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  1. My general question is the following How would you people design a power that takes over another persons summon power, transformation power and so on We meet a group of magicians last adventure and that question come up when they started to summon a great demon that they would control. What I wanted to do was to hijack the power and when the summoning was done I would be in charge over the demon instead. Have you people any idéa how to make a power like that ?
  2. I have a multipower and in it I have a standard barrier power Wall of Earth Barrier 4 PD/4 ED, 6 BODY (up to 12m long, 4m tall, and 1m thick), Opaque (Sight Group) just for an example from the book I use it and put it up infront of me during my first phase. Then on my second phase I can act again I switch to another power in my multipower slot Now what happens with the wall According to the text in the rule book for 6:edition it should stay there since it is a physical object? A Barrier, once created, is a physical object that remains in existence until destroyed by attacks, the passage of time, or other factors. Or does the "other factors" imply here and remove the barrier?
  3. illaden

    Body function, Electrical Signals

    So i could just with special effect say it is magic instead of electricity?
  4. illaden

    Body function, Electrical Signals

    I will try to explain in more detail as much as possible. First of I think the best term is cyborg. The character is still biological with cybertech. Something like shadowrun were there is biotech and cybertech But instead of being powered up with electricity and reciving electrical signals to the brain and all the body function it is instead mana aka magic
  5. illaden

    Body function, Electrical Signals

    Yes. I'm well aware of that but thanks for reminding me ^^
  6. First of we are playing 6th edition and the world we are in is modern day with magic and aliens In my hero group that I'm playing atm I want to make a form of magical cyborg/android It will be a cyborg/android but powered up with magic and all that instead of electricity because I don't want my character be seen with "Sense electrical" or something like that Should I just explain that with just cosmetic text or do I have to make powers and complication to match and if I have too do that then do you people have any suggestions?
  7. Hi I'm Illaden, The name was an inspiration from the Greece story illiaden not the Warcraft character illidan Been playing tabletop RPG since I was 11 so around 15 years now The first tabletop RPG I played was called EON a Swedish fantasy rpg The first Tabletop RPG I Gm:ed was also a swedish rpg called Mutant heir of the apocalypse (best translation I could find) Atm I'm playing loads of diffrent RPG such as Exalted, Heroes 6:th edition, Shadowrun and will start with Dungeons and dragons 5th edition soon