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  1. You might also remember that JRRT wrote The Hobbit as a bedtime story for his kids. LOTR was written after that because people wanted a sequel to Hobbit. As I remember from his bio, he was quite apologetic to his publisher as LOTR was more of a sequel to Silmarillian than Hobbit. And Silmarillian hadn't even been published; it was just a pile of notes he started putting together whilst recovering in the hospital during WWI. So my personal guess is that the hobbits were created to help his kids identify with the characters in the book.
  2. JohnBear

    Science Fantasy

    Author: Melissa Scott Books: The Silence Leigh Trilogy ( Five-Twelfths of Heaven, Silence in Solitude, The Empress of Earth) Highly recommend.
  3. JohnBear

    Export Templates: Tag Names

    Artifacts got it. Oh, and that's not a real character sheet. It's my "test out syntax" and make sure it works the way I expect file. Essentially a "hello world" export format. Thanks for all the help guys. I really appreciate it. JB
  4. JohnBear

    Export Templates: Tag Names

    Gotcha. Thanks. Hate to do this...is there a difference between: <!--OCV_CHAR--> [General Characteristic Tags] <!--/OCV_CHAR--> <!--DCV_CHAR--> [General Characteristic Tags] <!--/DCV_CHAR--> <!--OMCV--> [General Characteristic Tags] <!--/OMCV--> <!--DMCV_CHAR--> [General Characteristic Tags] <!--/DMCV--> and this: OCV 1:<!--OCV--><!--OCV_PRIMARY--><!--/OCV--><br/> OCV 2:<!--OCV--><!--OCV_PRIMARY--><!--/OCV--><br/> DCV 1:<!--DCV--><!--PRIMARY_DCV--><!--/DCV--><br/> DCV 2:<!--DCV--><!--SECONDARY_DCV--><!--/DCV--><br/> Why the "_CHAR" stuck on the end? Or is there a comment buried in the code I should be pulling out to answer that <lopsided grin>?
  5. JohnBear

    Export Templates: Tag Names

    Yep. I should have said the opening and closing STR tags. It's as if the program ignores the "STR_" when the main STR tags are used and when they're not it doesn't have a clue what you're asking it to do.
  6. JohnBear

    Export Templates: Tag Names

    This is either me (most likely) or a docs mismatch. This works: <!--STR--> STR<br/>(Working)<br/> Primary: <!--STR_PRIMARY--><br/> Secondary: <!--STR_SECONDARY--><br/> Primary Roll: <!--PRIMARY_ROLL--><br/> Secondary Roll: <!--SECONDARY_ROLL--><br/> <!--/STR--> This doesn't: STR<br/>(Not Working)<br/><br/> Primary Roll: <!--STR_PRIMARY_ROLL--><br/> Secondary Roll: <!--STR_SECONDARY_ROLL--><br/> Note the lack of the "<!--STR--><!--/STR-->" non-working. But yet the "STR_" within the brackets still works???
  7. JohnBear

    Export Templates: Math?

    Thank you gentlemen. Starting a new thread for a new question
  8. JohnBear

    Export Templates: Math?

    Hi Dan, Is there a bug in how the math container works? <!--MATH-->3*<!--STR--><!--VAL--><!--STR--><!--MATH--> I can't get this to work to save my life. And I copied it directly from the manual ::me shakes head::
  9. JohnBear

    Template Question: Teleportation

    Long delay. . . Thank you folks
  10. Long time absent - just getting around to finishing some projects and wondering. . . Why is teleport broken up into 3 powers? Teleportation Teleportation: Fixed Location Teleportation: Floating Location Wouldn't they (the locations) just be adders under the main power? Thanks in advance
  11. JohnBear

    Distinctive Features: Pure Soul

    That doesn't mean they need points for it. It could be just like any other special effect, only in this case related to psych lims and personality.
  12. JohnBear

    Distinctive Features: Pure Soul

    One question I have to ask is what is the purpose of this feature? Is it supposed to limit the character? To benefit the character? Both? Or just be something there? Maybe a change environment (aura of innocence)?