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  1. Astonishing X-Men (Whedon) Watchmen Batman: Year One The Judas Contract Squadron Supreme Crisis on Infinite Earths Gaiman's Sandman run.
  2. All-Star Superman Armor Wars Batman: Year One Camelot 3000 Death of Captain Marvel Elfquest Gaiman's Sandman Run Planetary Squadron Supreme Maxi Series The Judas Contract The Great Darkness Saga Watchmen Whedon's Astonishing X-Men
  3. I don't know about sabots, some of those require adaptors, but the Saiga was specifically designed to be able to use slug and other specialized rounds. The main thing to remember is to change the gas plug setting depending on whether you're using full power or low power shells. Which I'm given to understand is not the simplest or easiest of tasks.
  4. I'm working on a setting right now, fairly hard but with a few rubbery elements. Time is 2252, and Earth is anything but a united world. Many of the nations in existence at the beginning of the 21st century still do, but the majority are parts of "Conglomerate States" or Congloms, specifically: North American Union Third African Union European Entente Oceania Argentine-Chile Pact Brazilian Alliance Unification of Medina Indian and South Asian Hegemony plus a number of independents, including Russia and China. Humanity has expanded out and colonised most of Sol system, and one of the three slowboat colonisation arks has reached the inhabitable world around Alpha Centauri (Libertas). However, 50 years ago a combination of Medinan and Indian research teams successfully broke the light barrier, enabling humanity to reach the stars...slowly. The FTL drive allows only a speed of roughly 1LY per day. I'm looking to create a situation more analogous to the tall ships era, when local commanders and local situation produced local solutions, without necessarily much input from the high command.
  5. Greetings, fellow continenter, from the west coast.
  6. Of the characters I'm currently playing, Fireflash doesn't have foci at all and Legion has two - his rifle and his Helo-pack. He's pretty much never been without either.
  7. Sundog

    Asimov's Mule

    I agree that you'd need a transform to bring about the effects of the Mule's mental powers. No one ever "recovered" from the absolute loyalty he created, and no one changed by it had any chance of resisting. It would also be fully invisible - only detectable by the changed actions and attitudes of it's victims. That said, he did seem to have lesser powers of influence as well - as when he demoralized entire planets into not resisting his forces when he was working undercover as a musician. For that i would suggest more conventional Mind Control with recovery bought down a few steps on the time chart, with a large area effect, perhaps even megascale. As to Comps, yes, Secret ID at first, morphing into Public ID later, Distinctive features, probably Reputation. I seem to recall he overemphasized his hunchback when undercover, and could actually move well when he wished to, though like you I haven't read the books in some time. Perhaps a psychological obsession with the Second Foundation, a dose of megalomania?
  8. Diabolik, "The King of Terror", later than the League, of course, but someone they could conceivably oppose in the 21st Century.
  9. Excelsior forever, Stan the man.
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