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  1. Brian Stanfield

    Browsing through the HERO store

    No idea on this, but they are technologically impaired, so I can't imagine you could screw it up if they can't. I suspect a table saw with a good finish blade might work too, but it's just a hunch. But it should speed things up for you for sure if you have access!
  2. Brian Stanfield

    Lost Products: Looking For Unknown Eagles

    I have a PDF of Unknown Eagles: Source Book 1. Is this one of the books you are looking for?
  3. Brian Stanfield

    Browsing through the HERO store

    Here’s a suggestion, if you have the access: my friends run an institute where they scan books constantly. They found that, once the cover is cut of, it is quick, clean and efficient to use a band saw to cut the binding off. Clamps are of course necessary to keep the pages signed at the end of the cut, but it saves hours and hours of work.
  4. Brian Stanfield

    New Bundle of Holding offering?

    Yup. All the 4e PDFs are now available here.
  5. One thing I noticed about the 6e rules is that the core information is spread all over the place. Stuff like characteristic ranges, starting points for different types of games, and those sorts of basics should be condensed to a few pages of a PDF for reference. The new character sheets don’t have baseline characteristics printed on them, so it would be helpful to have that reference sheet to help show where expenditures would be most helpful and/or legal in the case of characteristic maxima. I suppose this this is something I could whip up on my own and add to the downloads section . . . . Now if I weren’t so dang lazy.
  6. I hate to say it, but the Basic Rulebook for 6e, plus a Player's Handbook of some sort with examples and advice, would start to look a lot like the 6e, Volume 1 rules, which is perhaps overfull of examples and suggestions, but does exactly what your suggestion, Ninja-Bear. It seems like a Basic Handbook to supplement the Basic Rulebook would be using 2 books to cover what the 6e1 already does. It might be fewer pages in the end, but I'm not sure by how much. I just wish they made the two big books, 6e1 and 6e2, available again as POD, even in black and white. They aren't that big in softcover with lighter pages, and don't weigh as much either when done in POD.
  7. Brian Stanfield

    HERO master

    I don't like writing long posts because so many things can get lost in translation or overlooked. But let me start by extending an olive branch here. It's not that I haven't been reading or understanding your questions. It's just that they are so many that I don't feel like I can't answer all of them. So I've tried to restate my position, which leads to more questions, and so on and so on back and forth. I think we've simply been talking past each other. Let me attempt to respond to the crux of your questions: My answer: all the abilities should be justified. All changes in characteristics, perks, limitations or advantages, complications, skills and powers, even equipment. I'm not focused on the martial arts, it was a simple example that someone else came up with and I ran with it (and also admitted that I got it wrong right away, so that example is even less useful at this point). So all changes should be reasonable and justified within the context of the game. I'm not trying to make a ruling of any sort, so I can't really answer all of your rule-based questions about specific point expenditures. Based on where the original post went, it became a subject of roleplaying philosophy, to which I was simply offering a reminder that all unregulated change in skills is not necessarily a good idea. In my opinion, and only in my opinion, players should be required to justify their changes. It appears that you have a different opinion on this. As I said, this is your purview as GM. Going to the HERO rules, the last step of the character creation checklist (and I'll arbitrarily extend this to any character development) on 6e1 38 suggests: "GM Approval: Make sure the GM reviews and approves of your character. Since the HERO System rules are so flexible, it’s possible to build characters who can unbalance the campaign — making the game less enjoyable for other players. Gamemasters should disallow such characters and request that the player build a well-rounded character who’ll contribute to everyone’s fun." Paired with the frequently recurring phrase, that the GM should make final decisions based on "dramatic sense, common sense, and game balance," I've simply been making a case for how that may look in practice. I've not mandated any sort of ruling on any particular thing, nor would I because that is up to each GM to decide. But I did offer what I thought would be a few problematic situations that may need some clarification by the players. Greywind summed up my concern perfectly: So I don't have a ruling on all of your examples. I'm not misunderstanding your questions, which are all very good questions. I've simply been saying "slow your roll" to hypothetical players who may be showing up to the game table with unwanted and unwarranted surprises for the group. I'm not even arguing with your examples. I think those are all good questions that will depend on the campaign and the group. I don't have a single blanket policy for them, as that was not my intention in the first place. This, I think, addresses the second part of what I was trying to say. A clearly stated intention is all I've been suggesting. I think if you go back and look at what I was writing you'll find that I was most concerned with players who suddenly and inexplicably show up to a game session with new characters. So the first part I think best expresses what I was trying to offer as a reminder for how and when character changes should happen. I realize that you asked a lot of questions that I haven't answered. Too many for me at this point to go back and try to address. But I can say that I'm not trying to mandate the GM ruining the players' fun. But campaigns do require constraints, and what I've been writing about are campaign concerns, and roleplaying concerns in general, not the specifics of which 15 points gets spent which way. That, I believe, should be a negotiation, just like anything else in roleplaying. It could very well be that you play your games differently from me. I suspect that may be part of the difference of opinion here. I'm not trying to condemn or correct anyone's approach to the game. I just gave my $.02 worth of an opinion on how to regulate skill advancement, which unfortunately has provided a rapidly diminishing return. Sorry for the length. I don't expect you to respond to all of it, nor is it necessary at this point. Hopefully you can see my overall thesis here. I've got pneumonia, and it's quite possible that I'm not making any sense right now. If so, please forgive me and simply disregard what I've written.
  8. Brian Stanfield

    HERO master

    After thinking on it for a day, I'm going to have to say that I don't believe you. I don't think you're sorry, and I don't believe that you are actually trying to grasp my point. In fact, you consistently misrepresent what I'm trying to say. For example: This is not representative of anything I wrote. Instead, it is an extremely discourteous interpolation of what I wrote to the point that you are being rude. And you've done this over and over again with your straw man summaries of what ultimately is not my position. If you'd like to know what I'm trying to get at, feel free to re-read what I've written, with a more gracious attempt to interpret my concerns. But I don't believe that you actually want to do that. I've already explained my concerns vis a vis the original post, and doing so again seems like a waste of time because you aren't actually trying to meet me halfway in this discussion. I wish you well. I've always respected and admired your points of view on the different discussions over the years. But right now you are simple being rude.
  9. Brian Stanfield

    New Bundle of Holding offering?

    I think the real villains do it for the love of evil. If you need to get paid, you can't be a unique villain (there are too many run of the mill bad guys who get paid for their rapscallionism).
  10. Brian Stanfield

    Mentors for Sidekicks

    Just a quick thought: Teen Champions has a "social limitation: minor" that describes how kids are limited by their parents' rules and other such things. I'd think you could rewrite it in such a way that they are limited by their mentor's code of conduct, etc.
  11. Brian Stanfield

    New Bundle of Holding offering?

    Ah, cool. Jason Walters made some sort of passing comment about this vis a vis Champions Now. I think it all makes sense now.
  12. The new economy is moving online to the extent that FLGSs probably won't be around much longer. At least not in the way that we recognize them. This generation of gamers expects to get too many things for free online. They expect their music for free, their news sites for free, their shopping tax-free with free delivery . . . . The brick-and-mortar versions of each of these enterprises is failing before our eyes because they no longer have consumers who pay for their services, and the drop in sales tax is becoming a dire issue for each state. I suppose UPS and FEX-EX are the only ones who are winning at this point. And Amazon, because they own everything. . . . I'm getting off point. I say this because when I was reintroduced to HERO a few years ago with a used copy of 5e, I began looking around online for what was available and where the discussions were happening. I found hero games.com, which has become my favorite resource! Thanks, y'all! But I also found just about anything available in unauthorized PDFs in one way or another. Personally, I've spent a great deal of my own money in the HERO store for most of what I want, and Ebay for some of the things I can't get anymore. But I can pretty much guarantee that new gamers, or new-to-HERO gamers are going to find those PDFs. So not only will the FLGSs not get any of the money, DOJ isn't getting their money either. I suspect this plays a part in their retraction. Many FLGSs, for example, have quit carrying Pathfinder for a couple of reasons: the volume of physical copies keeps taking up more and more shelf space, and fewer people buy them because everything is also available on PDF. I've met a couple of shop owners who got rid of their devoted Pathfinder space because they weren't getting any support from Paizo. In fact, they felt their business was being undercut by Paizo with the PDF market becoming so predominant. And now, of course, most of that stuff is available "for free" online at this point anyway. This, unfortunately, is the world we now live in. I do think, however, that POD may be a good way to offer physical copies at a smaller expense for HERO. They already have so much available at DrivThru. This may be the next generation of physical publication. We'll see. Maybe books will go away completely. I hope not. I still prefer to have a physical copy in my hand.
  13. Brian Stanfield

    New Bundle of Holding offering?

    Anyone have any ideas about the whisper campaign for a new Bundle of Holding? Here's what the email sent to me 2 days ago says: REMEMBER CHAMPIONS? Hey, remember back in April 2017 when we presented a colossal double offer of Champions books that were all debuting in .PDF for the first time anywhere? Those two offers had, gosh, 67 titles between them -- our biggest offers ever. Those two Championsoffers were big hits! Good times, good times. Huh? Why do we mention those two landmark offers that brought into .PDF tons of early Champions titles for the first time anywhere? Oh... no reason. Just making conversation. [whistles tunelessly]
  14. I started that thread a couple of years ago, being new to the forums and not knowing all the ins and outs of the ensuing arguments for and against this sort of project. People have some very firm beliefs about this stuff, and it shows up in lots of ways in many of the threads. I think it's a healthy discussion to have, but few people actually act on it. Xotl actually ran with the idea and created a really nice document. It's at least one approach that could be useful.
  15. I'm disappointed because High Rock Press (Jason Walters' press that does most of the third party HERO stuff) planned to re-do Danger International a couple of years ago. This all changed when Michael Satran died, as Jason wants to publish Michael's stuff sooner rather than later. The idea seems to have just died on the vine, or at least get indefinitely tabled. I loved, loved, LOVED DI, and read the hell out of that book. It still stands as the version of the game that had me hooked, more than Champions and Fantasy Hero. It is a great example of a standalone game with no supplemental material required. Add a few maps, some adventure threads, and you have a good start for learning the game! I wish more people would do these projects on their own and just offer them up for production. I suspect Jason would at least listen.