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  1. I thought the MCU had their own explanation of the Stan Lee thing. I think it was in the second GotG movie where Stan was in a space suit sitting on a asteroid talking to a group of Watchers, the idea was that he was one of the Recorders. In the comics they are group of androids that record events on a number of different planets. In the MCU they just happen to look like an old man named Stan. In Captain Marvel you just get to see the real thing.
  2.    I’m not much good at number crunching, but I went to look for the the doc but it’s gone from your original post and the one I downloaded doesn’t have any changes.

  3. I’ve always been fond of “Mother Pus Bucket!!!” I was once on the sales floor and managed to drop my end of a large office desk we were moving onto my foot. I yelled that out LOUD and a few minutes later (the exact amount of time it took my boss to get from the far side of the store to where we were.) My very reasonable boss said “I know it hurt but don’t swear on the floor.” I told him what I said and that none of those words were swears. I could see the wheels turn as he tried to remember exactly what he heard. He nodded his head and said “Your right.” and walked away.
  4. This could still be a hook for a GM to use to start a run. (For some reason I’m thinking in Shadowrun terms for this.) A King calls in one of the group and points out that they’ve broken that law.....”Now if you and your friends could take care of a little problem for me, I’m sure I could forgive this little transgression.”
  5. I read it, and it’s a very interesting backstory, but in the words of Pinky “What are we going to do now, Brain?” Are players going to work against each other like in the Amber (from the Zelazny books I mentioned) diceless game? Are they an experienced, mixed team of Troubleshooters working for a council of kings to take care of problems that concern the Blooded as a whole? Or maybe they’ll be a group of foxhole buddies on the run from the forces that want them to join their respective societies? I do have a question about how one of the laws applies to the modern day. The one about not owning land...I get how it works about not building castles, but the way it’s worded no one could buy a house or start a business without getting permission from the King. An expansion of this is; What do the Blooded want as a whole? and What do the individual Houses want? Are they looking for dominion from behind the scenes over Humanity? Do they want power over the other houses? Think about the motivations behind the Vorlon and Shadows in Babylon 5. The simple questions “Who are you?” and “What do you want?” drove five years of exceptional television. Lastly, would you prefer do work on this board, so that other GM’s can help or as e-mails direct to you so we don’t scare the neighbors? Here’s to a great start, and a new universe being born, Tjack
  6. I’m always around if you want someone to bounce ideas off. I’ve always been pretty useless at the number crunching, but I’m strong with the characterization & story side of the Force. As it stands it sounds like you’re going for a mix of the Blood from Champions, some Nine Princes in Amber from Roger Zelazny (which I always thought was an inspiration for the Blood anyway) some of the White Wolf games ‘verse and a little Highlander on the side. I’m interested in seeing the document you mentioned, if you’ld like you can send it to my E-mail address if I don’t get anything I’ll figure you’re all set for help.
  7. In the reunion TV movie from the ‘80’s Michael Dunn had passed away but the role of Lovesess’ son was played by Paul Williams.
  8. I was re-reading my old Red Doom sourcebook recently and thought that with only a few changes they would fit well into the Russia/ U.S. relations of today.
  9. I once described in a complimentary manner the Surbrook Stuff site to a sports car dealership. Beautiful and complex pieces of machinery for me to drool over. (BWT are we ever going to see some new models on the showroom floor?) But a Ferrari Testarosa Turbo is not the car to take out for your first driving lesson. Elsewhere on this site experienced GM’s have put together a large number of starting out 250 point versions of both familiar name characters and basic archetypes. You may want to try looking at some of them.
  10. I may be a bit dense, but where does characterization come in when you run something like this. When the player gets that handed out sheet, is there a personality to go with it? You may have a group that cover most of the skill sets but without knowing who this person is supposed to be all you get is a table of interchangeable cyphers. Any of the IMF teams, Sgt. Fury & the Howling Commandos, the A-Team, Hogan’s Heroes, the crew of Serenity...all of these groups have members whose singular character traits can give a player a handle on role playing that person in particular. Do you have character concepts for each of the write ups or are you handing out the sheets and giving the players a few minutes to come up with someone who fits the write up? Either one can work wonderfully. I’m sorry if I’ve overstepped my bounds here, but I often find that some GM’s fall so in love with the rules and balancing of points they forget that this isn’t just a series of equations, but a role that someone is supposed to be acting out.
  11. On TV.....check Detective.....check Magical.......check Wouldn’t the natural team leader of this group have to be......Harry Dresden!
  12. I don’t know if it qualifies as a monster, but real world appearance, build, personality and popular opinion of friends & loved ones put me pretty squarely as a Dwarf.
  13. That wasn’t meant as a pun, and you should feel lucky that you didn’t know that the correct response to that statement is “Hi Tjack!”
  14. My name is Tjack, and I’m a punaholic.
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