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  1. heruca

    Platform for PbP Game

    You could try Battlegrounds (aka BRPG) virtual tabletop software, which supports Hero System nicely. Just because it CAN display a battle map doesn't mean you have to use it for that. BRPG supports Hero's turn sequencing system, dice, and unique mechanics (stun/body, explosion, etc).
  2. heruca

    Fantasy Grounds

    Battlegrounds (aka BRPG) is another VTT you might want to consider for non-remote gaming. Although it is inherently system-agnostic, BRPG should appeal to Hero System gamers in particular, as Battlegrounds has long supported the system's unique turn sequencing mechanics, Hero System dice, and dice-rolling mechanics such as rolling vs. target numbers, Stun/Body damage, die removal for explosion damage, etc. Besides maps and tokens, the program also supports visual aids and audio (i.e., sound effects & music).