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    Oklahoma players.

    I'm in OKlahoma, but I am in Bartlesville.
  2. Anaximander

    Foswell Syndrome

    Technically, since your game universe is its own alternate universe, naming conventions of our real universe need not necessarily apply.
  3. Anaximander

    Looking for ideas for a scenario

    Perhaps, this could have been a prophesied event and there are two opposing shadow organizations working secretly behind the scene waiting for it to happen. The good organization could turn into allies and supply exposition, and the evil organization can be a source of additional complications.
  4. Anaximander

    Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    No matter how alien an alien species is the females look hot.
  5. Anaximander

    Advice on a Street Gang antagonist.

    A few well-placed parents who will use all their power and influence against the heroes for daring to impugn the honor of their sweet and innocent babies.
  6. Anaximander

    Are we too hard on Wil Wheaton?

    I have a generally low opinion of most celebrities, and Wil Wheaton seems okay relative to most. As far as his character on Star Trek, he showed up and did his job. The fact that many fans hate his character isn't his fault. As far as the character, there is a precedent for having a kid genius character in science fiction stories. The writers could have written his character better. For that matter, it seems that the first two or three seasons were just riding on the Star Trek name rather than any strong storytelling, and most of the characters could have been written better.
  7. I think the Thundercats would apply. There would be Leo from any zodiac based villain team. There was a Jaguar with MLJ/!mpact Comics. Isn't there a villain called Snow Leopard?
  8. Similar to wcw's idea, you could also go with Lovelace, as in Ada Lovelace, who predated Hopper.
  9. Anaximander

    Need Help - Theme Team Member

    Maybe, Uppercut could summon a fist or something from the ground under his opponent which would be hard to defend against.
  10. Anaximander

    Retro Styled Campaign

    It was tough picking a favorite, but since I was first introduced to comic books in the '70s I am most nostalgic about the characters of that period, but Cassandra's idea of an updated 1940s style is cool, too. In particular, a 1940s without the instutionalized racism would be great. I love the style, music, movies of the era and most of the attitudes, just not all of the attitudes.
  11. Anaximander

    Who should be the Nest Leader of Campaign City?

    Mama from Mama's Family.
  12. Anaximander

    How much worldbuilding?

    World building is my favorite thing about gaming. When it comes to world building, I like combining ideas from games (even from other systems), books, and my own ideas. For example, in the Champions world I am building, I started with some short stories as a primary source and stole liberally from comics, literature, and various gaming systems, and I consider information from real world science, philosophy, and theory. I would love to take time to brag, but that would be inconvenient right now. I don't have Internet at home and have to look for wi-fi hot spots to get online, and I often have to multitask to get everything done I want to get done. I am hoping to have my Internet turned on in October, and if this conversation is going on then, perhaps, I will elaborate more after that.
  13. Anaximander

    What "Pulp" have you read lately ?

    I have recently started reading Tarzan of the Apes in eBook and Super-Mystery Comics online. The comic includes an anthology of super hero and pulp style hero stories.
  14. Anaximander

    Larger Than Life! Real people who could be pulp heroes.

    How about Frank "Pistol Pete" Eaton. He was the inspiration of the Pistol Pete mascot for Oklahoma State University, and he his real life was the inspiration for a lot revenge westerns.
  15. Anaximander

    Release the Sewing Machine of Justice

    I prefer traditional cape and tights for supers, but I mainly employ whatever I think best fits the character's theme. I do insist that a character's a'venturing clothes to be somewhat distinctive and different than their everyday clothes.
  16. Anaximander

    Golden Age and Silver Age

    I have been reading a Golden Age comic series online, some insights I have obtained is that Golden Age heroes can frequently get away with rather simplistic origins and secret IDs. They are also surprisingly nonchalant about taking non-adventuring women and children into dangerous circumstances, and they frequently employ interrogation techniques that would get them arrested if done today. They are also surprisingly easy to contact by troubled citizens needing their help but not by criminals trying to hunt them down.
  17. Anaximander

    Golden Age and Silver Age

    One area is that Golden Age super heroes were all over the map regarding power levels while Silver Age supers are lot more comparable to one another. As far as what time periods represent Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and such, I think you would have to look at it like Renaissance, Baroque, and such in art, philosophy, and literature movements where elements tend to overlap without a clear cutoff point of when one ends and the other begins.
  18. Anaximander

    Need More HERO

    For me, I am lucky if I get to play in any game I would like to buy; so, I have owned a lot system and a lot supplements to those systems that I have never played. I live in a small city in northeast Oklahoma. There just aren't that many people who play RPGs around here and many of those who do aren't into what I am into.
  19. Anaximander

    Need More HERO

    You could upload your collection onto a thumb drive, place the thumb drive on a book shelf, and take a picture of the book shelf.
  20. Anaximander

    Larger Than Life! Real people who could be pulp heroes.

    Bill Picket who was an African-American cowboy and rodeo star who invented bulldogging.
  21. Anaximander

    Discussion of Hero System's "Health" on rpg.net

    Your response deserves a rebuttal, and you make some valid points, but as I said, I've been struggling with a bad cold for the past few days, and my mind is starting to get a little fluttery. I hope you don't interpret a temporary disengagement as an insult, but for now, I will withdraw with the possibility to re-commit after I have had a little rest.
  22. Anaximander

    Discussion of Hero System's "Health" on rpg.net

    The more I think of my last answer, the more I wonder about the solution to the overall problem of the health of RPGs in general. When RPGs were first introduced, they were marketed to a particular set. The first players were typically more imaginative, better read, and better educated than many of the gamers that game companies are trying to pander to. Early games were full of rule and story holes, but they were played by people who read books that didn't have pictures in them for fun. They were played by people who were used to filling in the gaps left out by authors. They didn't have movies and computer games with realistic FX, and they didn't have access to Internet gaming forums, and in many ways, I think gaming was more fun back then. Now, game companies are trying to please a market that is getting harder to please, and who want everything handed down to them, and it is making gaming less for the rest of us. Maybe, game companies should go back to aiming for the first crowd stop pandering to the latter. I'm just getting over a cold and am a little punchy; so, the phraseology is a little scattered, but I think the core logic of my post is worth considering.
  23. Anaximander

    Discussion of Hero System's "Health" on rpg.net

    Regardless of the title of Champions Complete, it is a single $20 book that is intended to replace three books that would add up to 3x that much if bought individually, and though the title might fool some newcomers, it would be unrealistic of the newcomers to expect 3x the value for that price, and there is nothing in the advertising for it to suggest anything else. Essentially, it would be like someone buying MS Works and being upset because they aren't getting the same support as if they bought MS Office. There is no unfairness to complain of. Certainly, as a consumer, if you don't think you are getting the value you expect for the price you pay, you have the right to take your money elsewhere, but I expect a lot of game producers will be looking at reducing the value they offer for the sake of making ends meet. Without some kind of revolution in how RPGs are done, I would not expect anything else, and a lot of what will have to change is what we as consumers will expect. We might have to expect game companies going back to less gloss as when games were first introduced and not expect high end artistic and production quality. I don't like the idea, but I see no other alternatives at this time.
  24. Anaximander

    Discussion of Hero System's "Health" on rpg.net

    As a point for Ghost-Angel, when writing college papers, I often quote sources that are available in databases that are available to me and my teachers but would not necessarily be available to a regular guy off the street. The papers I quote often refer to papers and studies that are not available to me. The point of citation is not always with the expectation that the reader will be able to obtain the source but to show that the knowledge was not created in a vacuum and, therefore, not arbitrary. Another example is when I started reading comics in the 1970s as a young boy that would often refer back to stories that was written before I was even born. Then there is the issue of being current. To be current means that resources are currently available regardless of the format. The fact that all of the books of 6e are available in electronic format means it is available and current, and Hero is being generous by keeping 5e available even though it is not currently supported. After all, there are entire game systems that have been produced and marketed entirely in electronic format, and some of them are quite good. The fact that a book is not currently available in a preferred format does not mean that it is not available or current. With these standards, Hero meets minimum qualifications for restricting support to the primary 6e products, and even if they do not meet minimum qualifications, it is their product to do with they please. As far to the health of Hero, that has to be considered relatively. The truth is that pen and paper RPGs are not as healthy in general as they used to be unless you happen to like DnD, but among RPG alternatives, Hero is probably one of the healthiest. Right now, they are obviously in a hunker-down mode, and they are just trying to hold on until our current economic storms pass, but that is true of a lot of companies right now, not just RPGs. I think they are playing it right under the conditions. Whether they can survive, that is left to forces beyond their control. I, for one, hope they can pass the storm, and I am willing to buy products to help them survive, but I, like a lot of other potential customers, have my own storms I have to get past, and buying new game products is kind of low on my priority list.
  25. Anaximander

    Discussion of Hero System's "Health" on rpg.net

    What I want in a game is something that would allow multiple genres without having to invest in multiple systems, and I think Hero does that. That being said, the market for RPGs in general is weak right now. They are a niche luxury, and with our current economic issues, people are cutting back on luxuries. In addition, there are a lot of luxury entertainments to choose from. Hero represents one niche within the overall RPG niche that DnD has the cat's meow of. That means in order for Hero to remain viable it has to make hard choices. The cost of printing of books and the artwork probably represent a substantial bulk of the expenses in marketing a game. Correct me if I am wrong. Going PDF is an excellent way around it, but it has its problems. It is possible for players to share a hard copy book by passing it around without violating any laws and rights, but if I want to loan my PDF copy of a book, I would have to send them a copy and, being an honest and honorable person, hope they are honest and honorable enough to buy their own copy if they are interested. As far as GURPS, I used to be invested in it and wish I hadn't gotten rid of all of my books as they were so well researched that they are often useful to gamers of other games and even non-gamers who are simply interested in the subject. Perhaps, Hero could package their genre books in a way that would be useful to other games and to hobbyists as well.