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  1. Jeff Anderson

    Hero Virtual Tabletop > Progress

    That was typo HCS was what I meant to say. I have no intention of integrating with HCM. Applogies for any confusion.
  2. Jeff Anderson

    Hero Virtual Tabletop > Progress

    I took a look at HCM, and HCS, and am taking a second shot at integrating with HCS, as I'm able to (finally) get my head around enough of the code to integrate with it and fix various bugs. I am making a lot of progress, and should have a working integration, that covers attacks and character activations in about a month. Ill drop rip a line when it's done.
  3. Jeff Anderson

    Hero Virtual Tabletop > Progress

    Did you try the links at the bottom of the page? I just attempted and it works fine. If you are still having trouble please post on the cog thread and we will be happy to support you through it.
  4. Jeff Anderson

    Hero Virtual Tabletop > Progress

    Version 1 is finally ready!. If you want to use COH for your champions role playing games please as a virtual tabletop take a look at the app I have put together. Follow the instructions to install at the attached thread (bottom of page). Any questions ask there... https://www.cohtitan.com/forum/index.php?topic=12106.40
  5. For folks looking for an alternative to maps and miniatures for there super hero RPG battles, have a look at what I have been putting together. The following are screen shots of an app that takes the headless version of City Of Heroes, called Icon, and extends it with some functionality to manage fully animated an interactive miniatures on a 3d desktop. After a couple of months of toil, thought I would show what is starting to be some pretty cool features to extend Icon for machima, role playing games, etc... Application places a tabletop widget to the side of the desktop the character explorer allows creating nested crowds of characters that can be linked, cloned and moved like windows explorer. Single characters or entire crowds can be pasted into an active roster. Multiple characters in the roster can be spawned, locations can be saved, etc with a single command. Each Character can be given multiple identities, Models or Costumes can be browsed, filtered, and previewed. Identites can activate an animated ability on load Characters can be associated with multiple animated abilities. A UI provides for associated abilities with a hierarchical structure of FX, movs, and sound, all browseable, with realtime previewing. Multiple Characters can be activated at a time which causes the active widget to display, active character can be moved, and abilities can be fired from the widget. Once i get attacks, movements, and scenes done the "desktop" will be done, than Ill move to integrating the hero system RPG ruleset, so all mechanics, knockback, character build are part of the application. Anyone interested in the application let me know, probably a month away for the first release