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  1. I've watched a few, and so far I like it. The wacky world, and its millions of threads feels "real" to me. As opposed to the normal stripped down worlds in movies. So far the acting and effects are top notch.
  2. Sadly I sometimes feel that the only thing Hollywood will add is "Pretty girl is taking a shower, when Monsta X attacks!"😄
  3. Could have been as simple as resistence to disease. Or maybe we were just a tiny bit better at exploiting resources. No way to know really. I'm, going with Aliens! myself.;)
  4. Wanted! Undead, or alive...a vampire/monster hunting story in the "Wild wild west"
  5. I'm ex military, so I bar 7s and cross zeros. It just dosn't look right if I don't. 4s? Both no rhyme or reason to it.
  6. I just binge watched Punisher season 2. I liked it a Lot. Its not perfect, but it ends well.😊
  7. I think I goofed around with the same table.🤩I think I went with steam powered fly wheels tossing rocks. So I could have stern wheelers in Space.😍
  8. Yeah. a Booster Gold, Blue Beetle team up, then fore shadow the new Blue beetle.🤩
  9. She was reading Manga, and she is a telepath....
  10. Warpath? Timber Wolf? (I think they're the same guy, or brothers)
  11. Its a Kickstarter I think it is going by Champions Now...you can down load play test verstions to check it out, The creater also seems to really like doing U tube vids as well.👍
  12. But...they Do make it up! They just make it up using facts....😋
  13. I may have already said this, but I think it was on rpg.net...so hopefully I am not repeating myself. Game systems can be divided in several ways, and one of those ways is commonly "Permissive", and "Non permissive". So what does that mean? I'll use a couple of examples, D&D is a non permissive rule set, that means that the answer to "can I do this" is no, unless a rule says otherwise. Champions is/was a permissive rule set, the answer is supposed to default to "Sure, why not?" unless a rule says you can not. So I've been playing Champs since it came out, so thats a lot of rule sets, and rulings to plow through. But I was amazed when 5 "allowed" you to multi attack, and people were not sure if that was good, when you always could. And I had seen it used all the time. It's a permissive rule set, so is there a rule that says you can't? If not "sure, why not?". The answer to almost any question about capability should be "You're a freaking Super hero! Of course you can do that" My take on 5th and 6th is that it is written from a non permissive mind set, it often goes on to tell you the "right" way to build a power, and marks all other ways as "wrong". That is not the Hero way...IMHO...Lol
  14. That's the one. I am a little worried about the "ego" thing. But I'll wait for the finished product before I freak. Lol. My health is real poor, so I limit my activity. So I have not been tracking the progress. I really do not like 6th, and can just stand Complete. So I hope something based off of 3rd will bring back the magic.
  15. Strangly when I tried to adopt this for Octopus it did not go over well...
  16. I've been backing a Kickstarter that is trying to redo Champions building up from 3rd. I am hoping it works out.
  17. I watched it yesterday, and I liked it. Wonder Woman more or less did not disapoint. This movie I can describe as "good" as a comic book movie. Wacky tech/magic, parental/sibling issues, big set piece battles...all good. It is the first DC movie that has turned away from the Darkness inside Night, while wearing black! Tone that they have been using. a solid 6 out of 10.👍
  18. Sounds like an extorsion plot on the surface. General a@@hattery in specific.
  19. Her marrage was a deep cover opp, that turned to true love!....OK I'll stop...for now.... Uncle Ben? CIA, he worked to improve the USA's interests because"Te USA is the most powerful nation on the earth, and with great power, comes.....😁
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