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  1. Brian Stanfield

    Unable to download purchase

    Any time this has happened to me I go to the "Support" tab and click on "Contact Us." Leave a note and it's usually resolved in a few days.
  2. Brian Stanfield

    Champions Now Information

    My impression is that it will be carried by Indie Press Revolution in addition to being offered through the HERO store.
  3. Brian Stanfield

    Store - Downloading

    This occasionally happens. If you go to the "support" tab and select "contact us," you can send a form explaining the situation and they usually get it solved in a few days.
  4. Brian Stanfield

    "summonable" item

    I like this. One question I always have on returnable weapons is what if someone catches the thrown dagger? Or just picks it up? Or maybe you even hit your opponent and bury it to the hilt in his ribs, and it gets stuck! Would STR with range be needed for these types of situations? We never "see" how the weapons return, except for maybe watching Thor's hammer smash through things to get back to him, which only begs the question: how much STR does the hammer need in order to fulfill its prescribed duty to return to Thor?
  5. Brian Stanfield

    Champions Now Information

    I thought about what you wrote, and spent a good chunk of the day reading about why "simulationist" has become a "naughty word." What I discovered was a very old, very long debate that I was ignorant of! You probably have more of a history with the terminology, and this is a whole can of worms that I was unaware of before I responded to your post. So I'd like to say that I'm not trying to devalue your position or promote one theory over another. Although I do value narrative in gaming, I now realize you probably have certain assumptions when you posted the previous couple of things, and I jumped into it without fully understanding the history. I'm sorry if my comments or replies seem combative. That wasn't my intent when I wrote them. . . .
  6. Brian Stanfield

    Champions Now Information

    I didn't cast it as a naughty word, but perhaps overemphasized over the years. My thoroughly untested opinion is that video games (even or perhaps especially RPGs) have negatively affected tabletop RPGs by being driven too much by individual achievements and less by role playing. I'm not talking "room full of theater majors" here, I'm just talking about actual interaction. As you say, it depends completely on the GM and the players. But the emphasis over the decades has been towards simulation, which a computer can do much better for what people tend to want these days. The narrative emphasis is simply an attempt to make tabletop gaming more than a craps game. If you've seen Ron's YouTube segments, you'll agree that he is emphasizing what you are saying about making Complications more interactive. All those things you list seem to be what he is leaning towards. He is, however, explicitly giving credit to the "narrative" games as an example of how this can be done well. They didn't change game mechanics, they changed the emphasis on gaming: "Hey, let's not sit around watching each other roll dice while we each have our noses in our phones until it's our turn to roll dice." Ron's project is a throwback so simpler game mechanics, mixed with the idea that Complications and such can develop over time and intermingle with the other characters. This is the emphasis of narrative based games. It's still a game, with mechanics that can be min/maxed, but he emphasis is different. On this point, I wholeheartedly agree. I'm not totally sold on the project, but I've reconsidered how it might be useful both for helping change the perception of Champions, and get it in the hands of a new generation of gamers who are more interested in the storytelling aspect of RPGs and less on the murder-hobo, video-gamey aspect of gaming. Plus it's a good reminder to us all that we get to choose the kind of game we emphasize, whether it be gamism, simulations, or narrativism (his terms, not mine). Your points are well made on this, and I appreciate you bringing it up.
  7. I never saw the damage on the "damaged" copy I got, and that's been the general consensus of anyone else I've heard from. Order the book, it's worth it!
  8. Brian Stanfield

    Seems limited

    I'm another Illinoisan. Where are you located, j_spencer93?
  9. Brian Stanfield

    Champions Now Information

    Although technically true, I don't think it's a very sympathetic interpretation of what is meant by "narrative driven approach." Ron Edwards makes a really good point when he says that Champions has become largely min/max and simulationist driven largely because of the system. He wants to show a way to use the system to emphasize the emergent storytelling that other systems emphasize. A system like Fate actually does drive the narrative, in that it requires the GM and players to derive their characters as the story is told. Yes it depends on them, but the system reinforces the "role playing" part of the RPG which I've seen left out of all the HERO and GURPS games I've had the misfortune to play lately. It's unfortunate that the role playing has been lost from many of the RPGs on the market, Champions and HERO included. They became "roll playing" games. They don't need to be that way (and no, not all are devoid of role playing), and Ron's project appears to be emphasizing it.
  10. Brian Stanfield

    Champions Now Information

    I've seen it written all over the place on these forums that we are most definitely not allowed to rewrite the rules to fit our projects, that the IP of HERO is not something we can tamper with, and to even ask is met with silence or curt refusals. Yet Champions Now is doing just that: literally changing the rules in interesting (and probably fruitful) ways to achieve a feel. It's sending a mixed signal. So unless "our" name is Ron Edwards, I don't see how any time spend trying a project like this is possible. I suggested a Fantasy HERO Basic project a while back, and the basic final assessment was that it wouldn't be allowed for the reasons listed above. I wonder if maybe it's not time for DOJ to put their money where their mouths are on these type of projects. Perhaps Champions Now will actually make that possible. This is why I backed the project, and I hope that it opens the door to some similar project proposals from us lowly amateurs who also have a vested interest in seeing the games and the system itself succeed. I remain skeptically hopeful.
  11. Brian Stanfield


    So what I'm wondering now is should there be some connection between a gadget pool that can be infinitely varied, or a base, or a tactical vehicle, and wealth? I guess that the wealth is just "assumed" in these cases, but should it be a perk that a player must buy in order to have access to all these things?
  12. Brian Stanfield


    I think the main difference between "money" and "lifestyle" in these regional examples can be expressed like this: If I have $5 million I could build a mansion and retire with a very comfortable (maybe not lavish, but close) lifestyle on a vast acreage in the wine country of Southern Illinois. I work for one of these people and see it every day. If, however, I have $5 million in the wine country of Southern California I wouldn't even be able to buy the land, let alone develop it. Money is, after all, money. "Lifestyle" makes more than a semantic difference here, being the product of the same amount of money. Conversely, I've stayed at a friend's family home which was affordably built in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge before any other house, and the community grew around it. It is now so valuable that they can't even conceive of selling it. The money changed around the property, but the lifestyle remains the same. This sort of distinction is of course campaign dependent, so it is a rather relative term, but I believe that the point is that tying a specific dollar amount to a particular lifestyle is problematic. Living modestly in Belvedere is much different than living modestly in Des Moines, and living a lavish lifestyle is equally different and not dependent on the specific dollar amount.
  13. Brian Stanfield

    Champions Now Information

    Although I'm a backer, this is sort of what bothers me. The powers that be refuse to re-print the 6e core books because Champions Complete is the new standard set of rules, but then turn around and back a project to re-write the rules to 3e, and present it as what appears to be yet another "official" direction for he ruleset. We've also been flatly told "no" on a possible "HERO System Lite" type of ruleset, yet Champions Now appears to be exactly that. Although I like the project, it seems like it could have been astronomically more beneficial to do the same narrative-based introduction to Champions with the CC rules, and then add the Character Creation Cards to the mix when they become available. In short, this seems like some seriously mixed signals are being sent. Sure Ron Edwards has a lot of great stuff to offer, and because it's being presented as a Champions campaign book, I can understand that it is more of a personal project. But I'm not sure what it does for HERO's long term health to promote it against its own Champions Complete. If this is a set up to eventually introduce a new ruleset for Champions, it is messy beyond belief. We can all go back to 3e on our own if we want. I don't think it's a good idea to introduce new people to an older ruleset (if that is actually part of the intended purpose). There is a lot of emphasis these days on narrative driven, rules light games, and I appreciate introducing emergent character development and storytelling into Champions (although it is suggested with each edition that players can take unspecified Complications to develop as game play progresses). New players are more likely to bit on something like this. After going to Origins this year and seeing how nuts people still are for Cypher System, it seems that they aren't afraid of universal systems as long as they have a narrative driven approach. It seems that it is just as possible to do this with HERO and Champions, but probably more desirable to do it with the most recent rules. I don't want to repeat myself too much, but I'm really disappointed that a lot of people expressed a desire to develop a rules-light version of Champions in order to introduce it to new people, but were shut down without any discussion. Yet now we're getting that very thing, but with an outdated version of the rules. Will it help HERO? Maybe. But it may only be an OSR nostalgia piece with no extended support, which only adds to the woes of HERO seeming outdated and falling behind that times.
  14. Brian Stanfield

    Are Champions and HERO System "indie" games?

    Thank you for getting to my main point, which I may not have been very clear about. What I really want to know is, can we get Champions in front of new eyes and drum up new support by tapping into the "indie" crowd, who seems to always be looking for the next cool thing (even if it's the next Old School Revived thing). Really, once the character creation cards come out, it seems like they ought to be packaged with Champions Complete and marketed as quick chargen with streamlined rules that will allow for more play/storytelling time.
  15. Brian Stanfield

    Champions Now Information

    I started a thread on "indie" games here, with the idea of investigating why Champions/HERO System isn't presenting itself to the younger "indie" crowd. Setting aside what "indie" actually means, I think it should be considered an indie game. I wondered if it could be shown to a new generation with this in mind, and if perhaps this is what Ron Edwards might actually be tapping into. The news announcement, Why Now Champions Now, seems to reinforce that question. I've now reconsidered backing the project because any exposure is better than none! And if people discover it at Indie Press Revolution while scanning for Fate or some other popular game, so much the better. I'll save the problem of why it's not based on Champions Complete for another time.