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  1. Brian Stanfield

    Origins 2018

    Those all sound great! I didn't get to pre-register for anything because of a screwup on Origins's part, so I was pretty much stuck demoing games and stuff like that. Kind of a bummer. I went and met Jason Walters, but he was always busy so I didn't get to talk to him much. It was still fun all around, but not exhilarating.
  2. Brian Stanfield

    Origins 2018

    Have you found anything good to play yet?
  3. Brian Stanfield

    Origins 2018

    Is anyone else at Origins this year?
  4. Brian Stanfield

    WH40K Hero

    Got it. I misunderstood your goal. Still, this sounds like a lot of fun, and I'd like to see what you finally come up with. You should post it when you get it figured out, and maybe write up a documents for the downloads section.
  5. Brian Stanfield

    WH40K Hero

    Its been a looooong time since I played 40k, but one principle that I always liked was the points-balance approach that is similar to HERO. In other words, you can gauge a squad based on the total number of points it has just like you can gauge a super team against a villain team. The weapons were a big part of balancing squads. For example, you could have a single squad of highly equipped space marines against an endless horde of space orcs with crappy weapons, but the points still balance out. My my point in bringing this up is that you'll probably want to include the weapons and equipment in the character builds so that there is still some balance at the squad level. They can all take the Focus Disadvantage, Real Weapon Disadvantage, etc. to make them more affordable, but it'll be easier to maintain a balance between opposing squad combat.
  6. Brian Stanfield

    6e Equipment Guide Character Pack

    I looked through the book for the detailed explanations on the builds, but they are done more like the genre books, offering a lot of possibilities for what can be done in a build, not necessarily what is done in a build. It may be worth getting a .pdf version of the book just to look at the material.
  7. Brian Stanfield

    6e Equipment Guide Character Pack

    By the way, have you compared the stats to the 5e Equipment Guide? They are actually cheaper, so it looks like there's an intentional adjustment in the 6e guide.
  8. Brian Stanfield

    6e Equipment Guide Character Pack

    Hmmm . . . Maybe this is worth asking Steve Long directly to see how he did the builds? Now I'm curious myself . . . .
  9. Brian Stanfield

    6e Equipment Guide Character Pack

    What are some of the numbers problems in the 6e guide? I haven't gone through it very thoroughly since it's basically an exact replica of the 5e Equipment Guide with new stats.
  10. Brian Stanfield

    Sports Betting On Role Playing Games

    The prop bets alone could rake in tons of cash!
  11. Brian Stanfield

    Floating Islands

    Ask this guy, he knows:
  12. I'll add another random thought or two: Modern air traffic has routes regulated at different elevations to avoid mid-air mishaps. You may consider having low altitude "local" traffic, and mid-altitude personal flight devices (or any other sort of flight like wings, for that matter), and higher altitude international and trade routes. You may consider air ports outside of the city limits to cut down on the traffic, or you may have certain air traffic control towers where air travelers are required to check in. Again, at different altitudes to minimize traffic bottlenecks. You may also consider having air ships dock at specific towers, to be offloaded and "parked" elsewhere by some sort of aviation enforcement agency. Air travel could check in at the city, and then have valets or some such folks place the vehicles in dedicated and protected port facilities. I'd think this would have to include pegasūs and dragons, etc., as well, since who wants a dragon hitched outside of the local tavern (see drunkonduty's observation about arson). That's all I've got on my mind for now. This is a great idea! I like the possibilities!
  13. Brian Stanfield

    Lost genre's?

    I don't know if you remember this, but early last year or late 2016 High Rock Press announced plans for an updated Danger International in late 2017. I think the Champions character creation cards are on the front burner at this point (very close to being ready), but perhaps if there's enough buzz we could fast-track the DI reissue.
  14. Brian Stanfield

    Skill-based magic

    Glen, this is awesome! I had dreams of doing something similar myself, but even more brief than yours. The one thing you most definitely got right is including the package deals at the beginning! I gave my buddy a copy of Fantasy Hero Complete a year ago, and he was overwhelmed (this is why I started that thread at the time). One of the problems is that he was looking for some reference point on how to make a character: what should be included, what sort of skills, what sort of background, etc., but the package deals are buried in the back of the book. You've made them a central part of creating a character for beginners, which is a really useful strategy. You also include the tables showing relative power levels (heroic vs. superheroic, etc.), as well as the starting values for the characteristics. This is not readily obvious when looking at a character sheet in FHC. In fact, as a beginner's book it really seems to assume a lot more player knowledge than should be expected for a beginner. I love what you've done. I plan on, one day, writing something similar but even more brief. More like Xotl's Fantasy Hero Primer, but less directed and more general. I think a quick 30 page document outlining the character building process, including some guidance on package deals, racial and professional packages, etc., along with a general but less detailed discussion of the skills and powers would be useful. In essence, I want to write a companion to Fantasy Hero Complete that will simplify the character creation process, and give a tour of the game along with page references to the book for more details. Although I like the book, it follows the same format that HERO has used for decades, and it's not necessarily intuitive. New, and I mean brand new, players really need something to translate the book for them. The combat stuff is easy to understand, for the most part, so can be summarized really quickly. But I think a rundown of all the different rolls and how they are calculated is a must. A sample combat is also a really useful tool for newbies to get a feel for the game. Anyway, that's the long version of "Awesome! Thanks!"
  15. Brian Stanfield

    POD for 6e1 and 6e2

    That's good news! Thanks for keeping us posted.