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  1. My final option: The Ultimate Nullifier. Name: To Fight Legends.
  2. Anything still happening here?
  3. James Kirk sat down at the smooth, metallic table, and his eyes slid around the room to the various people already seated. To his immediate left was a brown haired, well-built man wearing a grey suit perfectly matching his eyes, and a scintillating lenticular device on his wrist. Next was a very tall woman in a black uniform he was unfamiliar with, but spangled with enough decorations and rank embroidery to impress even him - as did her quiet attitude of competence and steady return of his gaze. The man to her left seemed at first unremarkable, though the sheathed sword at his side - well, it should have been odd, but it suited the green-eyed man perfectly. Next was a long-faced man in a rumpled greatcoat, seeming as out of place as Kirk, but looking around at his surroundings with a keen interest that reminded him of his occasionally overly curious first officer. Finally, another woman, in fairly nondescript cargo pants and shirt that did nothing to disguise her beauty or her, he suspected, raw physical power. Lensman Kinnison spoke. "Each of us is one of the driving forces in our particular realities. Each of our realities is threatened by this "Vandal Savage's" manipulations of the timestream. Together, I, and Mentor, have determined that with the resources at our disposal we can eal with this situation and save all of our worlds. With the aid of my lens, I can seek out their deepest secrets. Admiral Harrington-Alexander, with the military forces at her command, can focus sufficient firepower to deal with any large-scale problem. Ms Kresnov is unsurpassed at more, shall we say, intimate combat. Doctor Quatermass has experience dealing with extremely unorthodox technologies and situations, and should be able to provide us with explanations and counters to anything our opponents may pull out of left field." "So, what am I here for? It seems like you have everything covered." "All but one thing." Honor smiled. "We need someone in overall command, to coordinate and control. Divided command is an opportunity to fail." She pointed to Kirk. "We need a leader. Many of us could do it. But we need the best. That's you."
  4. Oh, darn, you're right. I do have a backup: James Tiberius Kirk, Captain, USS Enterprise NCC 1701.
  5. My latest Hero, from the 1920s - Doctor Clark Savage, jr. Purpose: All rounder and team leader.
  6. Option: Supporting cast: Breetai's Fleet of Zentraedi warships from the Macross section of the original Robotech. After all, can't have a space navy genius without a space navy.
  7. My Fifth Hero will be Cassandra Kresnov, artificially constructed humanoid (high-designation GI) by the Terran League for it's war with the Terran Federation - and post-war, defector to the Federation. From her period as part of SWAT on the planet Tanusha, post defection. Purpose: Kicking Ass.
  8. Sundog

    In other news...

    Nah, he is actually dead. Died back in the '80s. The message hasn't reached his brain through all the drugs yet.
  9. I think I shall take this moment to introduce my Dragon: Roy Batty, Replicant, from the year 2018.
  10. Since every good team needs a brain, I'm drafting Bernard Quatermass for my fourth pick.
  11. Hero 3: Corwin of Amber, Prince and Pattern-Walker Purpose: Transporter between places and times.
  12. Second Hero: Duchess/Steader Dame Honor Harrington-Alexander of the Royal Manticoran Navy, 1922 Post-Diaspora. Purpose: Command of military elements as well as personal combat.
  13. First Hero: Kimball KInnison, Second Stage Lensman, from the period after he has defeated (unknowingly) Gharlane of Eddore but before he has been made Galactic Coordinator of Galaxy Two. Purpose: Primarily intelligence gathering. Between his immense psionic power and ability to infiltrate virtually any society, Kinnison should be able to get whatever data is needed quickly and safely.
  14. Sundog

    Can we forgive old movies?

    Yet, history has, and continues to be, a litany of instances wherin the current actor proved incapable of learning from the past, even in the case where we are quite certain he knew of it.
  15. Sundog

    Can we forgive old movies?