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  1. I am running a steampunk game and made Wild, Wild West required watching for a teenager who wanted to join the group. One with Dr. Loveless required. The show was a great intro to the Steampulp feel of my game. For those who don't know, Dr. Miguelito Loveless was a mad scientist who believed he was the hereditary king of Mexico and was really ticked off with West and Gordon for continually interfering with his plans of world conquest. He was also a little person. He was played brilliantly by Michael Dunn.
  2. kukuli

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    Just make it funny. The more outlandish the effects are, the more the player can enjoy risking the unluck at every roll.
  3. Today I had to put down my 16 year old Shiba Inu, Foxy Dude. He has been failing for a few months and sometime last night he collapsed, He may have thrown a clot or had some other kind of stroke. He couldn't stand and was showing signs of some brain damage. I know that I couldn't let him suffer, but I'm feeling guilty. I decided to kill a creature who could love. It's going to take some time.. He was 2 years past his experation date, but it is still hard.
  4. The ugly orange wall and I are safe so far.
  5. I live in the San Fernando Valley, in Los Angeles.The mandatory evacuation zone for Woolsey fire is a few miles to the south, the mandatory evacuation zone for the Bell Canyon arm even closer to the north (4 blocks), a voluntary evacuation zone ends a half a block west. And the winds are changing. I guess my honey badger bathroom may not be a problem for long. I will be leaving if the flames get much closer.
  6. Oh, it is. I just finished a medication that turned my urine day glow orange. This almost the same color, but not as pretty. The consolation is, I can cut out some triangles and a mouth out of felt and turn the powder room into the inside of a jack o'lantern looking out for Halloween.
  7. The sample said honey beige, the can said honey beige, the wall said orange.
  8. What? It's just a cosmic monkey showing her baby how to destroy reality. Nothing unusual here.
  9. "Get off my lawn!" (A comment on my handle and my lawn.) (And my lack of originality. Read the whole thread before commenting, Read the whole thread before commenting,..........)
  10. The Dog is a Samurai Shiba! Shiba Inu that is. My shiba approves.
  11. Add tracks and a saddle and it is sold!
  12. dupicating Shiba Inus, if you look carefully there are only four dogs. Over and over. But then, my shiba thinks he's a super hero anyway.
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