reason. If that was the case than even rule systems like Fate and Savage worlds would be hurting in terms of sales.