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  1. Dears, I’m looking for some support because I’m going to start a really titanic did (at least to me): I’m going to create starting from zero a complete fantasy setting using the 6th edition of Hero System… Furthermore, I have to involve my current RPG party that don’t speak English at all and explain all the rules… Anyway, my main doubt is about the magic system. I know that “Fantasy Hero” handbook proposes a lot of different magic systems but you have to understand that I don’t have time to test the system…Once I have implemented it, I must to be sure that it works and, most important, that it is balanced. The only magic system I know very well is the one of D&D (3rd or 5th edition). In this system the wizards have two important limitations: 1) the power level of the spell based on the character level 2) the number of spells castable per day. In the magic systems presented in the handbook “Fantasy Hero” these limitations seem not be implemented (at least in my opinion). The mandatory roll on the skill “Power: Magic” seems not to be enough… If during the character creation the player put a lot of CP in this skill the result could be that the wizard could cast one single but very powerful spell (and this can be really unbalancing). Do you have introduced some house rule to limit the CP expendable for the skill “power: Magic”?? Second point: how to limit the spells per day?? Even if a spell can cost Endurance, the recovery phase would virtually allow the wizard to cast an infinite number of spells per day. Is this acceptable for you? I repeat once again, my only reference is the D&D where, with the exclusion of the cantrips, an infinite number of spells would be a nightmare. Thanks for your help and please excuse me for my poor English.