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  1. I love Western Hero. I have the 4th edition version and used it many times.
  2. Coming from a post-human, singularity angle, make the jacket sentient. Give it a personality. Let it be the navigator for your ship (sorry, Chewie). Let it provide climate/weather protection by projecting a field that encloses the wearer in protective environment that allows the wearer to explore toxic environments. Let the protective field act as a bio-recycling station that takes the wearer's waste and transforms it into forms that can be reused by the environment that the wearer currently is in. It could also act as a shield against weapons.
  3. I have the same thoughts on most fantasy, and most fantasy RPGs too. And that's why I enjoy non-traditional fantasy like Tekumel, or urban fantasy. Swords and sorcery is fine in the right group as it can blend with science fiction or horror elements. But really, I prefer modern, near-future, or far future RPGs. Whether supers, cinematic action, space opera, etc. I'll take Westerns over typical high fantasy. You had me laughing at YATRO! 😝
  4. I hella totally agree with you about the real professionals in the film business who put in the hard work are the set designers, costumes, et al. It's truly a craft and an art. I know someone who did costumes for Chicago theater productions and was the only costumer in the crew. It's very hard work even when you may start from existing pieces of clothing and make modifications.
  5. The things that inspire the type of science fiction campaigns I like to run are primarily cultural, societal, and philosophical. I like to explore ideas (science fiction is the literature of ideas) that push the envelope of our current conceptions of the universe, our place in it, and how we interact with each other and the alien or unknown. For inspiration, I tend to draw from: Ursula K. LeGuin (Dispossessed, The Left Hand of Darkness, et. al) Philip K. Dick (Valis, Ubik, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, many others) Samuel R. Delaney (Dhalgren, or Stars in my Pocket Like Grains of Sand) Jack Vance (Planet of Adventure, many others) I'm less interested in military sci-fi as influences for my science fiction campaigns, even though I've read it. A focus on technology and gadgets, even though a staple of science fiction, doesn't interest me. The use of tech from a transhumanist perspective is intriguing, but I'm skeptical about how it would help society as a whole.
  6. I saw it at the cinema and didn't mind paying extra for the 3-D version in IMAX. It was a very thrilling and wondrous visual tapestry. The plot had holes but I can live with that. The main characters were 2-D however, and that was the biggest let down for me. Overall, I still think it was on of the best sci-fi films I've seen in quite a while since it didn't rely on military might or vanquishing foes via force as a way to resolve conflicts or drive the story.
  7. Goonies is a very pulp genre film. After Raiders of the Lost Ark, there was a plethora of pulp-themed films, mostly B-movies. Just like there were many Mad Max pastiche films in the 80s after Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.
  8. The Adventures of Brisco Country Jr. may be the only series that's close to Wild Wild West (TV series) in theme. Though it wasn't influenced by spy series, The Adventures of Brisco Country Jr. did have mad inventions, mad inventors, dastardly villains, and steampunk technology. It was good mix with the Western genre and I enjoyed it very much.
  9. Perhaps you could draw inspiration from the Flash Gordon movie from the 1980s. The various cultures on Mongo reside on floating islands in the planet's atmosphere.
  10. I'm rereading the Raymond Chandler Philip Marlowe novels - I just finished the 1st, The Big Sleep, and I'm half-way through the 2nd, Farewell, My Lovely. Every few years I read a few Robert E. Howard stories: Conan, Kull, Steve Costigan, Solomon Kane, et al. REH's writing is filled with action in every sentence and just jumps off the page. Very pulpy! I also enjoy Karl Edward Wagner's Conan pastiche, Kane.
  11. I appreciate your recommendation too. Loyalties and Favors/Debts is a way to do it that I hadn't considered. I was leaning toward Complications. And I wasn't planning to build an actual alignment system in Hero, but provide three general Psychological Limitations guidelines for Law, Balance, and Chaos. Each allegiance would have a Complication Frequency that would provide general guidelines for how frequent (CP worth) the allegiance limitation affected the character in the campaign sessions.
  12. Thanks for sharing the link to the Michael Moorcock characters. I was considering using a Psychological Complication from HS6E1 for the Allegiances and building a few rough guidelines for each of them: Law, Balance, Chaos. I see this as a Psychological Limitation under Disadvantages for Corum, Psychological Limitation: Sworn To Uphold And Serve Law, To Oppose Chaos (VC, S) Where I'm going with this is that I've always wanted to run a fantasy game where allegiances to Law, Balance, and Chaos (L/B/C) hold more influence on characters than the Good vs. Evil axis. I can imagine a player character party, or even NPCs or other beings that would be encountered, as having a group loyalty toward one another out of their allegiance to L/B/C. With this you could have a PC group that contained both good and evil characters, but their overriding fidelity was based around the L/B/C axis. I wanted to do this in D&D / AD&D with the nine alignment system, but found it rather restrictive. The BRP Stormbringer/Elric! RPG was one where we did it some years ago and it worked well since Allegiance is an inherent part of the system. I want to do it in HERO to see how well it works. My current challenge is finding a local gaming group that is interested in this type of fantasy game.
  13. I'm very much interested in a Elric- or Planescape-like multiverse RPG using HERO. Have you considered implementing this game with HERO, and if you have, have you thought about the way to implement alignment or allegiances in HERO? Specifically the Law, Balance, Chaos spectrum from the Moorcock Eternal Champion multiverse rather than from the AD&D nine alignment system used by Planescape.
  14. I'm late to this thread, but would like to throw in another "A" book -- The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers Powers is one of my favorite authors. He builds very rich fictionalized secret histories (alternate histories) that blend into known actual histories. The Anubis Gates is one of his best and is now considered a photo-Steampunk novel that involves time travel, a werewolf protagonist, an occult magician as the big bad with his colorful mooks, Charles Dickens underclass and street urchins all wrapped in Victorian London. Powers is able to blend various disparate mundane and phantasmagorical elements into wondrous stories woven into the historical tapestry that we think we know.
  15. I wasn't aware there was a GM Screen for 6th edition. Please provide more information about it. Thanks,
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