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  1. My group was joking about being stealthy while trying to sneak into a villain lair. I joked about trying to eat Captain Crunch quietly. A player rolls dice and gets a 3, then says "I eat Capn Crunch quietly" out loud.
  2. The only time I allow free equipment for the Champions campaign is for commonplace items: phone, flashlight, firstaid kid, etc. Of course, I also allow one-shot plot items for the characters there & there. The only time someone asked why they can't keep some supervillain gear is when I replied, "For game balance." It was enough and hasn't been brought up in a long, long time.
  3. A long time ago, I had Dr. Destroyer send a virus into the internet to detect any trace of him and wipe it clean of any data. It was an interesting idea but I never did anything with it afterwards and I seriously doubt anyone remembers that game episode. dougmacd, I know people who don't take photos with phones.
  4. KS, these are really cool. I've got D3 but it's simply a 6-sider with 1, 2, 3 on twice. This would definitely stand out as a half-die. Thanks for the info!
  5. The converting chart was found. Don't worry: the chart is a general idea used and then the stats are altered as necessary to fit into the game.
  6. Isn't that more the fault of the GM who allowed it than the player or the system? (Assuming it was a problem; in some campaigns it might be in the range of acceptable values). As assumption here on both points, which I will clarify. I didn't say I was GM'ing this, nor was it allowed. Someone wanted to add their character from a different campaign, the player having played D&D. Simply put: I was giving bits & pieces of an experience which was a little complicated.
  7. (trying to answer for the 3rd time - technical problems) Buy 1 hex Effect?
  8. Didn't say it was a system problem, just stating my experience.
  9. Well said, including later posts. Same thing applies for drones, facial recognition, cel phones, etc. etc. etc.
  10. Probably a combination of 4th & 5th edition with only a very little touch of 6th (one power). Playing Champions.
  11. I would simply have the player who wants to shoot with the intent to miss make an attack roll. If you "hit", then the defensive person must move or get hit. PRE attk or Drain isn't accurate - some villains could care less if they get hit or not and will not move as hopefully intended (see original poster train of thought below). " From a special effect standpoint the maneuver involves shooting an opponent (who is assumed to be able to dodge bullets) with intent to miss. the idea being you are cordoning off an area (similar to suppression fire), trying to get your opponent to dodge left as opposed to right or otherwise bait you opponent into a certain behavior, by shooting at them in a calculated way. "
  12. Does anyone has a PDF of the conversion chart from a long time ago of V&V to the Hero System? Is there a newer one, perhaps a better way of translating it to Hero?
  13. For myself, trying to teach someone the Hero System, specifically Champions, when they've come from a D&D background is somewhat difficult. They're used to the idea that a 10th lvl character will almost always be better than a 2nd lvl character. This is not the case in Champions. Someone who has 600 xp can work with someone who has 2 XP. Yes, the 600 xp hero can do alot more, generally has more powers, and so on, but the 2 xp hero can assist as well and be of great help. My experience is that post-D&D players want to build combat monsters. I'm sorry but +10 DCV levels defined as 'swinging your sword around threateningly' just won't cut it, excuse the pun. Yes, someone had that, running around at DCV 18 regularly. There are villains out there who simply aren't afraid of your sword, or even you hitting them with your sword. They want to just right into combat, and forget roleplaying for the most part, and get bored when things go into a subdued tone because a different player is roleplaying his detective skills. My last attempt still has a bad taste in my mouth. Again, this is my experience. I hope others have had better experiences.
  14. I think Spence nailed it: "That hits dead center on why Hero has become a dead game. My definition of a dead game is one that is not generally available for purchase via standard distribution. And Hero is a game that can only be purchased in electronic form if you know it exists. But back to your post. I'll complete your main theme: "In order to get customers, you have to get them playing the game." "To get them playing the game you have to have people running games." "To get people running the game you have to provide adventures to start them off." and "My point is that CC or FHC is not ready to play. And unless there is a ready to play version, people will not play it. Sure, like everyone in this forum, I refer my own homebrew campaigns and worlds. But CC and FHC is exactly like all the other RPG's in that people need to play it and learn how it works in play before they can really begin creating their own stuff. I am pretty sure that everyone that has played 1st thru 4th editions has played Vipers Nest. We played it because it was a great way to try out Champs and see how things actually worked. In hindsight I believe it would have been even better if they had included 5 or 6 pregenerated Heroes. Not The Champions, but a few initial build PC's. But that is just my opinion." How can people run a game if they don't know it exists? Is everyone who currently plays the HeroSystem supposed to introduce someone else? As Spence said, you need adventures. What I'm understanding is people want a game to buy & play, not a game system. You don't see the D&D system being advertised. It doesn't help that Champions Online is merely inspired from the HeroSystem (combat-wise) and I don't see it being advertised either. My apologies - this is a bit off the topic.
  15. The name was supposed to be Thundara, after the Kingdom Hearts thunder attack. Name is correct now.
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