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  1. TheDarkness

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    To clarify, the dicking over continued until 1979, and, in fact, part of the reason that Khomeini ended up in power was also tied to how we tended to support far right nutjobs in the region, and at best turned a blind eye to, and at worst, encouraged their brutal suppression of anyone left of far, far right. By the time the revolution occurred, the left in Iran was crushed to such an extent that it was child's play for the religious extremists to co-opt the revolution that they were only a part of, and then deal the final blow to the left. There are some good state department papers on this process across the middle east, they were mostly written in relation to the rise of politicized Islam, before the rise of militant branches.
  2. TheDarkness

    In other news...

    I would say the biggest issue is the horrible state of availability of valid info on relationships and intimacy. Finding good info and partners willing to also make use of it is often an uphill battle.
  3. There is a contingent of students and staff at ivy league colleges ESPECIALLY who live in communities so removed from most minorities that they have the least experience of any of us coexisting as equals. https://www.fastcompany.com/40556164/a-new-kind-of-city-tour-shows-the-history-of-racist-housing-policy I would say that all white towns, regardless of income level, are a huge source of this inability, whether they are all white by choice or by historical and systematic racism as seen in the link above.
  4. TheDarkness

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    On the bright side, Stormy Daniel's lawyer has apparently found a way to convert Trump tweets directly into gravitas.
  5. TheDarkness

    In other news...

    Worse conspiracy theories have caught on.
  6. Yeah, functionally it's very similar to Ultra Boy from Legion of Super Heroes, only adding the effect of changing fingers to change powers. Unfortunately, the only writeups I could find right off hand are likely fifth edition: https://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/10236-legion-of-super-heroes-write-ups-for-champions/
  7. TheDarkness

    Weapon Types vs. Armor Types

    I think once you decide how to deal with how each armour type deals with each type of weapon(bludgeoning, slashing, thrusting), it's simple. Aside from doing it in game time. Sword was pretty much always taught after staff/spear for a reason, since they follow similar mechanical principles. Also because, in reality, knowing sword meant knowing sword against sword, sword against spear, sword against sword and shield, etc. The key difference is range. Once inside, a spear is now a bludgeoning weapon(yes, there are a few moves for bringing the point to bear inside, but the available moves if you're holding a long weapon and your opponent is inside are made up of far far more bludgeoning than stabbing, and pretty much no slashing). At long range, staff is a more powerful bludgeoning weapon than it is in close range, because the leverage is far greater if you hold it at the base than at the center. This holds true for spear as well. As for plate, there is a reason that thrusts became more prevalent after the age of armour ended. Heavy swings allowed for more pressure to be put on the armored opponent while allowing momentum to be more continuous, while thrusts were less likely to penetrate. Thrusts were ideally saved for when position allowed them against points where mobility requirements meant that the plate could not cover that point. Arrows and bolts are really just piercing, range is also their biggest thing. The key difference between most rpg approaches to weapons and a realistic one is that, in reality, assuming competence in your weapon, the most important knowledge at play for you is knowledge of how one fights with what your opponent has. If that knowledge is zero, you are likely to die. For a realistic game(in which players also wanted this realism) I've used a house rule that stated that the skill roll at play in attacks would be no higher than the skill level one has in their opponent's weapons, so if one had a high skill in sword but low in staff, and the opponent had a staff, then the lower of the two applied. The players were supposed to be seasoned soldiers, so it encouraged the purchase of a broad range of weapon types(each specific weapon did not have to be covered, long weapons, straight swords, curved sword, flexible weapons, broad categories were bought). This often worked dramatically for the players, as the enemies also fell under the same limitations, which meant that lackies were in trouble. Anyway, good luck with what you're working on.
  8. TheDarkness

    Power builds/abuses of Hero

    This actually is something I prefer for some games, which is there being enough of a spread of power bases that one player or npc can't possibly be highly capable against all of them. Not so much to have some inroad to screwing the players, but as a given from the start, the knowledge that for the areas you cannot deal with, you have a teammate who can, and if your team doesn't, then your team finds allies that can or finds clever ways to avoid the problem. Also, to foster team unity, to add some suspense and make it so that that characters who have their own niche are seen by their teammates as a protection for the group at the same level of the brick at the forefront, or the energy blaster who enables them to deal with range. Additionally, rational world building helps this. I'm not sure there would ever be a world where mind control is not heavily resented. The hero with it may be powerful against some, but they are going to need to be subtle in their use of it, and they are definitely going to need friends. The villain with it is likely to have a lot of enemies if they don't have some sort of guidelines themselves. Socially, it is the nuclear option. It's very possible to set up a preexisting custom regarding what is fair game, because mentallists might need to sleep sometimes, and some bricks might look forward to waking them up by tossing them into space. This also sets up a real threat value for the truly evil mind control person who the team learns from the news is not playing by the rules.
  9. TheDarkness

    Skill-based magic

    I've played with the idea in the past(in another system, but this is not so system specific) of gaining new spells either from finding those spells/being taught them by someone who knows them, and/or of researching through a skill spells one wishes to make. They would still need to buy the spell when the time came. This would be a campaign thing, not a rule per se. That way, there is a process for increasing in power for spell users. In that approach, I also worked in the idea that there was no general 'spell making' skill, but that it had to be bought in specific fields, be it 'dark magic creation', 'charms creation', 'protective spell creation', etc, so that spell casters, to become powerful in a broad range of things, would really have to either spend points on a wider range of skills as well, or alternatively roleplay amicable contacts with other spell users who would teach them their spells, or have influence/resources to obtain(through hook or crook) magic they themselves did not have the ability to create.
  10. TheDarkness


    Actually, it never actually occurred to me, but that is a counter-strike, and actually a closer approximation than the official move 'counter-strike'! A feint seeks to draw a defense.
  11. https://parahumans.wordpress.com/
  12. TheDarkness

    Guns Are Too Slow in Hero

    An example of what the key problem in that video is, and is directly tied to the habit of failing to train against a skilled opponent versus unskilled, is that the knife wielder literally drops his free hand on every attack. If that doesn't occur, the defender's technique would not occur as it is in the video, and that is a mistake that someone with even meager skill would not be guaranteed to make, and someone trained would certainly not make under most circumstances. Aside from the attacker dropping their guard, it's a technique I think everyone I know who has trained martial arts has trained, but the ones with the most knife experience consider it to be last resort in usage, that's been my experience, so I'll default to them. If the attacker drops their guard, yes, take advantage of it, but this is kind of why technique videos against knife are not the same as evidence for how it goes in a real situation, it's a training drill where the person on the receiving end knows exactly what is coming against an attacker is basically doing one attack and then is done, that's a stark difference from reality. Is it worth training such? Sure. Is it a reflection of reality? Of course not, it is scripted for safety. It has to be. Basically, empty hand against knife drills are sort of like practicing explaining why one needs to buy something borderline unnecessary to their spouse. The practice may pay off, but one should not be surprised when the plan doesn't survive contact with reality.
  13. TheDarkness

    Guns Are Too Slow in Hero

    Equals in skill. To be clear, moves like that in krav maga are most likely by way of things like aikido, judo, and karate, whose techniques are well known to be implemented into krav maga. The fact is, similar techniques were developed in Western sources, but approaches teaching such in the West died out and, until recently, were not practiced, and even then, mostly it is armed techniques that fell out of use that are trained most in groups like hema. Given that the technique above is a common variation found in Japanese styles, and since krav maga teachers generally are open about the influences of the Japanese styles to krav maga, it is most likely that it came to krav maga from those sources, as boxing and modern wrestling don't. Essentially, it came to krav maga by way of samurai arts, and those sorts of techniques were always looked at as a far distant second best from having a weapon.
  14. TheDarkness

    Guns Are Too Slow in Hero

    The problem is, there is a huge difference between single technique practice and actual knife defense situations. Not saying training those single techniques is without merit, but, for example, if all things are equal, there are knife responses to the defense above that will cut the defender after the block. As soon as you are in contact, the knife is very close to you, and a trained knife fighter is capable of angling that knife into the blocking limb. Most people who train knife extensively seem to agree that getting cut is a high likelihood, even in situations where the defender succeeds. Essentially, assuming two equals facing off(which, training wise, should always be one's assumption), one of those equals has longer reach and a razor sharp weapon, and so has an advantage. Further, the knife wielder does not need to commit nearly as deeply as the example above shows, literally they only need to get the edge or point to intersect with almost any part of their opponent. People will tend to cut the leading extremity long before they commit to an overhand stab if they feel they are 'facing off' against someone at all prepared, some people will leave the knife in their rear hand, and because of the nature of a decent knife, they need not commit nearly as much force as an empty hand strike to cause damage, and so can play a much more conservative game than is possible for the person without a weapon. Historically, the styles that techniques that that exact technique came from(not meaning krav maga, those techniques are older than it) taught empty hand as a last resort against weapons for a reason.
  15. A while back, on a recommendation from here, read one online called Worm.