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  1. zslane

    Need More HERO

    Ah, yes, the good old days before Photoshop...
  2. Even in the comics costumes change whenever a book gets a new artist/writer team. Apparently, we as consumers have a non-existent attention span, and if you don't change things up constantly, we lose interest.
  3. So what is your favorite sci-fi RPG setting that isn't an adaptation from pre-existing material? "My own" is a perfectly valid answer, BTW, and if it is please describe your setting! I ask this largely because I have yet to stumble onto a sci-fi RPG setting that really captures my imagination and makes me desperate to play in that universe. I figure that may be because I'm not familiar with all that many, so I'd like to hear from others about their favorites.
  4. zslane

    Need More HERO

    So here is a side-by-side comparison of 1e (on the left) and 2e (on the right) character sheets. As you can see, they differ noticeably in layout, typeface, and the style of the figure illustration.
  5. zslane

    How alien are your aliens?

    The evolutionary diversity that Spore supports should be an inspiration to alien species creators. All you have to do is look at just how weird a species can get and still function superbly to get a sense of the possibilities. Bipeds need not be the only (or even most common) morphology in your game unless you feel they absolutely have to be.
  6. zslane

    Need More HERO

    No, I'm pretty sure that the 1e character sheets have different figure illustrations on them (than 2e). I will take a look tonight when I get home.
  7. zslane

    How alien are your aliens?

    Methinks more people should play Spore... 🤔☺️
  8. zslane

    Need More HERO

    I believe this is one: I'm pretty sure I have scanned PDFs of all the 1e character sheets on my home PC. Are you in search of them for actual use?
  9. zslane

    Need More HERO

    Mark's illustrations had a certain charm that gave Champions 2e a distinctive look, and carried a workman-like quality that let you know you weren't going to be getting into a game that was all glitz and no substance. I much prefer Jeff Dee as an artist, but the overall presentation of Champions 2e was much more inviting and visually accessible than V&V. Little did I know when I bought it, that I'd bought the best RPG system ever invented (you can't tell that from the artwork, unfortunately).
  10. zslane


    Isn't this villain guy who is ordering the Graves around just a temporary villain? Presumably the real villain of the season is/will be Red Supergirl.
  11. zslane

    Need More HERO

    I started with 2e as well, but managed to acquire a mint 1e copy from Ray Greer in the early 1990s. It is fascinating to me to see how character write-ups, and power builds in particular, have grown in terms of sheer information density from 1e to 6e. Just look at how Mechanon has been written up through all the editions. He began as a simple, but still relatively powerful, villain (the CU's version of Ultron basically) and slowly became this unwieldy construct that takes two character sheets to fully represent.
  12. Maybe it's just semantics, but I consider trying to shoehorn a character drenched in Eastern mysticism into a gritty street-level environment (and doing it in the most underwhelming way possible) to be the direct by-product of a profound lack of creative vision for the Iron Fist property.
  13. I'm quite aware of the fact that superhero teams are far from perfect, that they make mistakes, and that collateral damage is typically a consequence of saving the world (and BTW, I believe Tony Stark spends a lot of his company's money "cleaning up his messes", and doesn't just leave it to the victims and their governments). But regardless of how the efforts of the Avengers appear to foreign governments, the underlying issue is what is truly the best thing to do about superpowered individuals/teams, not what can merely be done as a (political) salve to assuage the concerns of a frightened and ignorant public. If you only look at the cost of stopping an alien invasion or a Hydra takeover or the annihilation quest of a mad Titan after the fact, rather than consider the cost of not stopping it at all, then it becomes all too easy to use a flawed calculus in determining how to cope with the reality of collateral damage in a universe as dangerous as the MCU.
  14. It is a real shame given how good it could have been. It's not like the format/medium (Netflix streaming) imposes insurmountable creative challenges on the genre (just look how good Daredevil is), so really there's no excuse for Iron Fist being so underwhelming. Jeff Loeb simply lacked vision for the property, and cancellation was the natural and inevitable result.
  15. Indeed. But "the public" doesn't get to manage the Avengers under the Accords. The UN is supposed to do that on their behalf. That's the underlying problem with the Accords as written. Putting "operational limits" on superheroes is a reasonable thing to propose, but using the UN as the means to do it is an extremely dubious solution. Having 117 governments with agendas that are contentious, entangled, and rarely motivated by a desire to do the Right Thing regulating and controlling a crisis-response resource like the Avengers is not something anyone with superpowers should willingly consent to, IMO.