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  1. Did Lucas have anything to do with casting The Last Jedi?
  2. zslane

    Jessica Jones on Netflix

    Yes, I’ve seen all the seasons of all the MCU Netflix shows. She bleeds just like Daredevil. Her skin does not come across as particularly Damage Resistant. But she clearly heals faster and doesn’t seem to feel the pain as much, though maybe that’s just one of the benefits of all her drinking.
  3. zslane

    Jessica Jones on Netflix

    It seems to me that she just has a little bit of Regen and a very high EGO (high pain threshold, strong will, etc.). Her PD/ED may be a bit higher than a normal human, but I don't think any of it is resistant. Then again, the Regen may just be a Plot Device Power (i.e., she gets to be as "healed up" as the plot needs her to be at any given point in the storyline).
  4. Yeah, George Lucas really messed up in his solemn duty towards representation in film by not casting an actual wookie to play Chewbacca. He was further derelict in this duty when he failed in the same way for Ewok representation. Actually, hiring humans for all his aliens was simply unforgivable. He should be ashamed of himself.
  5. zslane

    Lovercraftian horrors line art.

    Nyarlathotep can take pretty much any form he wants, so any drawing of him is going to challenge the notion of canonicity in any case. One thing I find bemusing is that in the board game Arkham Horror, you will often find your investigators fighting dholes, which given their size is absurd. But hey, it's just a dumb board game, right?
  6. I think the only point of concern with regard to Ruby Rose should be her acting ability, or lack thereof. She has a great look, but it remains to be seen if she can act well enough to pull off the role convincingly. Her real life sexual orientation is, and should be, utterly irrelevant. If fans really want to complain about anyone "not being lesbian enough," then they should wait until the Batwoman show airs (assuming it even gets greenlit as an independent series), see how she's portrayed, and then complain to the showrunners and WB if they aren't satisfied. Ruby herself will have little say in the matter, so aiming SJW cannons at her is pointless.
  7. zslane

    Lovercraftian horrors line art.

    Wow, those are all amazing! I just wish the human reference silhouette was on all of them.
  8. zslane


    Both systems are points-based, but ability costs follow very different design philosophies in the two systems. Abilities in the Hero System are largely priced according to how useful they are in combat, which is a reasonable basis when you're talking about superhero roleplaying where the big fight with the villains is its raison d'etre. Skills are rarely invoked during combat, and so they all tend to have a relatively uniform, low cost structure. Abilities in GURPS, on the other hand, are priced according to how hard they would be to acquire the real world. That's why skills in GURPS are priced according to their "difficulty rating" (i.e., difficulty to learn in the real world). The implication being that because something is hard to learn (e.g., neurosurgery), it should cost your character more even if it wouldn't enter play frequently or be terribly useful in the game.
  9. After winning two consecutive US National titles in a row, he finally won his first World title last night in Shanghai. Way to go Evan!
  10. Yeah, Lovecraft shared elements (gods, creatures, artifacts, but not events) of his mythos with other authors, but there was no attempt to make everything inhabit a single common fictive universe. Implicit in the cosmology was the idea that it could all be inhabiting a common multiverse, which of course Azathoth would be presiding over, but none of it resembles the cohesive continuity of superhero comic books or the MCU.
  11. zslane

    Lost genre's?

    Which reminds me of the (funny) animals genre: Bunnies and Burrows, Albedo, etc. And then there was the religiously-themed stuff like Nephilim and In Nomine.
  12. Well, to be fair, the concept of building a cinematic franchise from the ground up is relatively new. For instance, the James Bond "franchise" was post facto, and not guaranteed to even become one just because the novels were popular. Nobody involved in the making of Dr. No thought of it as a franchise starter. The idea of putting out an initial film with the intention that it will kick off a big movie franchise (or "(shared) cinematic universe") is a very recent notion, and I have to agree with Old Man that it hasn't happened successfully yet. Even the teaser at the end of Iron Man was merely a testing of the waters to measure audience interest in the idea, but Marvel Studios didn't produce that movie with the confident foreknowledge that it would result in the MCU.
  13. Yeah, Harry Potter is probably the best contemporary example. I don't consider a trilogy a franchise per se since it is intended to end conclusively after the third installment. Even Harry Potter, which had a "only" seven primary installments has spawned spin-offs in the same universe, extending itself into a genuine (i.e., ongoing) franchise. But I think Old Man's point is still well taken; the norm is that a franchise is what you get (long) after your first movie is so successful that it gives birth to an unending stream of sequels, spin-offs, and merchandise.
  14. I think TLJ's box office performance was mostly from the pent up demand to see Luke finally return to the big screen. If disappointed fans could have gotten their money back after seeing what Rian Johnson did with the character, I'm pretty confident TLJ's total would be below Rogue One's.