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  1. I'm looking for a large, even HD, version of Ariel, the little mermaid sitting on a rock but animated with her hair blowing in the moonlight. An animated gif is small but somewhere out there is a large version: I've seen it. I just cannot find it. Can anyone help?
  2. Tech

    DBz punch... and punch again

    Unless powers/attacks are linked.
  3. Tech

    DBz punch... and punch again

    Perhaps, if you ignore that the attacker is now in a different area. That fact almost ensures that some sort of moment power must be used, even if attacking on Ph 6 , then again on Ph 7.
  4. Tech

    DBz punch... and punch again

    I'd suggest a limitation on the autofire: second attack does go off until after movement.
  5. Tech

    DBz punch... and punch again

    Perhaps we did. However, I don't think what you suggested works. I can see the linked movement trigger but the initial hit/movement/hit isn't really there.
  6. How would you build Goku's attack where he punches someone, who gets knocked away some distance. Goku appears a distance away in front of the bad guy now hurling towards him and Goku punches him again?
  7. Tech

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    I searched RPGNow and didn't find anything. I don't find anything at the Herogames store. Did I miss something?
  8. Tech

    Look Out! A Bus!

    Variable Special Effects would work well in this case.
  9. Tech

    Question: What is your heroes area of operation?

    That depends on which of the six supergroups we're using at the time. Some stay within several counties, others are national, one has gone international and to the stars.
  10. By the rules, if a Hero with a DEX 25 starts to take a recovery and gets hit by a villain on DEX 20, the recovery is lost. However, if a villain with DEX 25 hits the hero who takes damage, can the Hero with DEX 20 take a recovery on the same phase he was hit?
  11. Tech

    The Unluck Is Strong In This One

    Fortunately, it wasn't me but my brother rolled three 18s in a roll, one after another. Never seen that happen before, never seen it since. (Scenario: A tank is about to run over a superstrong hero. The hero's going to try to grab the tank and do something to it (forgot). 18. He begs to try again. Sooo, the GM allows it. Another 18. He wants to try a third time - a sigh from the GM but allowed. Third 18... GM: The tank runs over you! Take your damage!) Of course, I've also had the pleasure of seeing a friend roll two Perfect 3s one after another.
  12. Tech

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Saw "Big Hero 6" yesterday. Surprisingly, a good movie.
  13. I'm thinking of an attack which I'm not sure how to build. The attacker throws a ball of energy at an opponent. Assuming the ball hits the opponent, the ball of energy will continue to hit (unless Missile Deflected, it doesn't penetrate a defensive Force Wall, etc). The damage can vary from say, 6d6 Blast Stun to 3d6 RKA. If the low level damage doesn't affect the opponent, the ball of energy can change to it's higher damage in mid-attack. The attacker can eat a hotdog or watch paint dry which the attack continues on its initial damage. Should the attacker decide, the damage will increase. That's kind of my power idea. How would you build it?
  14. Ragitsu, if it's meant just to give water, go with Hugh's write-up. I don't think the other write-ups for damage are what the poster is looking for, since the description is for drinking water or taking a shower.
  15. Tech

    How to Build: Dancing weapons?

    It could be built that way, but it doesn't convey an atmosphere of adventure, where the PC can block or at least dodge the dancing sword.