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  1. Black Panther and Wonder Woman were entertaining despite the political needling. The problem that follows is when Hollywood learns the wrong lessons from their success. They begin to think that it was the political moralizing that appealed to audiences, and not the, well, entertaining elements (the action, the character interactions, the narrative arc, etc.). When that happens, too much focus gets put on stuffing future projects with political messages (in order to make them Socially Important), and then you have an inevitable backlash crashing up on a movie that is perceived as having a political agenda (e.g., Captain Marvel), before anyone has even seen it. Social politics start to dominate the cultural discussion about a movie, and the objective of just making good, entertaining movies starts to get lost in the scuffle.
  2. Granted. However, if the Academy is going to make political moralizing an essential element of their subjective definition of quality storytelling, then I fear their relevance will decline even further in the eyes of the general public. They may not care about that, but studios and producers will care about it if having Oscar winners in their projects ceases to add anything to box office success due to eroded public regard for the significance of the awards.
  3. There is a Technical Achievement Award for purely technical advances. I don't think we need to conflate technical breakthroughs with excellence in cinematic storytelling. A Best Picture award ought to go to whichever movie told the most moving and/or entertaining story in the most moving and/or entertaining fashion, irrespective of the technologies used in doing so. In terms of content, I feel that being politically thought-provoking can be a factor in making a movie moving and/or entertaining, but too much of the time it becomes a factor in a movie being less of an entertainment experience and more of a political lecture in narrative form. If that's going to be what the Academy responds to more than any other factor, then either they need a new category (Best Political Screed? Best Social Media Event?) to go along side Best Picture, Best Documentary, and Best Animated/Comedy, or they really need to come to terms with their growing obsolescence.
  4. "The filmmakers behind “Black Panther” were intent on creating a vibrant Afrocentric world, and to bringing a culture Hollywood has habitually ignored or denigrated to glorious notice." While the above may be true, I don't think that is a reason to give the movie a Best Picture Oscar. It is a reason to give it a Socio-Political Awareness Award, if Hollywood ever invents one, but not a Best Picture Oscar. I feel that in the race to turn everything political, including all of our entertainment, Hollywood is forgetting that the vast majority of the time movies are simply that: entertainment, and not some grand platform for social change. If a movie has to be the celluloid equivalent of a Nelson Mandela to win an Oscar, then the entire industry is headed for a crash worthy of the Daytona 500.
  5. Wow, they didn't even wait for JJ season 3 to drop before announcing that. The Punisher cancellation I expected to hear about by now because its second season has been out for a little while now.
  6. Robert Downey Jr. was a Hollywood bad boy, and everyone seems to love those. Brie Larson, on the other hand, is getting painted as an SJW activist at a time when gender politics are especially divisive in this country. That's not going to play well to those who are exhausted by all the socio-political maneuvering going on in Hollywood right now. I am largely underwhelmed by the trailers as well, and am hoping the movie will be a lot better than the trailers suggest. I never cared for the Brie Larson casting; I am in the camp that wanted to see someone far more charismatic like Charlize Theron. And while I understand that Theron wasn't available or wasn't interested, that doesn't make Larson a good choice. One has to wonder how she ended up regarded as the best alternative to (someone like) Theron.
  7. I'm not surprised that any hint of a feminist slant to the movie would have the anti-feminist backlash arriving in force to spread FUD just when the trailer campaign is winding up to full speed in front of the movie's release in theaters. And to my eyes, that's all this is. The press always has two sides that fight it out over any story or issue, and this movie is no exception. Will it be an "important" movie the way Wonder Woman and Black Panther were? Will it break $100M in its opening weekend, proving that female-led superhero movies are a viable sub-niche? Or will it be "too much Grrl Power" for mainstream male audiences, causing it crash and burn at the box office? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure. You can count on the press to stir the pot and spin this into a controversy-laden question they can milk pointlessly for weeks.
  8. I did too. Enough to buy it on Blu-ray, something I rarely do these days.
  9. Mine's not back. I guess this is still a work in progress...
  10. What's going on? If I upload it again, is it just going to get lost again? WTF?
  11. Is everyone else seeing my avatar as a broken image icon?
  12. I didn't have a problem with Psylocke's costume either. At least it was more comics accurate than most. I liked Cap's costume in First Avenger because it was a great adaptation of the classic costume in the form of military fatigues, sorta like what we saw in the original Ultimates comics. I also liked Cap's Winter Soldier costume, which I think was the best version so far. When it comes to Capt. Marvel, well, to be honest I never liked the black one-piece swimsuit costume from the comics. I just didn't like the design. I like the more current red/blue full-body suit that she has in the comics right now, and I think if they had picked someone with a better body/physique than Brie Larson, then going with a more spandex-y rendition would have looked pretty awesome. But, of course, this is the MCU, home of armor-plated spandex costumes, so we were never going to get a Spider-Man-like costume for Capt. Marvel regardless of who was cast in the role.
  13. Yeah, it is now our turn to be ignored. It is the natural order of things.
  14. Mostly because animators, lighters, and compositors (especially those that work in India and China) are much cheaper than live-action film crews, actors, stuntmen and extras. Plus, greenscreen shooting is much cheaper than location shooting, and even cheaper than soundstage shooting with physical sets. And a lot will be saved by not needing any A-list actors (or what passes for A-list in the DCEU).
  15. A (relatively) inexpensive, horror-oriented DCEU spinoff produced by WB's horror director prodigy could do pretty well for them. It won't add anything meaningful to the DCEU in terms of worldbuilding, and it won't be up for Best Picture, but if it has a low enough budget, WB can afford to take the risk and claim (financial) victory at the end of the day.
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