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  1. Tjack

    Anyone up for 20,000 Point Heroes?

    I don’t think you have to go anywhere near that high. The Surbrook’s Stuff site has some 2000 point versions of the Justice League that I look at the way some guys look at a Ferrari. More power than I’d ever need, but I’d sure like to take one out for a test drive.
  2. I would use an Ethan Hunt write-up for Coulson in a heartbeat. Remember how he took down the two gas station robbers in that video? On the original subject, I’m a 4th edition guy to the grave. Maybe it’s a sentimental thing. It was the first game book I ever bought after borrowing earlier editions off of friends for a year or two, and it was fully colored after countless hours at the tables. Although, the thing I remember best is being able to do anything I could imagine with it. Any character, any story, any genre. All in one book. No looking if someone had brought JI or Star Hero or FH. I know later editions did the same, but there’s nothing like your first love.
  3. Tjack


    It’s annoying when you find that the post you responded to was pages ago and the quote function didn’t work so you have to put something else in it’s place. Oops.
  4. Tjack

    80s Action: Emperor Kurgan

    Nooo! The only one who could challenge the power of the Emperor Kurgan is.....the Master Bruce Leroy!!! The Prize vs. The Glow!!!
  5. Tjack

    80s Action: Emperor Kurgan

    Nice pull on the John Maxrix thing. I used to run a game where the team’s UNTIL contact was Major Jennifer Matrix. I even told them she was played by Alyssa Milano (this was when Charmed was popular) it took the group about six months before anybody caught on.
  6. Maybe I’m a bad guy, but I just got the GURPS sourcebook for what I wanted and then ran that genre using Champion rules.
  7. Tjack

    Champions for High School D&D Players

    Sorry for the confusion, but I meant to imply that if the player wishes to play let’s say a Batman type. The GM writes it up with him stressing that this will be a “Year One” version, being built on only a starting number of points and use the writing up process as a demonstration of how the rules work. The new player can get a better overview of how and why things like OIF operate since he will have seen what happens when the Joker takes away Batman’s utility belt. Also they can feel a connection to that first character if they have some input in the building of it, rather than just being given a hand-out.
  8. Tjack

    Champions for High School D&D Players

    I’ve mentioned this before in other posts but as a GM I’ve found that the best way to immediately engage a new player is to ask them “What’s your favorite superhero?” and then have them play that. Either that exact character or a close version of it, whichever your campaign prefers. The new player immediately has a good grasp on how the powers work and how the character behaves. It speeds up the process of explaining for how the entire system works and gets everyone involved quickly. They may only play that Spider-Man expy a few times before wanting to try coming up with an idea of their own. Or they may be more like me who played my original Greatest American Hero clone off and on for my entire gaming career. (Among many other characters)
  9. Tjack

    Wild Wild West (TV Series)

    Robert Conrad was into Martial Arts and liked trying to out macho the stuntmen. He was probably kind of a pain in the a$$ on set but it did make for great fight sequences. (for TV and the era) He actually busted himself up pretty good doing a chandelier swing from a second floor that was supposed to drop him on a tabletop. His feet slipped from the cowboy boots and he crashed thru the table. He insisted on them using the take. A little crazy but cool.
  10. Tjack

    Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Watch out for that energy blast their supplying. When they start "electrifying"!
  11. Tjack

    New Series--The Orville

    I've seen three episodes now and so far the Sci-Fi seems weak and the comedy isn't blending in as seamlessly as they may have wanted. But a lot of shows need a season or two to get their legs under them. I'll give it a while more.
  12. MacArthur Park. One of the break your heart live versions by Richard Harris.
  13. Tjack

    STAR TREK: Discovery

    Dear Mother of God.....did he actually translate that into Klingon!?!? Please somebody tell me that it's just gibberish. PLEASE!!!!
  14. Tjack

    New Series--The Orville

    It's most definitely not a parody. It is however created by someone heavily influenced by ST:TNG and produced by someone who worked on all the Trek shows since TNG. Projects with much less in common have been hit with lawsuits in the past like Harlan Ellison's suit concerning his Outer Limits teleplay "Soldier" and the movie "The Terminator". Add to that Paramount hasn't been shy about using legal muscle to shut down anybody they think may infringe on their intellectual property.