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  1. pinecone

    Sports Betting On Role Playing Games

    I don't think it would work, but Dream Park had sports betting included, soooo...maybe?
  2. pinecone

    Floating Islands

    I remember reading a sci-fantasy book called "Fata Morgana"(??) that dealt with a floating island that was mostly a volcanic stone that floats. They had to scape bio contamination off too keep floating...if you can find it it might spark some ideas...
  3. pinecone

    Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

    Poor dude, he was just trying to become a master of White Crane. It was a big white bird...... But really he got off lucky, swans have killed with a misfortunate wing strike.....
  4. Well, just to mix in some...I think you should go for 50/50 the heroes get a fight they don't want, and find a way to win for a negotiated peace. "We have our own strenths, just because we are yong does not mean we can be treated as less than equal" you know, comic book stuff. 😁
  5. pinecone

    Arrow ~

    Come on! Super hunky, mega rich...why does Smart have to be "a thing"?
  6. Well, maybe they could do Deadpool vs Green Lanturn...save some on the actors...?
  7. Dad gum! Has it come to this? The Dc movies thread is all about marvel? Sad, I prefered Marvel growing up, but DC has produced many of the most iconic Superheroes. They have squandered so much!
  8. pinecone

    Sniping a scope.

    I thought the "moral" of the story was avoid letting your optics glint. It makes a good target.
  9. pinecone

    Martial Hero

    I know I got some static when I tried to build "Defensive Dodge" :))
  10. I gotta chime in with Devil's Cape...sorta "street level" but epic none the less. Also "Nobody gets the girl" about a person erased from the time line, who still manages to triumph...
  11. pinecone

    Post-Apocalypse Firearms

    A lot of the wild west was single shot rifles and cap and ball revolvers. Thats the sort of tech anybody whose handy might be able to craft. There might be no factories though hand crafted for everything...?
  12. pinecone

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    Well, you know what they say...if you can't beat 'em, pay them lots of money to join your side....
  13. pinecone

    Black Panther with spoilers

    Just saw it, I liked it a great deal. And it has layers to consider, and think on....very well done.
  14. pinecone

    Petey's 2018 Winter Olympics Thread

    Your evil surely knows no bounds!
  15. They plan on extending the shut down....daang!