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  1. Jerrod Owex

    Physical Books?

    Here are those issues: http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/94641-problems-with-fantasy-hero-complete-and-newbies/. Haven't looked into the book much myself just poking around and found this and worried because a lot of people have been having issue understanding games today, wish they had to deal with THAC0! I think the major issue is people are just lazy and don't want to have to read ANYTHING let alone hundreds of pages, which if they listened they would know they almost never have to read these things cover to cover like a novel. I haven't read a whole since the 3e books came out, hell my group for the longest time didn't realize that ranger HD went down to d8 because we all just very quickly scanned through for changes! Hero System has of course changed that, having no previous knowledge of the system until a friend found it a couple years back I have been doing a lot of reading since.
  2. Jerrod Owex

    Physical Books?

    Thank you! I shouldn't have such an "old-school" feeling, I'm only 30! I had seen the "damaged" ones available but wasn't sure how accurate the quantity was, 6E1 having only one and 6E2 having 219 or so(or was it the other way around?) and those figures haven't changed in some time. Having the more generic books will help in case I, or my group, gets a wild hair and decides they want to run something off-the-wall that's not fantasy or super-hero based!
  3. Jerrod Owex

    Physical Books?

    Also thank you to everyone else for the information. I'll have to look into the Complete guides more, I own Fantasy Hero Complete, thought I had Champions as well. At only 266 pages(FH at least) opposed to 788 pages between two books my players shouldn't be scared away too terribly much! Some of them don't like reading even the few pages about whatever they want to play, it's kind of irritating if I'm honest!
  4. Jerrod Owex

    Physical Books?

    No, I'm in the US just haven't look at, or even thought about, Drive-thru RPG. Thank you for reminding me about them and letting me know they do HERO stuff!
  5. Jerrod Owex

    Physical Books?

    I have noticed that in my searching over the last few minutes. I have PDFs of much of the material, including both the complete books. Was reading somewhere though that people were having issues with players understanding the Complete books though. As far as edition goes I am just looking for 6E V 1&2(which I believe are the newest edition). I also don't think I have a POD store close to me either. Any help on that front would also be appreciated!
  6. Jerrod Owex

    Physical Books?

    I have been a long time gamer(around 25 years) and played many different games. D&D was my go to for a REALLY LONG time but when 4th edition came out I was turned off of it.One of my friends found some stuff about the Hero System and we have been looking at it for some time. I have another group that is presently in a 5E campaign, yes still playing D&D just not my go to, that I believe is going to fall through with the DM but most of the group wants to keep playing SOMETHING and if I have to run something I'd like it to be Hero System. The issue is that some of us are old school and want to have physical books, especially at the gaming table, but it appears that the only way to get printed copies is from a POD store, or by paying insanely ridiculous amounts on eBay or Amazon. Is this game no longer supported or is the Hero System travelling a dark path where we have to print our own stuff now? I understand this saves them money but it is, at least for me, yet another turn off to what looks like a great system! Any legitimate information would be appreciated!