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    Speedster Move Through Power

    Oh wow! Thanks alot for all the answers and suggestions! I believe I have a more clear idea now how to do this. Thank you all so much! : D
  2. Greetings all! Once again I come with a question of how to make a specific power for one of my friend’s superhero character, in my HERO campaign. He is currently playing a superhero Speedster, self explained as it is, he is quick, fast and can move rapidly, more or less like the Flash. Now we found out that with “Move Through” maneuver as with a Speedster you can do a lot of damage(To yourself included). Due to the velocity damage and additional strength from the character itself. But as it stats in the book that you can not use it with FTL or Megascale and others similar versions. My player was pretty bummed to not be able to use “Move Through” with Megascale, for balance purposes i think it’s good for else it would be ridiculously OP, however, the Speedster will without question perish into the oblivion due to the amount of damage that would be done not only to the Speedsters’s target, but to the Speedster itself. Now, I will not allow Speedsters to do such thing with the Megascale, just as it stats in the book. But I do want to help my player to find another way of doing this(Smaller scale that is), either through a power, maneuver or something that could sort of resemblance an awesome version of a “Move Through”. So any suggestions or tips of how this could work or be done or look like? A power? A maneuver? Since I am unsure how to build it as for now and how it could supposedly look like. Thanks on before hand!
  3. Greetings all! Something that have me really confused is that when I look into the HERO system 6th, Advanced Players Guide. Is there are expanded growth Table, it gives all the costs, complications, and extra small neat effects to each size, so it's all fine and good. However, when I look closer and look between Expanded Size Templates and the Expanded Growth Table. I am confused by the costs of them, it seems none of them really add up. For example, in the Expanded Size Templates it says that Monumental total costs is 666 as in it's total cost. But in the Expanded Growth Table it costs only 300. I believe it have to do with the "Physical Complication Moonumental(All the time, Fully Impairing)(35 points)". Thats why the cost is reduced, so that is also fine. But how does one reduce the cost of the power by the complication? I tried to look through the books of any other exampel of equation but havn't found any. If someone know the equation of how to do it? I would appricate it very much! Thanks on before hand!
  4. Greetings HERO system! How would NND work for a Mental Power like Telepathy or Mind Control? Would it just ignore Mental Defense or would it also make the targets EGO inapplicable? Thanks alot on before hand!
  5. NisseFrasse

    The Blandness Power!

    Oh wow! Thanks alot all for the suggestions! I do like the invisibility and the shapeshift! : D
  6. NisseFrasse

    The Blandness Power!

    Greetings all! I am currently hoIding a HERO campaign with a few friends, and my players have really immersed themselves into the system! Even so much they started to make their own powers, and everything is all fine and good. Recently one of my players asked me how to make a "Blandness power", and I have no really idea how to make one. I believed it be done by Illusions, while two of others have given suggestion of either a power that includes the skills disguise and stealth, and a other player suggested with geting a huge amount of presence, but presence limited to only "Blend into the crowd." I am very unsure of this and could really use some help how to do this! And example of this exists in Shadowrun of how it's properly working. "Blandness The is character blends into any crowd. He is average in height, weight, and appearance, and has a distinct lack of distinguishing physical characteristics or mannerisms. Anyone attempting to describe the character cannot come up with anything more precise than “he was kinda average.” Individuals attempting to shadow or physically locate the character through social means or in even slightly crowded settings receive a –2 dice pool modifier on all tests made during such attempts. The modifier does not apply to magical or Matrix searches." My friend's character is a supernatural investigator, pretty much Constantine from DC, love the character. So he want a "spell" that make him blend more into crowds, so no one take notice of him or care for him as much. As he want to move around more freely. The spell part of it, I got no problem with, as I know how to properly add the disadvantages to make it a magical spell. But how the power itself it's supposedly to work i don't know how to do. We are playing the Sixth Edition. Thanks on before hand! Sincerely NisseFrasse