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  1. Tech

    Supers Image game

    A) Bolo, nice pic! B ) Wow, dt, nice to hear someone knows of Ray Harryhousen still. Iron Harpy Jill Landers was driving home from work in the rain near midnight when her car hydroplaned and crashed off the side of the road into a tree. Unfortunately, the accident occurred near a scientist's laboratory. When Jill awoke, she felt incredibly heavy and when she tried to talk, her voice had a metallic sound to it. The scientist had been working on a variation of the 'Frankenstein monster' and had mad a powerful body but needed a mind - that was Jill's. She was horrified at what had happened to her, and destroyed the lab, the scientist, the house, everything within half a mile. She loathes herself now and considers herself a monster, and hires herself out to the most dangerous of assignments for supervillain freelancers. Her metallic body is made of questionite, in part, and is incredibly resistant to damage. She has incredible strength and almost limitless energy. She can fly via hidden rockets in her wings. She can generate intensely loud volume that sounds like metal bending to deafen or blow back her enemies. Her claws can penetrate most metals, and given time, even the hardest ones. Through her eyes, she can generate laser beams to cut down or burn obstacles. She is powered by a self-perpetual energy core, which will last approximately a century. It's her loud metallic voice that earned her the title Iron Harpy.
  2. Tech

    Supers Image game

    Time for the winner. Although archer's is funny, I picked Bolo as the winner.
  3. Tech

    Power that can be damaged

    Christopher, we have different points-of-views and we're not finding a point of agreement, so let's agree to disagree on this. I talked the power over with a friend and decided to go with Summon. However, I'm curious, how would you build the guy?
  4. Tech

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Watched Star Trek, the original series, episode "Amok Time".
  5. Tech

    Help with first character?

    Ninja, when making a character, be careful you don't make the character so complete that there's no room to grow. When I build a character, I think about what I'm going to buy/add down the road once I have 50, 100, 250 xp, etc. Just a thought. Hope you have fun with your first character! Btw, do you need to start with an 18 Int and 18 Ego? You were talking about shaving points so just throwing that out there.
  6. Tech

    Power that can be damaged

    Based on your last statement, there's no need for a rude response. I've seen the movie more than once. I'm trying to build a supervillain based on the villain of the movie; not a copy. I'm trying to build powers that CAN be attackable, regardless of the movie. I'm well aware about Entangle, Barrier and Grab - it's Blast (for example) that cannot. Why not just say the Blast could be Missile Deflected? I guess I'll go with Doc D's suggestion or go with a special Summon.
  7. Tech

    Help with first character?

    Hi Ninja. We don't know if a 12DC and 6 SPD is the norm for other characters that will be with him. Do you need a 23 Dex since your OCV/DCV is high? The character seems to be a brick so I'd lower your DEX. Are the other character on par or lower in damage than this character? Hard to tell right now.
  8. Well there ya go! If you can have a Dyson Sphere, you can certainly have one the size of a city. Also, there's nothing in the rules against having a city-sized base. Still, the cost... wow!
  9. Tech

    Power that can be damaged

    Doc, you are quite right! My apologies to all; I'm not feeling my best the past few days and my concentration is not the best. Borrowing the movie villain concept, the villain has like, a million, little microbots as Christopher nicely mentioned. Now, modifying it for my concept as such, the microbots can do any physical attack or action he can think of: create a large fist (of bots), an avalanche (of bots), sharp spears, attack multiple people at the same time, create a platform to walk on and so on. All attacks would be physical due to them actually being microbots, and are generally large in nature (no pencil-sized attacks, more like a tree-trunk size or pick-up-truck sized attacks). I'd like the heroes to be able to block attacks, such as with a Barrier. The heroes can target the attacking microbot onslaught (such as a big fist) to 'destroy' the attack. As each hero keeps blasting away, there are less & less microbots to attack the heroes with, eventually with no more to attack the heroes. I hope that helps clarify things but probably not much.
  10. Tech

    Funny pics

    I protest against that protest because protesting a protest is protestingly protestanastic.
  11. Tech

    Creating/Materializing Weapons

    Christopher etc: If that happens once per campaign, this is certainly not UBO. If you do it regulary, it is. And it is subject to all the scrutinty a UBO power should be due. That is fine for your games. Just please say so when you post ideas on the Forums. It becomes really confusing if you start talking about Hero "Tech-version" as if it was 6E. There's no confusion, nor has anyone ever said so on any of my posts, except now. When I ask the forums a question, I'm asking for their 6E (or 5th or whatever version they use) opinion. It's silly to expect everyone to abide by (or know) an individuals game rules/style. If I state my opinion on how I use the rules in the campaign, it's my opinion on how I use them. I expect people to give their answers by the rules. I was agreeing with Duke on Transform. I thought it was pretty obvious on how I use Transform as my opinion for the campaign I'm in. And I don't talk 'tech-version' as if it was 6E. I said I can't recall using UBO because it's just that: I haven't run into the situation requiring it.
  12. Tech

    Funny pics

    A very good idea!
  13. Tech

    Funny pics

    Does anyone even understand this?
  14. Tech

    The Last Word

    If you've never put your finger into an electric socket.... don't do it: you won't like it. (Ah, the accidents that occur when you're a child.)
  15. Tech

    I challenge you!

    Apples win because the Pear marries the Apple and takes on the Apple name. Paper books vs Ebooks