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  1. zslane

    Superhero vs Fantasy

    This sounds remarkably like the point I made in the third post of this thread (see below): I think we may be repeating ourselves now...
  2. Well, Disney now owns a majority stake in Hulu, yes, but the essential mindset of Disney's corporate culture views Hulu as a piece of a larger streaming ecosystem now in need of some repositioning. I'm sure that if you were to get a glimpse of Disney's earnings projections for Disney Plus, you'd see that those earnings are expected to be larger than Hulu's by 2021 or so. Any other outcome would be seen as something of a failure of execution of their strategic vision.
  3. I tend to agree with this assessment. Disney enjoys a long history of becoming a dominant player in every entertainment space they enter. Disney Plus isn't a case of them dipping their tones in the streaming waters. They are going all in on it, and they won't stop until they displace Hulu as one of the Big Three.
  4. zslane

    Godzilla, King of the Monsters

    This movie looks magnificent. I loved the 2014 Godzilla movie, and this one is shaping up to be a worthy successor. On a side note, I couldn't get through the first act of Kong: Skull Island because of how braindead the insertion team behaved when trying to land itself on the island. I'm really hoping it won't be required viewing for the Kong vs. Godzilla movie being developed next.
  5. zslane


    Yeah, that's why they added the super strength hack to the system for GURPS Supers. In general I've found that any time a genre demands the power scale go into the extremes (superheroes, space opera, anime, etc.) all kinds of out-of-band mechanics have to get tacked onto GURPS just to make it work. It is ugly and inelegant, to say the least. For all its claims of universality, GURPS really only works best when the genre being played is trying to preserve a degree of mundane reality, and isn't trying to get too "cinematic".
  6. zslane

    Superhero vs Fantasy

    Yep, totally. But then, I feel that managing the balance and fairness of the campaign, whether we're talking about combat encounters or PC builds, is part of the job of the GM in any game. The fact that it requires more care and attention in Champions doesn't give the GM an excuse to be lazy on this front; rather that the game should only be run by someone willing to put in the necessary effort.
  7. zslane

    Superhero vs Fantasy

    I think that depends on what sort of wish one is looking to fulfill. I found it far more rewarding to experience the imaginary life of a superhero than that of a fantasy hero. I'd rather be Thor than Conan any day. But that's just me. The fact that most teenagers don't feel the same way probably explains why more fantasy RPGs are played than superhero RPGs. So I guess your assertion probably holds true for most young gamers. It's just that it didn't for me or for the other players in the various Champions campaigns I played in over the years.
  8. The Marvel Netflix shows are casualties of the digital streaming war between Netflix and Disney. Disney is pulling all their content from, well, everywhere, and putting it exclusively on Disney Plus. Netflix has decided that the only reasonable response is to cancel every show that would cost them a fortune (and their souls) to renew, and they have no interest in doing anything that helps Disney make money. I'm not sure I really blame Netflix, at least from a purely business perspective. However, as a fan of (some of) their Marvel shows, I am just as disappointed as you are.
  9. zslane


    I love me my Supergirl, but sometimes the writing is so dumb I want to shout at my tv in frustration. For example:
  10. I am very much looking forward to this movie, but I can't escape the feeling that this latest trailer is trying just a little too hard to make her look kewl. Part of the problem is that all the high-energy superpowered action lacks context. But in addition to that, Brie's voice and dialogue delivery just doesn't fit my internal notion of "badass warrior chick". I nevertheless remain cautiously hopeful.
  11. zslane

    Superhero vs Fantasy

    I can only conclude that you and I have very different notions of what constitutes a "significant difference". ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. zslane

    Godzilla, King of the Monsters

    That Ultraman teaser shows how the Japanese have far less concern for mass civilian deaths and massive collateral damage than DCEU Superman. Also, it aint Ultraman without the cross-arm energy blasts!
  13. I agree with Grace Randolph that someone like Donnie Yen is probably too old for the role, but not too old to play his father (which is a key role in Shang Chi's backstory). There's also the question of which incarnation of the character we're going to get. Are we going to get the Bruce Lee clone who is merely a master of Kung Fu, or the more contemporary version who can make duplicates of himself, Jamie Madrox style?
  14. zslane

    Superhero vs Fantasy

    Today's pre-written adventures are no great shakes. They aren't anything I'd be excited to play. Sure, they often have lavish production values, but they suffer from the need to cater to a style of play I rather detest. Which is a style that is heavy on narrative play and is way too dependent on the players achieving specific objectives at various points in the plot. There's little room in the written text for how to deal with a near TPK, or characters who decide to completely bypass a "chapter". If a GM doesn't have time to come up with their own adventures, then they also don't have time to prepare contingencies for player actions and outcomes that deviate heavily from the expectations of the pre-written adventure text. That puts today's adventures on rails for the most part. Back in the day we used to complain about adventures, whether pre-written or GM-created, that felt like they were on rails. Nowadays the rails have become necessary and expected to a large degree. Players seem to want the adventure spoon fed to them, with little to no chance of failure at any point so that nothing derails the all-important Story. This has become painfully evident after watching numerous RPG streams on YouTube, and hearing various GMs vlog about their campaigns. The evolution of pre-written adventures/modules away from "adventure settings with a dramatic situation" towards "adventure paths with a series of chapters" has been slow and subtle. The stark contrast between the two really only became apparent to me after I read Matthew Finch's essay, A Quick Primer for Old School Gaming, and I realized just how far today's adventure path products have drifted from the iconic AD&D modules of old (ala G1-3/D1-3/Q1 or the T series). How does this affect Superheroes vs. Fantasy? Well I grew up expecting fantasy RPG play to have an ongoing plot where we, the players, drove most of the action and where a sense of continuity from session to session was paramount. Superhero RPG play, on the other hand, was a refreshing change where each session was more or less standalone, with "continuity" only existing insofar as we remembered past missions and maybe the consequences of one mission might have some minor impact on some future mission/plot. Moreover, as superheroes we were reacting to the actions of the villains, rather than going out into the world and carving out our own heroic destiny, like you typically find in fantasy.