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  1. Shigeru

    5th Ed STUN question

    The real intent is to allow for a Recovery when someone is more that -20 STUN or what have you. Have someone who just doesn't stay down and give them a Recovery every Phase they would act, even when they are -20 or -30 below. Then...surprise! He/she pops up like a jack in the box.
  2. Shigeru

    5th Ed STUN question

    True enough. I guess my original thought was someone that didn't stay out for long, rather than a device to use on someone else. "Smelling salts" certainly is more useful if bought as healing.
  3. I was thinking about the negative STUN consciousness/recovery timetable and was wondering if it would be reasonable to buy something like smelling salts as 10 REC as well as +50 STUN (only to move up the STUN recovery time chart). Anybody ever done something like this? Is it too breaky or a good idea? Nothing worse than sitting on your (unconscious) hands while a fight rages on because you won't get a recovery for another 4 TURNS or so.
  4. Shigeru

    Black Panther with spoilers

    I liked it quite a bit. I thought the action was great and that Wakanda was wonderfully realized. The characters were solid and well developed, though I didn't really see much of a point to Ross' character other than to insert an otherwise cynical outsider into Wakanda and have him come around to who they are and why they are so hidden. Maybe to shine a light from the outside looking in on the isolated city and people. I dunno, it seemed a little off. The Wakandan tech was my favorite part. So cool and so fitting I can't say there was anything I did not like and would personally rank it in my top 3 of Marvel movies (with CA: Winter Soldier and Avengers). It added to the MCU significantly and made every further instance where Black Panther shows up that much more meaningful.
  5. Iconic Man. It looks like it will allow for some wonderful built-in RP with the PCs having a link of sorts to one another. Also, they have to work together to overcome "super threats" because none of them have all the powers needed.
  6. Shigeru

    Best Gun Fu, Sniper and Western Gunslinger films

    Wild Bill was a good pseudo-western with Jeff Bridges as the gunslinger. Some good depictions of duels.
  7. Shigeru

    A DC Animated-style HeroMachine

    Deathwish Vigilante in my supers campaign in Boston. Jury is out on whether he is a hero or villain.
  8. Shigeru

    You win a movie studio! What movies do you make?

    Sword and Sorcery films with copious amount of graphic sex and violence.
  9. Shigeru

    Resourcing Hero games on Roll20

    For TURN orders, I usually load up the pertinent Heroes, villains, NPCs and vehicles for my session in Hero Designer and export the Combat Record, sorted by SPD and DEX, as an HTML file. Then I open that up in a new browser tab, so I can go to and from Roll20 and my participant data. I keep a Notepad file open to manage things like Flashes, Entangles or whatnot.
  10. Shigeru

    Resourcing Hero games on Roll20

    I don't do much with scripting for my Roll20 Hero game. In fact, I have done more with it since stealing from Doc Democracy's work in the Champions sandbox he built than I ever did on my own. He's got some good ideas as to how to accomplish some things I'd never considered. Roll20 is good for flexibility at the expense of a DIY approach to everything.
  11. Shigeru

    Resourcing Hero games on Roll20

    I will try to implement some of this stuff in the near future. It is already a lot of time to get my act together for my two games as well as "run my regular life" but I am still interested.
  12. Shigeru

    Resourcing Hero games on Roll20

    I'd just like to point out how much progress DD has made in Roll20 for the purposes of allowing a GM to implement some time-saving macros to their game. Its impressive and I can't wait to start playing with the results.
  13. Shigeru

    The Flash

    That was the worst Flash episode in a long, long time, IMO. Representing the speed force as people who interact with the Flash was goofy and seemed to be used for some forced Barry melodrama. Of course, I never read a single Flash comic so I don't have the perspective that regular readers have on the nature and aspect of the "speed force".
  14. Lots of good discussion going on in here. For my part, I am running a small Champions campaign in Roll20. I have a had a few people say "I would like to see how this system works, in action". And I expect I will actually try to run some Zero Sessions to introduce people to the concepts of the SPD chart, TURNS, STUN/BODY and the like. Its a wonderful system for simulating various effects, but some people need it played out for them. And I think that the Virtual Tabletop community is growing faster than the "actual" tabletop community, so I really want to make a splash there because people have the rulesbooks but can't find a game and don't feel comfortable enough to run one. This goes hand in hand with the need for Champions Begins or Strike Force and the like. Case in point : I ran a session of Champions at "Free RPG Day" a few years ago. Made up new heroes and villains that fit superhero archetypes, and let people sit down and pick up the characters. There was some VERY basis information on the back about attacks, defenses and such. But for the most part, I ran it fast and loose, from "lets investigate" to "battle for downtime wherever". It was a lot of fun, actually, and none of the players had ever played the game before so it was rewarding. I did the "random people sit down and play" RPG session because I felt like I owed it to the comic store for letting us play there for some three years rent-free, but it was also done to "evangelize" a system that had given me so much pleasure. It is part of the reason I decided to do something on Roll20: partly to improve the visibility and usability of Hero System on that VTT platform and partly to just have fun with it. "How to run a roleplaying game" seems to be badly needed.
  15. Oh hey guys. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? Its my handle forma hockey forum where I have been active for, uhhh...a long time. A "Double minor" is commonly astick infraction that causes loss of blood and/or chicklets. 138 is from the Misfits "We Are 138". What was the first tabletop RPG you played? Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, 1st Edition. What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? Same. What are you currently playing/GMing? Pathfinder (running two games, playign in two games) and Hero System 5th Edition (starting that sucker back up) ...wow. Yeah. doubleminor138 is not my handle here. It's my handle everywhere else, basically. Thank Grond Its Friday. Shigeru was the name of my NPC samurai in my long-running jidai-geki Hero Game. He died.