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  1. zslane

    Agents Of SHIELD!

    By breaking the time loop, it makes more sense to me that Fitz is dead and that there is no future version to encounter (anymore). That "frozen in stasis" version was part of a time loop that is no longer part of the team's temporal trajectory. Also, would anyone care to guestimate how much time passed from the moment Talbot died in the vacuum of space to when Coulson stepped onto the sands of Tahiti with May?
  2. zslane

    Agents Of SHIELD!

    So I'm confused about what happened to Fitz. Did he die? It sure looked like he did. But if so, then I don't understand Gemma's comments about him being in deep space or something. Also, it sure looks like she worked past her grief of losing him awfully quickly.
  3. zslane

    Black Lightning on CW tonight

    Those are neat Easter eggs that I would never have got. But Easter eggs they are nonetheless. I don't think that comic foreshadows anything. The primary narrative purpose of that Outsiders book was to give Annisa a plausible excuse for why she was staring at Grace's ass; a flirtation totem that merely helped to propel the Meet Cute.
  4. zslane

    Black Lightning on CW tonight

    If they were intended to be pop culture references within the diagesis, then I wonder why they picked Supergirl instead of Wonder Woman. I mean, Vixen I get. She's an obvious first choice for comparison, but would Supergirl be a more recognized second choice over Wonder Woman in any universe except the CWverse?
  5. zslane

    Black Lightning on CW tonight

    I think those shout-outs were purely metatextual, and only intended to say, "Hey we're a CW show too!" rather than, "Hey, we're all in the (same) CWverse!" Then again, Vixen (from LoT) could show up next season and prove me wrong.
  6. If you got to level up the way Thor has in the last few movies, you'd be having fun too.
  7. Wasn't there some urgency to Trevor's mission given the timetable to the Armistice and Ludendorf's plan to launch his poison gas just prior to its signing?
  8. zslane

    Agents Of SHIELD!

    I'm a little surprised by the season 6 announcement. I didn't think the show was doing well enough ratings-wise to survive (especially in the Friday night death-slot); after all, Disney had to basically mandate from on-high the production of season 5, as ABC had initially chosen to cancel it according to its normal metrics. I wonder if Disney had to pull rank again for season 6...
  9. zslane

    How to Build: Vorpal weapons?

    As a GM, I would go through the following procedure: Step 1: Decide if the campaign will use Placed Shots or random Hit Location rolls. Step 2: Decide if Vorpal Effect should occur as a result of a Critical Hit or a hit to the Head location (or both). Step 3: Determine highest BODY creature in the campaign that can be killed by decapitation. Step 4: Adjust the build I provided depending on decisions made in steps 1-3.
  10. zslane

    How to Build: Vorpal weapons?

    PSLs to offset the OCV penalty for a Placed Shot to the Head alone will not guarantee beheading, which seems to be the raison d'etre of this weapon. You still have to do enough damage to exceed resistant defenses and kill the target. In D&D, you roll your d20 and the GM (or sometimes, the mechanics as in this case) decides the narrative interpretation of that die roll. For a Vorpal Sword, rolling a 20 doesn't merely invoke your typical "okay, what should this critical hit be described as?" moment. It forces the GM to say something like, "Your sword strikes the neck, and the sword magically comes to life, cutting the head clean off in a single blow". Was the PC aiming for the head? Not by way of explicit player choice, no. But in D&D, the results will dictate the cause, after the fact (old-school saving throws are a good example of this). By rolling a 20 with a Vorpal Sword, the scene is described retroactively as the hero chopping a head off in a single blow, and whether or not the GM says it was by PC intent or just sheer luck, is actually immaterial to the result, and is left to his narrative judgment. It's different in the Heo System if you use Placed Shots, but not if you use strictly random Hit Locations. By going with random Hit Locations, you capture some of the arbitrariness of D&D combat, which seems to be central to integrating weapons like the Vorpal Sword into the game experience. But is that really what you want when you use the Hero System? It really depends on what the GM is going for.
  11. Yeah, but it would have brightened Rocket's day just a little...
  12. zslane

    How to Build: Vorpal weapons?

    A rational GM would not allow players to buy heaps of Placed Shot SLs in the first place. Such characters would be problematic in a campaign even without a vorpal sword. A Hero System GM must decide just how closely he or she wants to mimic the D&D version. Do they want the fixed 5% chance to trigger the effect, or do they want to go with the concept of triggering on a critical hit, even though "critical hit" has different mechanics (and a potentially higher chance of occurring than a mere 5%) from system to system? Or do they want to go with the concept of triggering on a hit to the Head location (and if so, does the GM want to allow Placed Shots, or do they want Hit Locations to be completely random)? A Hero System GM has lots of decisions to make with something like this. I think Ragitsu needs to clarify what aspects of the D&D vorpal mechanics he wants to replicate, and which ones he wants to discard or translate into a more native Hero System interpretation. There are too many variables that need to be set before arriving at a definitive build.
  13. zslane

    How to Build: Vorpal weapons?

    I'm not sure we really care about the cost of this thing. After all, nobody cared how "fair" or "balanced" it was in D&D, and its capabilities reflect that.
  14. The thing is, that video is supposed to hit us in the feels, but it presupposes we see some sort of honorable pathos in Tony feeling responsible for Peter's death (by not trying harder to keep him on Earth, I suppose). It doesn't work on me--really, it shouldn't work on anyone who doesn't also have a savior complex--because the whole "that's on me" b.s. is just an extension of Tony's massive ego, and not a poignant foreshadowing of tragic cause-and-effect.
  15. Tony has a savior complex. How he thinks of things is not how we should think of things.