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  1. Tjack

    Hallowe'en Gaming Plans

    I think he's writing another Austin Powers movie.
  2. I don't know who's Batman, but thanks for the image of Scarlett in a Batgirl costume! ....or maybe Robin.
  3. Tjack

    Hero All-Stars

    Just for my own two cents.... 2004 Pulp All pulp adventures are made better by adding Nazis to punch. Hell, everything is made better by punching a nazi!
  4. Tjack

    Reverse the polarity of the plotron flow!

    Wow, I thought I hated Ayn Rand. Good for you!
  5. Tjack

    Hero All-Stars

    Mr. Watts, Yours is truly a beautiful mind...and kind of scary.
  6. I think that any ratings have to be based on region. In the Northeast where I am Hockey takes a much bigger piece of the pie than college or High School sports. In the Midwest the opposite holds true.
  7. Tjack

    Wild Wild West (TV Series)

    Robert Conrad was into Martial Arts and liked trying to out macho the stuntmen. He was probably kind of a pain in the a$$ on set but it did make for great fight sequences. (for TV and the era) He actually busted himself up pretty good doing a chandelier swing from a second floor that was supposed to drop him on a tabletop. His feet slipped from the cowboy boots and he crashed thru the table. He insisted on them using the take. A little crazy but cool.
  8. Tjack

    WWYCD: The Skyship Going Down

    Well the first character I flashed on is a Nick Fury/Capt. America type. Soooooooooooo..... Get a bottle of the good stuff from the bar, find a comfy chair, put his feet up, and try to remember all the words to "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" before the end.
  9. Tjack

    Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Watch out for that energy blast their supplying. When they start "electrifying"!
  10. I think some version of the American Civil Liberties Union would challenge that ruling saying that the standard should be sentience, rather than as arbitrary one as "undead" or "Human Stock". I don't know if it's got a place in a campaign other than as background info or plot point for a PC who's secret ID is a lawyer.
  11. Tjack

    New Series--The Orville

    I've seen three episodes now and so far the Sci-Fi seems weak and the comedy isn't blending in as seamlessly as they may have wanted. But a lot of shows need a season or two to get their legs under them. I'll give it a while more.
  12. Tjack

    Talk to the Animals

    That can't be just a three point skill. It's three points because I don't have to read or write it.
  13. Tjack

    Intelligence of 0?

    I wonder if we can get through this thread without a Trump joke? This does not count as a joke.
  14. MacArthur Park. One of the break your heart live versions by Richard Harris.